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miniBB Downloads

They are all on the same big page here, the one and only place where all related official miniBB downloads are collected. Except a special indication, all packages comes FREE at no charge. Each of them have been compressed in ".zip" format, contents are 100% open source, do not contain any viruses or spyware - guaranteed!

  • Forum Software - main miniBB script, changes history and upgrade tool from the versions earlier than 1.7g.
  • Core Add-ons - over 20 original miniBB extensions and third party add-ons, which enhance your board, keeping oriented for easy upgrades.
  • Extra BB codes - additional snippets to format look & feel of the forum messages.
  • Utilities - database converters, which could help bringing your older miniBB to modern life.
  • Tutorials - extra examples of how to use some non-destructive code tactics in miniBB.
  • Synchronizations, Integrations - tutorials which help you to synchronize your current system's users data with miniBB.
  • Language Packs - over 40 third party translations available! Feel free to submit your update or new language pack to us.
  • Skins - change the look of your board just by copying a CSS file. Welcome to create and upload your own skin!
  • Icons - picture food for your forums.

Try our branding miniBB Online Compiler - it's FREE! Embedding all major miniBB add-ons now means few clicks and few seconds. After that, you're a step away from installing and running the Full package or the package of your Choice. Enjoy the new way of building a program, which you never find elsewhere!

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Basic forum software and important extras *
miniBB  miniBB ® 3.5
28-May-2021 The currently supported version of miniBB. Check the installation and upgrade instructions inside the archive (README.txt for the new installation). See it in action: on our Live Forums (always up-to-date version) or Demo Forums (there might be a slight delay in updates).
Updates' History
14-May-2021 Updates' history and instructions of upgrading intermediate versions of miniBB 2.x series, also as SQL commands file for upgrading your database to the current version. Read miniBB Upgrade Manual on how to use these instructions effectively.
Add-ons (Plugins, Extensions... however you call them)
$Human Authorization (CAPTCHA) 3.1
20-Jul-2021 Protects your forums from automated spam and flood, at the same time allowing guests to post. High level of customization disallows recognition programs to encode it. Test it in action on our support forums or test forums.
:-)Keyword-rich URLs 3.4
12-May-2021 The package of few various modules, which will transform internal forum hyperlinks on-the-fly, so they contain related keywords. Must-have for SEO fans! We're using one of such modules on our Community Forums.
$Mobile Version 3.5
17-Feb-2022 Enabled for the Mobile/Responsive mode of miniBB Forums, the package itself includes step-by-step guide and codes of how to make your forum fitting portable devices and/or smartphones, switching to the responsive mode automatically. Test it in action with all add-ons!
:-)Disclaimer & Policy 3.5
12-May-2021 Disclaimer/Policy approval before Registration. Test it in action!
$Contacts Form 3.1
26-Apr-2021 The Contacts Form script, which could be used for an existing miniBB forum, or even for a standalone template or website. That's the one we use on - check its link amongth the top menu items, or in the footer. Also possible to test it in action on test forums.
:-)Smilies 3.3
23-Apr-2021 Allows to put smiley images in messages. Test it in action!
:-)Avatars 3.3
23-Apr-2021 Choose pre-defined, and/or upload avatars from disk. Test it in action!
:-)Signatures 3.3
29-Apr-2021 Allows to display a member's signature under each message. Test it in action!
$File Upload, Attachments and Mini-Galleries 3.3
17-Feb-2022 Allows to attach files to your messages and create mini-galleries within picture forums. Click here for more or test it in action!
$File Bank 3.4
24-Apr-2021 A standalone "file uploader" script, which allows to keep all files in one place, and include them in forum postings; concatenated with forums' membership. Click here for more or test it in action!
$Private Messaging Service 3.4
12-May-2021 Allows forum's registered users to communicate with each other privately. Click here for more or test it in action!
$Polls & Surveys 3.3
29-Apr-2021 Universal Polls solution for your forums, allowing many Polls in the same topic, or one Poll per topic, or all polls collected in one section. Guests may be allowed to vote securely. Click here for more or test it in action!
$Photo Album 3.4
27-Apr-2021 Allows forum members to share images of their own in the profile, that way turning your forums into a dating board. Click here for more or test it in action!
$Forums Checker 3.4
30-Nov-2018 The tool for the instant checking of unread messages. Click here for more.
:-)Profiles Checker 3.3
30-Sep-2018 The tool for the instant checking of member profile updates. Test it in action!
:-)"Anti-Guest" 3.4
lime, Paul Guests and new users can not post URLs, email addresses and forbidden words. Developed in collaboration with 3rd party. Test it in action!
:-)First page news 3.4
28-Apr-2021 Allows to display recents posts or topics on a standalone page, such as a website's first page. That one we use on our primary homepage now.
:-)RSS 3.5
24-Nov-2021 RSS feed for your forums [RSS format 2.0]. Set up at our Live Forums.
:-)Advanced Anchors 3.5
23-Apr-2021 Provides more sophisticated and stronger linking of internal messages, incl. message-level anchors. Enabled at our Live Forums.
:-)Who's Online 3.3
13-May-2021 Instant displaying of online guests and members on forums. Test it in action!
:-)Last Visit 3.3
26-Mar-2019 The date of the most recent member visit recorded and displayed under the profile. Test it in action!
:-)Time Ago 3.3
22-Jun-2018 The add-on to replace all formatted dates to the "time-ago" format, i.e. "Posted X minutes/hours/days ago". Test it in action!
$Pre-moderation 3.4
17-Feb-2022 Show topics/messages and possibly attached images and files to public, only after they are approved by forum moderators. Click here for more or test it in action!
:-)"Bad" words filter 3.4
14-Feb-2022 Replaces defined "bad" words with asterisks. Test it in action!
:-)Members List 3.3
15-Oct-2020 Generates a list of currently registered members with few searching and sorting options. Test it in action!
:-)Gender 3.3
19-Jun-2018 Specify Gender, choosing from a dropdown on the Profile page. Test it in action!
:-)Ranks 3.3
19-Jun-2018 Customized user ranks based on posts amount, appearing near the username. Test it in action!
:-)Direct email 3.3
21-Jun-2018 Allows any visitor to send an email to the forums partaker via the standard form, if a member has disabled showing email to public. Email is sent via the same function miniBB uses by default. Also works with the Captcha add-on.
:-)Merge Topics 3.3
19-Jun-2018 Allows forums administrator to attach the newer topic to the end of the older, or "merge" two topics into one. Test it in action!
:-)Multiple Topics Action 3.3
30-Sep-2018 Allows to delete or move multiple topics at once, marking them with boxes appearing under topics listing.
:-)Unchecked Topics Indicator 3.5
28-Apr-2021 Puts a special icon near topics titles and/or forums, indicating unread messages inside of them.
:-)Check User's IPs By ID 3.3
18-Jun-2018 Being board's administrator, you could analyze IP addresses of a registered member knowing user's ID. Test it in action!
:-)Users Month Stats 3.3
19-Jun-2018 View statistics of number of user replies by given month. Test it in action!
:-)New Configurable Topic Form 3.3
28-Sep-2018 Display the New Topic Form on the Main Forums page and a separate Topic Form on the Topics page.
:-)Essential Nickname 3.3
19-Jun-2018 JavaScript tutorial to force Guests for entering their nickname before posting. Test it in action!
:-)Calendar 2.0 Juan Carlos Udias, Browse calendar to view messages posted at the certain day.
:-)Content Rotator 3.0
Tom from 'seothatworks', Rotates ten different html or text snippets (ads, banners...) for the certain forum's topics.
Extra BB codes
Color Picker 3.3
17-Dec-2018 Allows to pick up a color of the posted text just with a few mouse clicks. Test it in action!
YouTube Videos 3.3
13-May-2021 Allows to embed YouTube videos in postings. Test it in action!
Vimeo Videos 3.3
17-Dec-2018 Allows to embed Vimeo videos in postings. Test it in action!
Bulleted List 3.3
17-Dec-2018 Allows to post bulleted lists in messages. Test it in action!
Spoiler 3.3
17-Dec-2018 For posting "hidden" messages about something not straight-visible. Test it in action!
Highlight Text 3.3
17-Dec-2018 Extension to the default [hl] tag of miniBB, appearing as a button to members only. Test it in action!
Database check for encodings and collations
26-Apr-2021 dbs_check.php - a quick script to check what character set your forum database has, and if there are all proper column collations installed. Specially useful for UTF8-based forums.
Database upgrading script
14-May-2021 Incl. convdb.php - database upgrading utility (from 1.7f to the latest release or from 2.0 RC2b to the latest release - updates number of topics, posts, user messages number, latest post time, latest poster username); dbs_convert_fav2watch.php - an optional upgrading script from the unsupported Favorites add-on to the Watching feature.
Subscription codes upgrading script
6-Jan-2012 renew_subcodes.php - the script to renew subscription codes from the format they were provided in miniBB versions earlier than 3.x.
Adding new user's profile field 2.0
Paul Detailed tutorial about how to add a new custom field to user's profile and display it on forum. Birthday and China Horoscope code snippets are included.
Wordpress Auth Module for miniBB 2.2, 3.0+
17-Jan-2016 Lets your Wordpress users able to post with the same member's login on forums.
Synchronizations, Integrations
Synchronizing 3rd party software's users database with miniBB 2.0, 3.0+ This guide shows how an almost every existing users database of a website could be adjusted to miniBB membership.
"Determine Fields" 2.0, 3.0+
23-Sep-2014 A simple script which will help to determine field number indexes quickly. Useful for those who are creating/adding new user profile fields in miniBB.
Language packs **
Albania Flag  Albanian 1.7 fimmi, Language pack, email templates
Egyptian Flag (symbolizing Arabic)  Arabic 2.3 Language pack
Belarusia Flag  Belarusian 2.2
Sergei Stanislawchik Language pack, email templates
Bosnia Flag  Bosnian 2.0
SeQuniX, Language pack
Bulgaria Flag  Bulgarian 2.0 RC6e
Pierrot, Language pack
Andorra Flag  Catalan 1.7 simkin, Dylaks, Language pack, email templates
China Flag  Chinese (Simplified) 3.0
Sluke, waterg Language pack, email templates
China Flag  Chinese (Traditional) 3.0
Sluke, waterg Language pack, email templates
Croatia Flag  Croatian 1.7 Davor Tomizh, Language pack
Czech Republic Flag  Czech 3.4
Karel Běhounek Language pack, email templates
Denmark Flag  Danish 1.7 Kenneth Fribert, Language pack
Netherlands Flag  Dutch (Netherlands) 2.0 RC5
Marco, Language pack, email templates
Estonia Flag  Estonian 1.7 Veigo, Language pack
Finland Flag  Finnish 3.0.1
Petri Ikonen Language pack, email templates
France Flag  French 3.1
Patrick Allaire Language pack, email templates
Spain Flag  Galician 2.1
egalego Language pack, email templates
Georgia Flag  Georgian 1.0
Revaz Eristavi, Language pack
Germany Flag  German 3.0.1
Jaime, Language pack, email templates
Greece Flag  Greek 2.0 RC5
Spiros Doikas, The Greek translation vortal, Language pack
Greece Flag  Greek 2.0 RC5
Spiros Doikas, The Greek translation vortal, Language pack, email templates
Israel Flag  Hebrew 2.0 RC5a
Goran Ljubuncic,, Language pack, email templates
Hungary Flag  Hungarian 2.0.2
Koles Mihaly, Seth, Language pack, email templates; translations for Poll, Smilies, Who's Online plugins
Indonesia Flag  Indonesian 2.0.2
Yudhista Aditya, Layanan Web Hosting Indonesia, Language pack, email templates
Italia Flag  Italian 2.3
Michelangelo Turillo Language pack, email templates
Japan Flag  Japanese 2.1
Mitsuhiro Yoshida Language pack, email templates
The flag of North KoreagThe flag of South Korea  Korean 1.7 sam, Language pack
Iraq Flag  Kurdish 2.2
13-Aug-2008 Language pack
Latvia Flag  Latvian 1.7 Virtualis Solutions, Language pack
Lithuania Flag  Lithuanian 3.0.1
Žygimantas Žąsytis Language pack, email templates
Malaysia Flag  Malay 1.7 Aiesa Saad, Language pack
Norway Flag  Norwegian 2.0.3 Hein Tore Tonnesen, Ole Martin Handeland Language pack, email templates
Iran Flag  Persian 3.0.1
01-May-2013 Language pack,
Poland Flag  Polish 2.2
Jakub Trojanowski, Michal Szczesny Language pack
ISO-8859-2, UTF-8
Portugal Flag  Portuguese 1.3 Grupo Easylogics, Language pack
Brazil Flag  Portuguese (Brazil) 2.0.2
Inacio Guerberoff, Flavio Jarabeck, Language pack
Romania Flag  Romanian 2.0
BeGe, Language pack
Russia Flag  Russian 3.0.1
WebBook, 2ramil, Language pack, email templates
Serbia Flag  Serbian (Cyrillic) 1.7 Radionica za srpski jezik i kulturu, Valjevo, Language pack
Serbia Flag  Serbian (Latin) 1.7 Radionica za srpski jezik i kulturu, Valjevo, Language pack
Slovakia Flag  Slovak 2.0 RC6e
Fedor Tirsel, Language pack, email templates
Slovenia Flag  Slovenian 3.3 Iztok Stotl, Anton Šijanec Language pack
Spain Flag  Spanish 3.0
SebasGnu at Hispalinux, UnSleep, Marc Antonsen, K3_, Language pack, email templates
Sweden Flag  Swedish 2.0 RC3a Suzana Ramadani, Christian Ohlsson, Lars Holmbring, Language pack, email templates
Thailand Flag  Thai 1.0 Oran Chidenzee, Language pack, email templates
Turkey Flag  Turkish 2.0.2
Aylin Ozturk, Plusediz Group; Kaan Hanodlu, Language pack
Ukraine Flag  Ukrainian 1.7 Victoria Shevtsova, Language pack, email templates
Pakistan Flag  Urdu 2.0.4
Rozinya Khanum Language pack, additions
Viet Nam Flag  Vietnamese 3.0
Krixtal Fashion Language pack, email templates
Forum Icons
Mini Icons 19-May-2005 Mark James, Set of 144 GIF icons, 16x16 pix wide
Various icons 20-Jun-2002 'Various artists' Older example icons of what miniBB team has collected and designed

* Columns legend: the first column contains a link to a file which you may click on and download. The second column describes the generic miniBB version, the offered package is compatible with this version at least and above. If you you'd like to check the versions of paid add-ons, study them in the Paid Extensions area. All packages present here are always compatible with the latest miniBB release. Date shown means the package was recently updated at this date. Third column contains information about the author(s) of the file; and the last column optionally may contain some extra information about the file.

** Language packages below refer to 3rd party translations which couldn't be controlled and/or updated by miniBB team. If you find some mistakes or defects, feel free to edit the pack and re-submit it to us. You will get whatever credit you wish, incl. a permanent backlink to your webpage. In the list below, a "version" indicates miniBB release by which this package was first offered, not version of the language pack. Most of the newest miniBB releases came with additional language variables, they were added at the end of each pack in English.

Forum owners about miniBB:
I must say this is the first forum software I found whose authors even think of providing means for external authentication, and that is great. I have site with its own user database and until now i did not need forum. Now, I cannot find anything that allows me to integrate forum into my site. Each forum requires its own user authentication scheme.
as written by...Pedja
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