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What people think of miniBB?

At the bottom of each miniBB website's page you may discover little testimonials of what people think & say about our product. These impressions are collected from our forums or contact emails. Your comments, critics, reviews of our and your site, suggestions and other thoughts of our software and services are always welcome! Share your opinions directly in special forums thread, or contact us using a special web-form.

Thank you!

Here is the full list of our website's bottom thread:

This looks like a very nice, simple forum and not a bloated resource hog like some of the others.
One of the most interesting piece of internet forums to date, its stability and performance is top tier!
This forum system is quite basic, but it has good features and the template system is really cool, I believe it would be pretty easy to re-write the templates well enough to get something like this to work.
Jeremy, Australia
Yeah, they're the best! It doesn't suck up much resources like many other boards do. Plus, users like simplicity, and that's exactly where MiniBB delivers, big time!
It's really easy to set up, the other boards you have to configure whole loads of crap.
It's a really slick program and it's really intuitive to configure and use.
Thanks for a great messageboard. It's taken me weeks to find one that's as good as this. Very simple. Took me 8 hours to get it looking right - but very pleased. Cool!
It's the far-best forum there is (or at least for this purpose). I totally integrated into the sites' design.
I downloaded this board a couple of days ago, and I must say, I'm impressed. Why? Because it's simple. Most messageboards these days are bloated with way too many features, in order to become the "best board" out there. They've forgotten the purpose of a messageboard. Sign up, post messages, done!
Really madrespect and a bigup to the makers of this forum. it's great in every way!
Anonymous visitor
I really like miniBB, actualy is one of the very few boards I liked and I did try a lot of them.
Thank you for building, scripting such a great forum. It is awesome, indeed, very powerfull, fast and easy to set up. Greetings from Germany!
I really love MiniBB, it's the best board among the other multimegabyte beasts.
Your work surpasses the others out there... Thanks.
Larry Lachance
Thanks for this great script, it's light and versatile, what I was looking for!
I don't think I've seen such nicely planned code structured in a truly object oriented fashion. It's unreal! You guys did an UNBELIEVABLE job writing this.
I have done some extensive modifications. I chose miniBB for this fact. Doing mods on miniBB is much easier as the code-base is much smaller than other forums out there. Thanks for all the hard work you guys have put into this.
James Bradley
I just wanna say: I was searching for PHP code for a forum for a site I am working on, they were either too complex (my users aren't that computer literate, i.e. not geeks) or not professional-looking/feeling enough. MiniBB was just the right balance, even my mum can use it!!!
You can add all the good features you need for a forum, it's very easy code to read and understand. (I only know very very very basic PHP, but I've made many modifications to the forum code to make it get cool features).
Jeremy, Australia
Great Forums. I got it up and running in no time at all. Its got all the features You need and none of the extra crap that just causes headaches anyways...
I LOVE LOVE LOVE this BB. I have used lots of others... Your BB, miniBB, is the ONLY one that looks decent on WebTV. Look, that is saying a lot about the templates, ease of visual customizing, and the general concept that you used when designing miniBB.
Brian Abbott
Great forum software. The plug-ins are great for adding any additional functionality. Over all, I rate this forum as the second easiest forum to set up, and first on the cleanness and speed scale.
I just wanted to compliment you on what is probably the best message board I have seen yet. I'm not an advanced website designer, but I've been looking at different bulletin board options for a while, and finally decided to use miniBB. This is the most customizable, easy-to-use, easy to understand, and best administrator functions I've come accross yet. I love this thing. The scripting is great, takes up almost no space, and does everything I could possibly want. Just wanted to tell you guys what a great job you've done, and I will refer all who ask to your site for info. Great job! I'll keep an eye out for updates. Thanks for the great product!!!
Webmaster of [ex] ***
Thanx for a GREAT forum! I use it everytime, for every new site I'm making, and I've never had any problems! It's a small, simple forum that's easy to mod and change the way you want it.
Ole Martin Handeland
Just wanted to thank you for the fantastic board you have produced. I was looking for something simple and fast, and that I could customise to fit perfectly in my site. Needless to say miniBB has worked out perfectly - I even use it for signing users up to my mailing list (it's one of the options in their profiles).
I LOVE your forum coz it provides a lot of functions and flexibilities while modifying it for specific use. You can't believe how much happy I am on finding it. I really appreciate the efforts of those who have developed this form in a neat and clean manner - and also much easier to understand its scripting for a novice programmer well. Congratulations to the team.
I must say this is the first forum software I found whose authors even think of providing means for external authentication, and that is great. I have site with its own user database and until now i did not need forum. Now, I cannot find anything that allows me to integrate forum into my site. Each forum requires its own user authentication scheme.
Great bb! Up and running in minutes. Well put together and easy to customize.
Mark W.
I searched a long time for a optimal forum for my clanpage. I tried phpBB, but its too big; i mean, i dont need the advanced features, and i think the design isnt as simple and nice as miniBB. After downloading the miniBB 2.0 Pack, i didnt have any problems to install it. I needed some more plugins, and it was so simple to install them. I can just suggest this great forum for all other searchers!!! NICE WORK MINIBB TEAM ;)
I would like to thank you for the great work and miniBB, which is a perfect compromise for offering community forum(s) reduced to the very important things and leaving out all unneeded stuff. The biggest advantage to me as a software developer is the ease of modification that is possible within miniBB. With its small and clear codebase it's just a fantastic piece of software which can be nearly implemented everywhere.
Francesco Abbattista, Thunderblast Digital Solutions
I needed a fast & simple forum, and i found miniBB! I'm also a php coder, and after a few hacks on phpBB & ipb, i really like the way you code (clean & simple, yeaah).
That's great forum. Simple, nice, no futilities.
Jiri Safra
Thank you for making such a perfect forum, this was like the easiest web software I ever had to install, got it up and running in 5 mins.
Jarrad Hope
I love your forum script. I implemented one of it a back ago and it runs very good. I needed a solution that takes less resources and very simple. I also needed a way to be able to connect it with my existing user table. Your forum did just all.
Thank you for a good software. We have been looking for a simple, light BB and we found you. Great job! We installed your BB withing an hour. That was easy.
Keith @ Cureself Community
I tried lots of script before starting up my forum. I can say is the best script minibb is very easy to configure for novice programmers and has interesting and effective anti-spam options. Another option that should not forget and forget the most important is that this script is very friendly Seo contributing to the success of our forum. Congratulations to the team minibb.
José, Spain
Simply interface make miniBB is one of my favorite BB. It's faster and easy to install. Good works, dude !!
Eddy Subratha, Kutai Kartanegara, East Kalimantan, Indonesia
Looks like a supersimple forum software that even hairdressers could use. Fantastic. That's exactly what I've been looking for!
I managed to get it to work with my current users database.. didn't expect it to be that simple... I have tried other forums and it's almost impossible to integrate any exisiting member database... Thanks miniBB team for making this so easy!
Forums guest
I recently tried other bb forum software which will remain nameless. It was bulky and hard to customize. I went to a site that I frequently visit and that I know had some simple and elegant forum software. I clicked the link on the bottom and here I am, ready to install miniBB. Awesome job guys. I've seen it in action so I already know it will do what I need without the other crap. Like this, more software should be written with the aim of simplicity and core CS fundamentals.
Eric LeVan
In the process of creating a site that was entirely work friendly we decided on using miniBB to power our forum (essentially the whole site). We created our own template and then made some modifications to the framework to streamline out what we were trying to achieve.
I know NOTHING about programming, I just copied and pasted, doing some upgrades on forum! I worked all weekend on it! I was really scared that I would ruin it and crash the forum, which I did a few times. Thankfully I always made a copy of the file I was working on. I feel really good that I was able to get it to somewhat I wanted. Now it looks killer!
There is a ton of forums I have tried that store their templates in the database. There is also a lot of forums that can't do any form of templates at all, horrible things. I like miniBB's use of templates, it is very easy as you can edit it the same way you would usually make a webpage, and you aren't forced to edit it through a browser which I find to be really really annoying.
Jeremy, Australia
I have this forum on my website and let me tell you it is AWESOME!! So easy to modify and blend into my main site. I have it integrated with my site's user database perfectly.
This board software is very nice and simple ;) Thanks for your good work!
Ricardo L., Germany
To say that your script is very good. It has a lot of functions that can solve problems that users can create in a forum.
Jose Manuel, Spain
I really like your miniBB. It's really totally easy to install, the customization options are simple, elegant and manifold. It works really fast, reliable and flawless.
Many congratulations for your forum which is simple, convenient, well coded, quick, fine looking and very powerful, the best php forum for me.
One of the best light weight forum, follow the steps, very easy to use. Nice default template.

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