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Polls/Surveys add-on for miniBB

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Vox populi, vox dei! This add-on consists of the generic library of Polls, all of them could be navigated in one place, which attracts the visitors to vote in many Polls quickly, and each of them could be inserted in a forums posting using a special BB code, which makes it flexible in content combining with such plugins as Smileys, Signatures, Preview, File Bank, File Attachments a.o. Poll could be pasted in private message as well, letting your e-friend to vote directly right from your e-letter.

This add-on could meet almost anyone's request. While working on it, we were patronaged and adviced by our top paid customers - having forums with thousands of visitors per day, they definitely know how to achieve the best!

How It Works

Above the message form a user will see a button saying "Create Poll"; going through Poll's creation, he will be allowed to specify type of a Poll (one-vote-only or multiple votes), title of a Poll and up to certain amount of questions. After submission the Poll will be saved in a Polls library, and it will be suggested to paste a special Poll's code which is associated with just submitted Poll. This code could be pasted then in any part of the message. It will be displayed as soon as the mesage is posted on board. Other users will be allowed to vote in Poll directly from the thread. Only one voting per user is accepted. Votings can not be changed or deleted. Forums administration and/or author of the Poll can view wide statistics for any Poll, where each user's choice is displayed. Poll can be locked and anytime later.

One Vote Allowed in a Poll
One Vote Allowed in a Poll

Multiple Votings Allowed in a Poll

Configuration Possibilities

They are a lot! At the add-ons optional configuration level it's possible to specify:

  • who is allowed to create a Poll (administrator + moderators, and/or any registered member, and/or guests, and/or certain specific member(s) only);
  • who is allowed to delete a Poll (incl. author of the Poll or admin/moderators only);
  • who is allowed to lock a Poll (incl. author of the Poll or admin/moderators only);
  • amount of messages which should be posted by any member before he will be allowed to create a Poll and/or vote in it;
  • default and maximum number of questions for a Poll;
  • will it be allowed for guests to vote in Polls;
  • will it be allowed to display a Poll in New Topic only (i.e. when starting a new topic - by default it's allowed to paste any Poll's code in any message);
  • certain forums where Polls will be only allowed to display;
  • Poll's bar colors and default width;
  • width and height of the pop-up window.

At the generic configuration level, it is also possible to specify how a Poll will look in a topic:

Poll Mode #1

Poll Mode #2

Poll Mode #3

  1. The voting form is displayed immediately in a message context, and for the new voters it is allowed to choose a vote option directly. If voted already, user will see only poll's results like presented in case #2, without the voting button visible.
  2. Results diagram is presented only (as by default). If not voted, there is a "Vote" button visible. Clicking on it, a separate pop-up window opens, where it is possible to choose the option(s) and vote.
  3. If not voted, BOTH results diagram and the voting options are presented. If voted, results are presented like in case #2, without the voting button.

Read and ask more about the features of this plugin in our related community topic.

Live Demo

This add-on is possible to check on our Demo Forums. It is set up there so all registered members are allowed to create polls; use testing account information provided on the first demo page to log-in, or create your own account before you create your test Poll. Polls are allowed to create in any message or new topic. Both guests and members are allowed to vote. The library of Polls may help you in navigating all existing Polls quickly.

Get it NOW!

After buying this add-on, you will get a Lifetime license with the possibility to upgrade this add-on for 10 times in the future, if releases the newest versions or patches. It doesn't mean only 10 downloads: you may skip a few releases, and download only something seems to be final. This is a unique offer, and it actually means, you pay once, but get something until it lasts. There are no hidden fees, no monthly fees, no annual fees. You get the editable open source code and are allowed to modify any part of it. However you are not allowed to distribute your copy of the add-on in any way, except using it on your own forums or your own website. Avoiding distribution is in your very own interests; read more why.

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Polls/Surveys add-on for miniBB - BUY NOW! (US $5)

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Forum owners about miniBB:
I would like to thank you for the great work and miniBB, which is a perfect compromise for offering community forum(s) reduced to the very important things and leaving out all unneeded stuff. The biggest advantage to me as a software developer is the ease of modification that is possible within miniBB. With its small and clear codebase it's just a fantastic piece of software which can be nearly implemented everywhere.
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