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Photo Album add-on for miniBB

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Picture is the first and the most important information which you are getting when meeting/chatting to somebody online, so dating and social communities can't leave without providing images of their members. This plugin provides nothing else than possibility for your forum participants to upload their pictures to the Profile.

How It Works

Editing the forums Profile, each member will see an "Upload New Pictures" link which leads to the file uploading form. Each picture must be commented; when upload is finished, all uploaded pictures immediately appear under member's Profile page, and pictures amount may optionally appear in the messages thread listing near user's nickname. This will help other users to get the idea which profiles are worth checking and which are not.

Screenshot of the Profile page with member pictures uploaded
Magnifying Glass Icon Screenshot of the Profile page with member pictures uploaded - click to view in full size. Check demo profile to see how it looks live.

Blowing Features

Internal configuration of this plugin provides the following options to set:

  • number of file upload boxes appearing in the form;
  • maximum number of pictures which are allowed to upload;
  • maximum filesize of uploaded pictures;
  • different resizing methods, so the pictures could be resized proportionally by the fixed size to the thumbnail, and/or decreased in size in a case of large pictures uploaded;
  • number of table columns displayed under Profile (the same thing important for the layout);
  • additional configuration for displaying the picture's description;
  • watermark and texture options which may be applied to full size images and thumbnails;
  • different options for registered members and anonymous visitors: fullsize pictures may be available for everyone (also for search engine robots) or only for logged members. External Apache's .htaccess configuration (manual is provided in the package) may prevent fullsize pictures from the viewing by typing a direct URI.

Special Requirements

Picture manipulation requires GD or Imagick library compiled with PHP. Most preferrably GD should have a version 2.x.; Imagick version depends on PHP build.

Live Demo

See it with your own eyes before you buy! This plugin is available to test in action on miniBB Demo Forums. Use credentials supplied on the front demo page, or create your own account; then go to the "Profile" menu at the top navigation and under "Profile Pics" section, locate links to upload the pictures or edit their descriptions. Use "About..." link under "Username" field to see how the pictures will look on the profile page. Test forums use "eye" watermark applied to the right bottom corner of the full size image, and a greyscale grained texture applied to the empty space of any thumbnail.

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After buying this add-on, you will get a Lifetime license with the possibility to upgrade this add-on for 10 times in the future, if releases the newest versions or patches. It doesn't mean only 10 downloads: you may skip a few releases, and download only something seems to be final. This is a unique offer, and it actually means, you pay once, but get something until it lasts. There are no hidden fees, no monthly fees, no annual fees. You get the editable open source code and are allowed to modify any part of it. However you are not allowed to distribute your copy of the add-on in any way, except using it on your own forums or your own website. Avoiding distribution is in your very own interests; read more why.

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Photo Album add-on for miniBB - BUY NOW! (US $6)

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Forum owners about miniBB:
I must say this is the first forum software I found whose authors even think of providing means for external authentication, and that is great. I have site with its own user database and until now i did not need forum. Now, I cannot find anything that allows me to integrate forum into my site. Each forum requires its own user authentication scheme.
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