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Paid Extensions for miniBB

Add-ons (also called "plugins" or "extensions") are pieces of code that add new features or unique tweaks to your miniBB forum. miniBB comes free, also as many original extensions and add-ons are released by our team as open source at no charge. We also offer paid plugins, listed below, for customers which are not just paying more related attention to their community, but also could pay for it a few coins. Buying one of some of such add-ons, you will also invest into the development, improvements, and updates of the main miniBB core, thus getting new important features in time.

The Shopping Cart is available for buying multiple add-ons at once. Clicking the "Buy Now" link of any product will start a Shopping Cart session, which lasts until the browser is closed. Just click the add-ons you'd like to buy, and they all will be added to this Cart. You could buy only 1 copy of any add-on, so don't be afraid to click the "Buy Now" links just for reviewing your Shopping Cart.

miniBB Premium offer includes:

  • Human Authorization (CAPTCHA)
    Protects your forums from the automated spam and flood, at the same time allowing human guest postings and registrations. High level of the customization may totally stop OCR programs in bypassing this filter.
    Current version: 1.5.2
    Price: US $5

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  • Mobile/Responsive Layout
    This package provides the set of templates (incl. templates for some of the Premium add-ons), codes and CSS, which allow to set-up a portable version of miniBB forum, which is adapted even for small smartphone screens.
    Current version: 2.3.2
    Price: US $5

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  • Files and Images Attachments
    The most popular add-on, which allows to upload/attach any file of a specified type to your message. Images are uploaded with auto-generated thumbnails, providing the displaying of the originals. Highly customizable and extra secured.
    Current version: 3.1
    Price: US $5

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  • File Bank
    An alternative to the "File Attachments" add-on, upload-a-file extra, which allows to quickly store a binary file or a picture, and immediately share the uploaded file in the forums message, using a BB code. Works similarly to the famous file hosting and online storage services.
    Current version: 1.8
    Price: US $5

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  • Private Messaging
    Allows your bulletin board's visitors to interact with each other privately. Very simple and intuitive interface will make your users happy enough to forget even regular email client! Mass-sending for unlimited users included.
    Current version: 2.8
    Price: US $5

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  • Pre-moderation
    Show topics/messages to public only after they are approved by forum moderators. A must-have tool, if you take care about quality of your forum immediate content.
    Current version: 2.2.1
    Price: US $5

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  • Forums Checker
    Checking instantly new messages since your latest visit with this branding interface tool. Great interactive helper for forum administrators and regular visitors; also used by miniBB team for supporting miniBB community.
    Current version: 2.5.3
    Price: US $5

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  • Photo Album
    Allows community members to upload pictures of their own, that way turning your forums into a dating or meeting board. A 'Must have' for any kind of "elite" community!
    Current version: 1.6.2
    Price: US $5

    Order Now
  • Polls and Surveys
    The most complicated add-on amongst all miniBB paid stuff, which allows to create polls and insert them in the message. Concepts were defined, and functions developed and tested within more than a year! Deeply customizable and full of unique features.
    Current version: 1.4.2
    Price: US $5

    Order Now
  • Contact Form script for miniBB forum and standalone websites
    A simple and easy, yet spam-fighting Contacts form script, which is currently used on Could be bundled with the miniBB forum, or attached to any website in the standalone mode.
    Current version: 1.2.1
    Price: US $5

    Order Now

What would you get buying Paid Extensions

All add-ons are pure open source PHP scripts, and are not crypted with an encoding program; however, they are not released under GPL license, and buying them you are buying only one copy for your message board, keeping all rights to modify the code, but not to distribute it.

All plugins are programmed following our conceptual "non-core-destructive" method: you are keeping the possibility to upgrade the main miniBB core easily in the future, not re-installing the add-ons again. It is not necessary to change main forum's database structure or modifying existing tables: all add-ons are either files-based, either use their own database tables. Each extension provides its own language pack, which could be translated easily by the same principle as any of the generic language packs for miniBB. All add-ons have W3C valid HTML, and are compatible with the Mobile Layout module.

Installation of any plugin is as simple as working with text. Just follow the instructions and edit some script files, copying/pasting the provided codes at a certain position, or use the Compiler tool to automate this process (login to your Customer's area prior using the Compiler to check-in the purchased add-ons).

Inquiring custom work for your forum, you may get 10-15% discounts. For this, contact us prior to making a purchase!

If you have a new feature to offer, check our working fees. We provide professional consulting and programming services, and everything is possible to implement at the highest quality level. All sponsors and donors are being saved in our miniBB Hall of Fame; besides building an elite forum software, you will be also involved in the Creating of a Legend.

Legal customers are able to upgrade their add-ons. After any order has been passed, a special access code issued to the Customers Download area. It will list the newest versions of all paid packages ordered, with the possibility to download newest versions for up to 10 times. The access to the Customers area is provided on a Lifetime basis.

The access to the Customers area is not available for illegal owners. Illegal owners could not get an official support from miniBB, nor paid nor free.

Purchasing and downloading from the miniBB official website you get a trusted file. We provide the warranty that any file you download and/or install from the Customers area, does not contain trojans, spyware, viruses and the other insecure/non-verified/vulnerable/illegal code. We are also up-to-date in fixing of all code mistakes, which may be disclosured, so you as a Buyer always staying up to date.

If you get a software which comes from an unknown source (also known as "pirated" or "hacked" software), there is a big risk to catch a "trojan". "Trojans" are programs which operate legally and so can not be determined at a virus level, that's why the are the most dangerous software in the terms of your security and privacy. That's why, always avoid installing/using packages which come from an unknown source.

Why spreading the paid add-ons is not safe?

The license which comes with any of our paid add-ons, says "Your use of the Software is unlimited to a number of Users and Servers". We're legally accepting unlimited use of the plugins with the unlimited number of the original miniBB copies installed (until it doesn't go against miniBB Copyright policy). That means you can buy once and install the add-on(s) on as many sites as you like. This is the very advantageous terms of the License you will never meet anywhere else.

However, it's a known fact that many users also sharing their paid add-ons with the friends, colleagues etc. Despite we see a License violation here, if you think the person you share the file with can be trusted, spread the file on your own risk. No support will be granted for such kind of files or persons anyway. However if you spread the file publicly, publish it on other sites for public (free) download, you are risking a lot with your own security and reputation. Remember that the software which is not released free, means a lot for your own privacy.

Thank you for your understanding and honest support in advance!

Forum owners about miniBB:
There is a ton of forums I have tried that store their templates in the database. There is also a lot of forums that can't do any form of templates at all, horrible things. I like miniBB's use of templates, it is very easy as you can edit it the same way you would usually make a webpage, and you aren't forced to edit it through a browser which I find to be really really annoying.
as written by...Jeremy, Australia
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