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File Bank add-on for miniBB

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In comparison to the File Attachments and Automatic Image Galleries plugin, the "File Bank" extension provides an alternative method of uploading files to your forum server, and providing direct links to them in forum postings, that way organizing file library or centralized file storage. Files are not "attached" to the messages on-the-fly, so that the add-on looks and works like a completely "standalone" script; however upload rights are merged with the forums membership (despite Guest uploads could be allowed as well).

The add-on doesn't require jQuery or other complicated client-side scripts; instead, it's coded using very native standard functions. Besides of the compatibility with almost all browsers, such approach also provides a long-term being in running this script with no signigicant updates.

How it works

  • Before posting a message, click the "Upload file" button — in default installation it appears above the message form.
    You may attach any of the specified file type, incl. pictures (.JPG, .GIF, .PNG), Adobe .PDF, MS Office (.DOC, .XLS, .PPS), Archives (.ZIP, .RAR) and many other — any file type and extension could be added/configured in options.

    Upload a file button

  • If a picture is going to be uploaded, in the opened form you have a choice to configure the Thumbnail and Full-size options. In your message, it's possible to reference the source picture by a Thumbnail, or upload a single Thumbnail with no full-size link; also resize the source picture to a certain width to reduce its size. This is a unique approach which allows to publish your pictures in an organized manner. If just a binary file is uploaded, just leave defaults.

    Browse for a file

  • When the upload starts, you'll see a little process indicator, like this: Upload Progress indicator. Please wait, until the upload fully completes.
  • Once the file is uploaded, you get a link reference to the file, and a set of quick icons to copy it to the memory buffer, or immediately pasting into the message in a single click. References to pictures are automatically provided with the full valid BB code.

    Use the reference

  • If a certain add-on is installed, Preview your message before posting.

    Check your message

  • How it may look after posting in the Mobile layout:

    Nuff said.


  • All files are shared on your own space. That means, they always will be there with no expiration or deletion unless you want so. Extending your own webspace with this add-on, you don't need to worry anymore about the expired links on free file sharing services. Instead, your files could be linked from other web sources.
  • All files are physically saved in the server's folders, with the priority to use original filenames. That's why they are easy to access by crawlers, and with this addon you will be able to build a high-quality content that is profitably indexable.
  • On the other hand, using Apache's .htaccess it's possible to secure the File Bank so only users referenced by the links from your forum or website could access the uploaded files (this would be useful if you'd like to enable the Bank just for a non-public community).
  • It is possible to upload unlimited number of files and provide unlimited number of references to them in a forum posting (however please note only one file will be allowed to upload at once — it may give your server a lot of rest in a case of uploading of big files).

Configuration Settings

Modifying the configuration file allows to:

  • turn on/off an anonymous access for uploads (when turned ON, File Bank automatically becomes securely compatible with Human Authorization/CAPTCHA add-on, that means guests will be forced to enter CAPTCHA code before they upload a file);
  • specify any file type allowed for upload, and set file size limitations which may differ for guests and members;
  • specify certain moderators for the storage area;
  • set one or more email addresses which will get a notification after a file has been uploaded;
  • allow/disallow users to delete their own uploaded files.

Useful Features

File Bank addon provides a set of powerful administrative post-manipulations. Admin and moderators are allowed to:

  • delete a group of selected files at once;
  • move a group of files at once to a different folder;
  • search for many files at once in forum messages; this allows to effectively clean up the storage, if the files provided are not used anywhere;
  • edit file's description and replace the file with a newest version.

File authors (forum members only) are allowed to:

  • delete one or more of their files at once (if allowed by Configuration);
  • within a limited time, move their file(s) to a different storage folder;
  • look up many files at once in forum messages, as well as find the containing topic;
  • edit file's description and replace the file with the newest version.

Live Demos

Check how this plugin works on our miniBB Community. You are allowed to upload without an additional registration or having an account; just follow file upload rules and extension restrictions. Do not hesitate to upload any kind of content under "test" folder — we are cleaning this folder once per 24 hours, and most likely later we will delete any of your test files with no personal claims.

We ourselves find it the best method when keeping the binary files content separated from the forum threads. So both forum and files have their specific value; at the same time they could be used in context together. Look in the earlier tiding thread to check how it's possible to achieve a qualified message content with the help of this add-on.

Get it NOW!

After buying this add-on, you will get a Lifetime license with the possibility to upgrade this add-on for 10 times in the future, if releases the newest versions or patches. It doesn't mean only 10 downloads: you may skip a few releases, and download only something seems to be final. This is a unique offer, and it actually means, you pay once, but get something until it lasts. There are no hidden fees, no monthly fees, no annual fees. You get the editable open source code and are allowed to modify any part of it. However you are not allowed to distribute your copy of the add-on in any way, except using it on your own forums or your own website. Avoiding distribution is in your very own interests; read more why.

Click the link below and get this add-on!

File Bank add-on for miniBB - BUY NOW! (US $5)

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After we completed the sale granting the access to the protected downloads area, we keep all rights to not issue a refund. That's why we appreciate any of your questions, suggestions and comments before you buy. If there is something specific about your order we should know about, please do not hesitate to contact us first. You can fully test online anything you buy and request additional information from us for free.

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There is a ton of forums I have tried that store their templates in the database. There is also a lot of forums that can't do any form of templates at all, horrible things. I like miniBB's use of templates, it is very easy as you can edit it the same way you would usually make a webpage, and you aren't forced to edit it through a browser which I find to be really really annoying.
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