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FREE: the word of many meanings

In the monetary system, if you get something for free, it actually means somebody already has paid for it. The same idea comes with miniBB. The main program core comes for free. It's a fully functioning software which is suitable for any kind of forum to start with. However as soon as your community grows, you may be interested in extending it by some exciting superior-level features we offer to purchase for a fee, which anyway is "mini" comparing to other fees of the same software type. All the little profits we get from it go directly to the free version's support. We are also offering individual customers support for a very moderate fee. This helps us to keep distribution and support of the main miniBB project fully independent, available to as more wide audience as possible, working based on all of its concepts.

Here, miniBB keeps the right balance between a free and a paid software, making it possible for you to experience and think out your forums in whole before making any real investment, if it would be ever needed at all. Remember: everything good starts with a good plan.

Let's say, if we take fully paid software, it lacks in comparison to this model, because it doesn't give you the possibility to start and try-out in advance, forcing you to pay the full fee immediately just for something you may not even need. And if we take a fully free software, it may not provide the same level of the clean development quality, especially in terms of scalability, like miniBB does with its huge set of paid and free addons. And as it's mentioned in miniBB comparison chapter, "software for the masses" loses its individual look, which, on contrary, miniBB is designed for.

Concluding everything written above, here is what you get with miniBB:

So, we do not force you to pay, whatever you do is your free will... Welcome to the software of choice!

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One of the most interesting piece of internet forums to date, its stability and performance is top tier!
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