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If you would like to set up the forums strictly on your own...

...we give you such opportunity by default, and we understand reasons for it. Truly, like in any other area, if you want to achieve best results, do it yourself. Regarding miniBB it means you can download the software for free, as well as many of free additions (plug-ins, language packs, solutions), set it up following our free manual instructions, modify it almost with no limitations, give it your own colors and fonts, translate it into your language, add your own functions to it, promote your forums and earn on these, attract new audience to your business without intermediaries... in general, all of that is limited only by your own fantasy and the willingness to start. We have everything publicly available to give our users the freedom of choice which of course you don't need to pay for.

The only important point you must keep in mind when starting to make your forums on your own, is that you must be educated and experienced enough to do that, and/or have a wish and time to learn more. Seeing our software as free and available to install "by anybody", many beginners may think they can drive into the forums installation and maintenance process as quickly as clicking on an .exe file under their Windows OS, and pressing buttons following instructions on screen. Web applications are different... you must learn something in advance and actually need to know how they work, or what you should do in order to learn it.

Unfortunately, we do not provide free educational courses at the moment, and have no resources to teach everybody individually at no charge. And as to the private support, we charge certain fees.

If you know what the term web server actually means, how FTP server and client work and how files can be uploaded via FTP, what is PHP, what is database and specifically the mySQL database, and if you already know how these terms are tied up regarding running online forums, there should be no problems for you to go with miniBB. If something seems new to you, and if you have enough of time for self-education, try to search the web using any search engines available, like Yahoo or Google, post your questions on existing related forums, where people may be ready to give you some personal hints and advice... You have everything in your hands to make the worldwide brain work for you, like we did many years ago.

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Forum owners about miniBB:
I know NOTHING about programming, I just copied and pasted, doing some upgrades on forum! I worked all weekend on it! I was really scared that I would ruin it and crash the forum, which I did a few times. Thankfully I always made a copy of the file I was working on. I feel really good that I was able to get it to somewhat I wanted. Now it looks killer!
as written by...Kikker5150
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