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page basic login system

Author ariari
#1 | Posted: 25 Sep 2014 19:32 
Hi all!...I want to base all page on a miniBB login ang register system. The same sql base, the same table...My own site is created in html. I had no bigger problems with how to connect minibb forum to the rest. How is it going to work ? - Let`s assume I have no other login/register system on a page - there is only one in "forum" section. So , I open main page ( or any subpage) and have a button "login/register" on it . I press it and I am redirected to the separate login page with two fields - "login" and "register". When following login or register procedure I am, in fact, loging in ( or registering) into all page system ( incuding forum). After that I can see a confirmation on main page , and every subpage, ( similar to the forum - "logged in as..." ) but in the shape of , let`s say, - " Welcome ..... That is the way I would like it to work. I know, there is a topic " miniBB synchronizing with the existing membership" but that what I am talking above is quite different ...Anybody`s willing to help how to do it the easiest way ??

Author Paul
Lead Developer 
#2 | Posted: 25 Sep 2014 22:43 
Anybody`s willing to help how to do it the easiest way ??
I'm anybody and I'm always willing my customers to deal with it in an easiest way, despite it may lead me to bankrupt ;)

Ok, let's start with your website. As I've got it, it doesn't have any kind of membership at the moment (created in html - that would mean that). HTML supposes not a dynamic format for your website.

Following "miniBB synchronizing with the existing membership" guide, you (or some advanced coder like me ha-ha!) could only achieve that miniBB connects to an existing membership. Existing is the most important phrase here.

Building membership for your own website actually means A LOT. What you have described, is a very basic process (as it may seem). And I think, with the help of a 3rd party coder for a truly small fee you could achieve installing a 3rd party login system on your website, there are TONS of such projects provided in a free world. But HTML is definitely not suitable for this. You must turn all of your pages to dynamics format. Or at least achieve that they still look like HTML, but in truth they are dynamic and PHP-based (it's also possible).

However, if you implement a login system to your website, you may also plan cons and pros of it, include options you may find useful in the future, allow/disallow this or that at least at the basic level. This all should be done regarding miniBB registrations fields. Following our guide, miniBB adjusts to your membership, and not your membership to miniBB. THAT's the most important key.

In your case, providing "login" and "register" fields must be protected with some human algorithm like Captcha; depending on your taste, an email confirmation must be sent or not. Probably, it must be sent, because mostly every of the nowadays login systems requires email confirmation, and that's not because of email - but just because any registration should be confirmed manually, not by a robot.

Further, there is an authorization process, which could be based either on one-session cookies, either on the cookie which expires in a time. Besides of it all, if you want to make it compliant with miniBB, you also need to provide username upon registration. With no username, your system would mean users must display their email to public; at the time miniBB allows to display a simple username like in your case when you have posted your message here, and that's another key.

This all mentioned above truly matters for miniBB authorization. In my experience years, I've adjusted miniBB to more than hundreds of very different login routines websites, some of which didn't even include the username. It's all is possible, but if you start it from scratch, why not to do it in a way which will best for both sides?.. You decide on that.

Like I mentioned in my earlier replies to your questions, web is not about frying potatoes. If you want to learn, then above are some lines for you. If you want to achieve something in 1-2-3 steps, I'm not sure why not to hire more experienced persons instead of pulling tooth of your own.

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 page basic login system
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