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Author marchal04
#151 | Posted: 9 Aug 2010 07:02 

I got it from Google when I was searching for sites. It's nice and very useful.

Author freebird
#152 | Posted: 24 Aug 2010 23:18 
Just told by a good friend.

Author calvins123
#153 | Posted: 5 Sep 2010 23:30 
I found the site on the Google search while searching for a good forum to chat on and found this one

Website Design and Development

Author newscctv
#154 | Posted: 14 Sep 2010 03:51 
I found it on hotscripts - I was looking for something simple as most BB's are getting waaay to big and 90% of the features I don't need or want.


Author mitchk
#155 | Posted: 21 Sep 2010 09:53 
I found it via great list phpBB alternatives! :)

Author Paul
Lead Developer 
#156 | Posted: 21 Sep 2010 10:04 
Could see the full list please?

Author mitchk
#157 | Posted: 21 Sep 2010 10:13 
sure, I will post the link as soon as I can post links. :)

Here it is:

Author Paul
Lead Developer 
#158 | Posted: 21 Sep 2010 11:06 
Hmm... I don't see anything there... a blank page?

Author Jaime
#159 | Posted: 15 Oct 2010 03:17 
So I can see content on the page, a link to miniBB :-) I love miniBB - it works here more than 6 years. I almost never write here, my English is not so good - but I read almost every day here in the forum and always find something new for me.

The days I have changed from V2.1 to V2.5 - smoothly, easily and without problems. Now I work in the background a little to the design, to make it run at some point later the new version.

Thanks to the team for the perfect work at minibb ... Turning to this topic ... I forgot how I got years ago on minibb ;-)

Author scoolin
#160 | Posted: 22 Oct 2010 01:47 
google "bbs forum open source"

Author rapidsphare
#161 | Posted: 25 Oct 2010 03:41 
I found in Google Search Engine.

Author siberiatravel
#162 | Posted: 12 Nov 2010 10:22 
indostan (my frend Moony told me about you)

Author PurpleCow
#163 | Posted: 31 Dec 2010 14:39 
If I remember correctly, I have been using or used miniBB right from the days of v1.0 or so.
After a long gap - I have again decided to use miniBB for new forums which is almost 90% ready now with complete customisation.

I might have found miniBB by following a powered by link on one of teh forums I visisted looooong back, though I dont remember which community it was.

Author pakeeza1990
#164 | Posted: 14 Jan 2011 01:41 
i have found this wonderful website through google search engine and i like it so much and also one of my friend has told me about it ...
i appreciate all the people who work for it

Author Guest
#165 | Posted: 21 Jun 2011 00:21 
i found minibb when i search complete list of php forum.

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