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Author Paul
Lead Developer 
#1 | Posted: 9 Sep 2014 23:58 
People do not want to hear the truth...


Until now, August was full of events which changed my life significally. Not sure why it's that. But this year, I would say, August was in terms I was not having enough of spice coming in. On the other hand, may be I'm just not considering what was happened as salt & pepper. But there were lots of facts. Ha-ha! Let's see:

- In the first 1/2 of August, we were having an abnormal heat blowing up the brain. I was afraid even to turn my PC on, because I was afraid of disks being damaged. We were having +33°C in the room, and since I never installed the conditioning system, 'cause it was necessary, I just spent most of the time lying in bed and analyzing the ceiling. I'm not sure what kind of brain work is possible, if brain becomes a cream cheese.

Brains. Cream Cheese

- In the second 2/2 of August, we have planned a big vacation with family. This time, the weather turned the brain into a rain, each day. Despite of it, it was lucky that I finally could enjoy some full days turning other tasks off.

Riga Raining

- Afterall, I fixed major security issues with miniBB file uploads, which should be released soon; watched some excellent movies; and finally, forced by a wish of my boy, got a My-Talking-Tom-Cat in my iPad, which we follow by now on the 12th Level. Thanks Mr.Jobs, you've got me into a game.

Steve Jobs. 2034.

- And for sure, I killed myself a bit following all the political and human news, with no having sense of their impression to my life at all.

AWE Some TV Special

Yes, it was a short introduction or intrusion to futher reading, and if you are tired at this point, you could just watch the pictures below, skipping reading. I've read recently, that most of social networks inhabitans prefer images to texts. Since this is not a social network, I still prefer to make my readers more dumber, 'cause I would like to follow the World Internet leaders and turn on the crowd to vote me for the President of the Universe for the next 50 years, until the moment I could be frozen in a special camera to survive for the next century, then recovered amongst the millions frozen of the FB code fridges failure and become the President of the Universe for the next 500 years in hope to set the rules for the New Free Open Source World, which would fail in the very end of the Universe.

Cat Laughing...

Enjoy more reading. That makes clever.
Writing makes it even more.


In a reference to my earlier blog, regarding the "Preambula of Constitution" of my native country, one of our US customers sent me two another references regarding US Constitution, which explore a distinction between Democracy versus Republic (or Republic versus Democracy).

It's interesting reading and even Plato was confused ; ).
Possibly, major Latvian politicians already studied all that, with the help of their Major Council from US. We have it all mixed together: Latvia is an independent democratic republic (c) The Chapter I of The Constitution of the Republic of Latvia.

For all of my life I was the dedicated anarchist. I don't believe in governments. Don't believe in politicians. Don't believe in constitutions. I think, the World could survive only if it would follow Love.

Yes, the reading was interesting, but it didn't confuse me a lot, like Plato. Because:

Rules for Government, and otherwise

The State is an unnecessary evil.


The first movie I've enjoyed this month, was all about that. "Elysium", starring Matt Damon, shows the Los Angeles in 2154 (140 years later from now), and how it all appears after the Government took the Power over the Humans. In some way it's stupid, in some way it shows another side of America.

- Would you like to talk to a human?
- No, I am okay, thank you.
- Are you being sarcastic and/or abusive?
- Negative.
- It is a federal offence to abuse a parole officer.
- Understood.
- Safety is our priority.
Elysium, S.C.R.


BTW, in July I was mentioning another great movie with Matt Damon, also starring Robin Williams... I didn't mention by that time, that the final scene cropped tears from my eyes. Robin was so great... I was shocked to know, that a week after I've posted that, he's been gone. August 11 2014, man's escape from reality.

Robin Williams. Riff In Peace.


Ukraine. I never was there. I didn't even knew by some time, how big it is, and/or where it resides. Now it seems I can't live without news about this country. The news are changing extremely fast. I couldn't follow up for lies or true properly. It's a drug which transforms brain into cream cheese... OMG, I must mentioned this already. Don't remember, when and why, still.

It seems, the major part of the Internet community now is divided into two parts because of Ukraine. The first part believes Russia invades the Ukraine, and they believe into facts provided by Mr.Obama, Ms.Psaki, NATO and their minor slave countries like Latvia. The second part is occupied by Russia's propaganda and following the "Putin khuilo", distinctly believes Russian army was never involved in Ukrainian conflict, and that's all is about partizans, LSD, FSB and F.B.S. (Fucking Bull-Shit).

The fact is, that just a few weeks after it, everyone forgot about Boeing crush, which is going to be investigated not earlier than in 2015, giving portions of small facts crap to socium. Another facts are published by super-laser-teaser-satellite NATO engines, which are about this:

NATO - maps of Russia invasions. Pt.1
NATO - maps of Russia invasions. Pt.2
NATO - maps of Russia invasions. Pt.3

But wait... with the help of my magical Enlargement Program, I've analyzed those pics and concluded there is something arguable:

NATO - maps of Russia invasions. Enlarged, pt.1

and even ffruustrationable:

NATO - maps of Russia invasions. Enlarged, pt.2

Christian Ehring, from NDR Extra3 TV, proofs something similar on YouTube (this is a secret information from Zee Germans).

NDR Extra3, Zee Germans about Ukraine

NDR Extra3, Zee Germans about Ukraine, now starring Yoko Ono, John Lennon, Vladimir Putin


Need more facts?.. Here's another one: Russia has a secret weapons, based on H. G. Wells "The Invisible Man" novel's formulas. They have invented invisible armory, invisible soldiers and invisible supplement. Surprisingly, this becomes visible to NATO satellites and top-level bureaucrats, taking very special pills...

Well, I'd suppose just one proof regarding Russian army is NOT in Ukraine: if it would be there, this kind of "war" wouldn't last for months. I suppose, Russian army could take Ukrainian forces in just a week or less. Kiev would belong to Russia in March 2014, if Russian army would occupy Ukraine. But it was not. Sandpit.

Poroshenko + Putin

What is called a "Russian" army, are just regular Russian people of Ukraine, partisans, guerrillas, bushwhackers; probably with a help of minor inclusions of volunteers from the other countries, with the same amount as for the "Ukrainian army". The history of each independant European country couldn't be completed without "robin hoods".

You may call it as "Rise of the Planet of the Apes", too.

Poroshenko + Obama


5th August was the last date, when Russian mass media received signals from Andrey Stenin, a Russian photojournalist contributing to several leading Russian and international news agencies. He was working in the area of War in Donbass since May 14. The International Federation of Journalists (IFJ), the European Federation of Journalists (EFJ), Human Rights Watch and Amnesty International expressed their concern for Stenin's safety. For some time everyone thought he's just captured by Ukrainian army. It appeared, he's not.

On 3 September Stenin has been confirmed dead. Russia's Investigative Committee said DNA tests had confirmed Stenin's identity. According to Russian state controlled media, he was in a vehicle traveling in a convoy of escaping civilians, when the convoy came under heavy fire in the area supposedly controlled by the Ukrainian military and National Guard. Andrey Stenin became the fourth Russian journalist killed in Ukraine over the past few months.
Andrey Stenin. R.I.P.



Right in August I've enjoyed yet another piece of art from maestro Stanley Kubrick; piece of War-Art this time. "Full Metal Jacket" is staged in 1987, but even since more than 25 years it didn't lose its meaning. Specially, these days, when US are going to support yet another war on another continent.

First To Go, Last To Know. Full Metal Jacket.

- In strategic terms, Charlie's cut the country in half. The civilian press are about to wet their pants and we've heard even Cronkite's gonna say the war is now unwinnable. In other words, it's a huge shit sandwich and we're all gonna have to take a bite.
The final scene of the movie actually looked like John Lennon is killing Yoko Ono. Sorry for spoilering. I guess, it would be clear from the beginning, this guy should kill someone.

Peace Symbol. Full Metal Jacket.

- You will take off that damn button. How's it gonna look if you get killed wearing a peace symbol?

I was thinking for a long time, WHY there would be so many contradictions between Russia and America. Obviously, the world is divided into parts because of these two continents and their Governments for ages. At some time, in this game is appearing a new pawn country, which is finally sacrificed.

Is it all because of resources?.. Partly, it is. Russia is full of minerals and clean water, which in the nearest future the human kind will be hungry for. Russia is abnormally absorbing technologies and theories from all over the world, and develops them on a new level. While America is "working hard", by now, to get to some mystical "dream" suggested by its all time Governments, Russia is already passed this period, and just creates more armor.

Is there any other country or continent on Earth, combining all of those three principles? US Government supposes, there is not. Africa is full of minerals and executive people, which are ready to die young and which are already controlled by whites from US for a long time. China is a great absorbent inheriting new technologies, which are incepted by US safely, but it doesn't know, how to develop them on a next level. India learns quickly, but it's too poor, because it's too different and too big, and thus now it starts to follow the Nationalism, too, so it's outbit by default. South America? Common, there are too much cocaine and mushrooms to grow them into atomic bomb. Europe?.. It's split already.

NOW, it's the right time to call Putin as "fascist", despite the country he rules, defeated an imposed fascism just about 70 years ago. There's also a new term describing new Russian "doctrine" followers - Rushists, Putinoids, "Vatniks", "Colorados". Well, the last one is invented by Ukrainian new self-claimed Government. Obviously, Colorado state citizens don't imagine the "Rushists" army is called that way in the name of Colorado potato beetle, which has some similar details to the Ribbon of Saint George they are wearing. And if we take a closer look, it's also obvious Colorado beetle prefers different colors to the Ribbon:

Colorarial Daltonism

Everyone lies (c).


In the beginning of August (or even July), European Union started a cycle of "sanctions" against Russia; instead, Russia limited the import of apples from Poland, about 1,000,000 EUR annual profit worth. In reply, in Poland there was started a notable action called "Eat apple to spite Putin". Poland hit eating its own apples. Not quite profitable, I guess; but still, few of thousands people joined this vomiting marathon.

Poland. No Apples.

In the end of August, I wasn't expecting lots of surprises about new EU Council's President. Donald Duck... sorry, a typo on my end - Donald Tusk, the Prime Minister of Poland, NOW got into the position. Obviously, he's eaten most of apples; on the other hand, EU shown he's expecting Poland to become the next poor land after Baltic States, joining the "Euro Zone" ASAP.

New EU. Starring Donald Tusk, Herman Van Rompuy, Federica Mogherini

Shortly after that, YouTube enjoyed yet another millions of views of a clip from Poland prank director, calling herself (or himself?..) SA Wardega. Wardega scoffed his lovely animal, turning it into a Spider Dog. As I've noticed, people love prank videos these days at most. In other words, people love to be pranked.

Spider Dog. Made in Poland.

You would ask me: how these all events are related? I would answer: they are absolutely not related. Of course!..


I couldn't bypass another little prank, called "Ice Bucket Challenge", August was full of it. Possibly, it all started with Vin Diesel pushing a bucket of ice over his bold skull. The World picked up the baton, collecting more than $100,000,000 for the foundation, and a few little deaths.

I'm still not sure how ice water could be related to amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, which is a very rare illness. Much more people are leaving because of a regular atherosclerosis; my mother gone because of it, too.

Seeing this action, I'm wondering how dumb the social media community may become. Now I obviously now. They have collected millions for just about 50,000 of ill people all over the world, supposing each of them would get not more than couple thousands of bucks, which are not enough even for normal diagnostics. Instead, the community sacrified tens of quite healthy people because of it, including very young children. Not saying about health damages of regular persons, which afterall may be in need for surgeons.

Ice Bucket Challenge; failed to death.


Now about Surgeons on streets. I hope, you follow the line.

Riga, the Capital of Latvia, in 2014 also appears under the "European Capital of Culture" trademark. That means, this year, Riga has lots of dedicated events of 'creative ideas'.

I couldn't pass by the most creative idea of Riga Council this year, dedicated to the transformations of the "Riga" introductional sign to everyone driving this city in by the wheels transport.

Earlier, this sign looked like this:

Riga Sign; original form

At May 2014, this sign transformed into a new shape, containing the city flag's coloured heart instead of Latvian language macron (blue/white colors). Riga Council's Head Officer, Mr.Ushakov, claimed that the division of colors also means the "macron" of Latvian language, that way killing two birds with one stone.

Riga Sign; Heart Flag

In the beginning of July, Riga suddenly "loved Ukraine": the heart was slightly changed by the Ukrainian activists, turning it into the Ukrainian flag's colors:

Riga Sign; Loves Ukraine

This was immediately fixed to back stage; but after that, a new wave of Latvian National patriotism came out. More than 4,500 of Latvian patriots - writers, actors, painters, sculptors - which were never heard before, - signed a petition to support the original Riga sign coming back.

Riga Sign; National Requirement

It was all because the macron. You may not know it, but Latvian language started to contain macrons less than 100 years ago. Now macron means the very important symbol of Latvian authenticity. So, every Latvian must know Riga-city means Latvian authenti-city (despite it consists of only about 45% of ethnic Latvians).

Because of that, in the end of August, Riga sign was dishonored by extreme Latvian patriots, which were so drunk that couldn't even draw couple of parallel lines of Latvian flag:

Riga Sign; Latvian Flag Drunk

Obviously, Riga council couldn't pass that by. They tried to come to a compromiss, which could satisfy both Latvian patriots and Culture lovers. In other words, they used a drunk idea, just polishing some lines:

Riga Sign; Latvian Flag... Normal

Do you think it all ended at this point? The fuckin' saga continued. The author of the sign, Valdis Celms, came into a circus, claiming he was never asked for permission to change his 34 years old work. Now the sign went under the patronage of list of Latvian state-protected cultural monuments.

I know, it all may be called absurd, because Riga has much more important problems than this sign. But it's all about the National Latvian Patriotism. Here, worth is not the human life or economics; important are letters and macrons of blocked stones, which are as not even important as the road signs. That's what Latvia cares about at most.

In result, why not to transform Riga to something international like this? I guess, this would mean a bullet to all kind of Government patriots:

Riga Sign; Equality


Talking about the National events, and finally describing parts of my vacation, I couldn't skip the Riga Zoo. Oh Sorry, it's not called that simple now, like it was called since 1912. Now it's called Riga National Zoo. National, not the International, for some sake. Unfortunately, elephants are not present there anymore, as they obviously didn't pass the Latvian National Language exam, and there are lots of regular farm animals and mutated wasps around; but still, it's a funny place for a family visit.

Here're some funny pics I've made during this shiny day:

Riga Zoo. Zebras` Mirror.
Riga Zoo. Giraffes.
Riga Zoo. Oink Oink.


Riga's visitors could not skip the Chocolate Museum as well. Entrance is 7 EUR per adult (3 EUR for a kid), so it's not cheap, but it's still worth to visit at least once in a life, if not more often. At least you may drink hot chocolates up to vomiting, so at this day you think "shit!.. I will never get back"; at the next day you already miss it.

Laima Chocolate Museum. Outside View.

They give you a very special hard-covered flyer with the ID on it, which later could be used to watch/download the movies you've created during visiting. Yes, it's about their cameras, and possibly their licensed music (up to U2's "In The Name Of Love", the snippet you could dance to and film it on the some related "Laima" background).

Laima Ticket Flyer.

It belongs to a branding factory "Laima", established in 1870 and recently sold to Norway's global industries named Orkla.

Laima Chocolates. Eaten by Orkla.

"Laima", possibly, was the last truly National Latvian flag of industries. Rich invested from USSR, it became a leading chocolates trademark in Soviet Union, meaning quality of chocolates for a long time. Unfortunately, after the only Latvian sugar fabrics, named "Jelgavas Cukurs", has been sold to Dutch "Dan Sukker", the sugar they are putting into chocolates, sucked even more each year.

The museum itself is nice and has lots of fun to offer to both adults and children. Children are up to eat lots of sweets, jump, dance, take pictures and videos, and turn out the different buttons to achieve flushing screens. Adults would enjoy studying lots of historical labels "Laima" chocolates were branded under in USSR times. This includes Ivan Krylov's fables and... yet the references to a Latvian railroad [read below].

Laima Chocolate Museum. Mens` WC. Fragments.

I've taken the pic above in the toilet room, which is sticked thoroughly with historical labels:

Laima Chocolate Museum. Mens` WC. Generic.

Here's the secret one: womens' WC is also a live poster, but in a more simple female mood:

Laima Chocolate Museum. Womens` WC.

One of the pieces to remember is that you could create your own little chocolate, continuing the phrase "I Love ...". Just one piece of little chocolate nubble, that's why was a big question to me, what to code in there. In result, I've come to a conclusion that I love sleeping. At most in the recent years since the kid was born. Damn, it's true!..

Laima Chocolate Museum. I LOVE SLEEPING :)

Sorry, I forgot to switch off the native language interface on this.


And here's another place to enjoy, called "Railway museum". Regarding Zoo or Chocolates, it's relatively cheap, if not say even more - less than 1,50 EUR from adult and free for young kids. Website is not prepared for foreign visitors though, so it's obviously supposed only for locals, by this time; but of course, it's opened for everyone, 'cause inside you may watch movies and read infos on three languages, incl. English. There, you may discover old-time trains in natural size, check how the Latvian railway elements looked just 30-40 years ago, and enjoy the very accurate model of the toy trains railway for just 0,40 EUR. Attention: cash only. No credit cards or other bunks.

For my boy, and I suppose, for all kids, one of the astonishing points to see is the "train driving from the wall". We were visiting this museum for the second time in 2 years, and still, the impression of how a vagon "hits" the wall, is one of the top impressions for this kid.

Railway Museum. Another side of the wall.

It's present only for a few years there, and this image is a deep analysis for me for a long time. As it's known, out of the mouth of babes speaks the truth, so I'm in search for such simple-cut object to impress customers.


Let's finally start to get out from this month. A nice car would be useful for that. Despite Riga, in 80% of its total, may look like a boondock, it's full of expensive and impressive cars, which could drive their owners out of reality. Possibly.

Rare Volvo in Riga Boondocks.


Finally... what about Jaime's calendar? For August, it says that if this month is full of storms, the winter could be cold and sweet. Luckily for Latvia, there were no storms at all; supposing we could expect quite a mild and rainy winter; but who knows?.. We'll see it only in a 1/2 year... Let's hope Ukraine and the whole world will have as much warm and delicious bread Jaime made while enjoying Lungau!.. :)

Vacation in Lungau, August

Author Paul
Lead Developer 
#2 | Posted: 19 Apr 2016 21:57 
Shifting various things at home, I've found the artifact I couldn't mention, coming back to this thread again...
This one:

Laima - 5 Lats chocolate

Above in this blog, I mention "Laima" chocolates and their museum; this is actually one of the last qualified Laima chocolates they have released, as it was fabricated from cocoa beans and not cocoa mass, like all Laima production appears now after they have been sold to Orkla. Laima was the only one production in Europe, which made their own cocoa mass. After this was gone, their products became shit.

This chocolate is also the tribute to "Five Lats" - the most popular banknote of Latvia in the time while this state had the national currency. As it's known, in 2014 Latvia ruined its national currency for Euro. The same way, Laima ruined their cocoa beans line.

It is how actually 5-lats banknote looked in real life some time... some long time ago:

5 Lats banknote

I suppose, now this banknote is a rarity, as well as Laima's chocolate... not sure if Lats were worst than Euros; at least this piece of chocolate was as delicious as it was 2 years ago when produced. Not sure if such good times whenever come back again...

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