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If you need someone to install the forum for you...

We're not sure if it won't shock you, but we are providing miniBB set up service for a hamburger price. Check our rates. The secret of such low price is because miniBB really installs in a minute. All other time is spent on communication between us and the end-user as well as precising some necessary details, since each installation case appears to be unique.

Besides that, we are providing the full customer support regarding any miniBB-related task. It may include customization of how forums will look like, matching your existing website or whatever you want to achieve in the end; software configuration according to your needs and wishes; programming of special functions which are not included by default, but may be easily added to your own version of the board, and so on. You instruct - we implement. We are proud to say there is no miniBB-related task that we can't handle. And besides that, don't forget we are sometimes available for other kind of jobs related to PHP+mySQL programming.

We know many "3rd world" programmers are offering to install or customize miniBB for a lower price than we do, and in some cases our work fees may look not motivated enough in comparison to these. In this case, pay attention first that our worldwide brand comes as the main warranty of your data privacy, the quality of our work and post-support. MiniBB® stays on the top of our versatile freelance experience. Hiring us, you hire European professionals with many years of online practice, not including some straight coding tasks, but also project management, customer support and consulting services.

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Forum owners about miniBB:
I don't think I've seen such nicely planned code structured in a truly object oriented fashion. It's unreal! You guys did an UNBELIEVABLE job writing this.
as written by...Evan
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