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Building your own forum from scratch

You can build a forum following two ways:

1. Buying or renting an existing forums place. Tons of websites are offering it nowadays, you can even get it for free, with no ads, without knowledge of how to set up or update the software... just by clicking a few buttons. In this case you should always remember that 3rd party website owners do not care about you or your forums at all, however they definitely will profit on it, some way, sooner, later or immediately, and you actually will work for them. If something "bad" happens on their server, it will be difficult or even impossible to restore the data lost; and if by accident you break "their rules", years of your work may be eliminated in seconds with no way back. It's the same like you rent a car and pay some constant fee to its owner, while driving it. It's not your car, and it can't be yours, and rules for the car usage are defined by some other person.

On the other hand, we have a more practical way of building a forum, which is really yours:

2. You control it yourself. You own the "car", you care about it, you run it in whatever direction. It's your own copy of the software, it may have your color, your size, your match, your ads. It has no limitations in usage, and only things you need to have is the software itself and a platform for its execution.

This second way looks like the better one, doesn't it? With miniBB, we are offering exactly that way. You will only need to buy a hosting place and set up miniBB on it, performing rare updates in future. It will be completely your own forum, built for your own purposes, by your own concept, for your own followers. No usage restrictions, no monthly fees, no go-between involved. You do what you want - isn't it the real freedom?

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Forum owners about miniBB:
Great Forums. I got it up and running in no time at all. Its got all the features You need and none of the extra crap that just causes headaches anyways...
as written by...GeOgeL
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