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Did You Know?

In 2001, miniBB appeared to be the first on the forum programs market to suggest a very simple, stable, quick, carefully thought and commercially independant forum script, in opposite to the unprofessionally coded, large, buggy and slow programs, which popularity is often based just on their heavy marketing. Within few years of the thorough development, the giant team of our regular users and top customers shows: we are on the right way. Now, in 2020, miniBB appears to be a legend amongst forum software, and it's a registered trademark.

There is a time-proved old-school concept behind the miniBB, which primary target is to bring and build the top quality content following "ne quid nimis" principles. The software consists of a carefully clean source code, which we take care of already for more than 10 years without involving third party coders. That means an absolute clear vision of what needs to be done. Our main concept is, that you can just install it once and run it for years without major updates or changes, letting the community to work for you. Compare to the other related software: its team may consist of the coders of incompatible visions and thoughts, that's why it is constantly up with the new bugs and updates, which are incompatible with the earlier customizations!

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Forum owners about miniBB:
I just wanted to compliment you on what is probably the best message board I have seen yet. I'm not an advanced website designer, but I've been looking at different bulletin board options for a while, and finally decided to use miniBB. This is the most customizable, easy-to-use, easy to understand, and best administrator functions I've come accross yet. I love this thing. The scripting is great, takes up almost no space, and does everything I could possibly want. Just wanted to tell you guys what a great job you've done, and I will refer all who ask to your site for info. Great job! I'll keep an eye out for updates. Thanks for the great product!!!
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