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Overprogramming miniBB

The core version of miniBB is released under Generic Public License's (GPL) conditions, and they mean you are allowed to modify it on your own without limits, except that, without our special permission and mutual agreement, you can't remove our copyright and trademark information, incl. URL to our website, which appears at the bottom of each forum page generated by our software. The only way to do it legally, is to purchase our Copyright Removal License, which allows to hide our public credit, but still, doesn't allow to owe our code and re-distribute it in your own software or project. If you want to do it, please contact us in order to discuss it privately. We are always open for any kind of negotiations regarding our program, specially when it comes to 3rd parties.

Persons breaking the GPL or any other type of agreement with miniBB, are automatically becoming intellectual thieves of the lowest level. Working on this software for many years, we deserve at least minimal respect which only means keeping our little copyright notice intact, and miniBB as the registered trademark proves that we run an honest and respectful business. The same we hope to get from you as our customer and/or end-user. Remember: if you break our little law, your business already can't be called trustful.

Unfortunately a sad fact is that many of those who download and install miniBB, don't bother to read the License agreement (located under COPYING file of any copy of the software), don't read what's written on our page regarding the copyright link, and, of course, they don't want to pay for the copyright removal if they did so. They are too dumb and too meager to do that. It's not a miracle that in the result we do often experience a short-term side effect of such actions. But be prepared that if you steal from us, some day somebody will steal from you few times more. Also don't forget that we won't provide any support if you have stolen the software from us.

In all other aspects, you are welcome to enjoy the free modifications nature of miniBB, including unlimited modifications of our paid add-ons. We are pretty sure that currently paid software authors rarely allow to modify their code, so here we have an exclusive offer!

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It's a really slick program and it's really intuitive to configure and use.
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