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Who does it again?

The miniBB team consists of an every person, including You ( yes, YOU! :), and every customer, every downloader, and everyone browsing this miniBB website, specially everyone reading this. If you read this, you give us a coin of your attention, and we give it back twice. Without You there would be no miniBB. Attention is the current world's currency. So, why we wouldn't please you giving a read of how miniBB was built? Here we go...

miniBB has been started in the end of 2000, and it's been initiated by Paul Puzyrev, inviting Sergei Larionov to the team work. 50/50 they coded the first version of the software, which was released on February 19, 2002.

With the help of Paul's customer,  Elmar Brunenieks , the domain has been registered, holding miniBB project for a few next years further. At that time, miniBB authors were students, and Internet was being kind of mistery land, where Elmar appeared as a Wizard. Like to many others, he has given them a trust in the project growing up. Elmar was a teacher. RIP, Elmar.

For some time, has been hosted by the Latnet data center, with the help of its chief, Katrina Sataki's kind agreement to keep the project for free, and Victor Meirans' patronage. Elmar's employers Dmitrijs Artjomenko, and Konrāds Šmeļkovs were giving their ideas and thoughts on the end version of the software.

Suddenly, the project shot out, and attracted a lot of attention from all over the world. However in a year or less, Sergei stopped his major activities on the project, 'cause he was invited to provide the outsourcing for a US company. MiniBB's version 2 was mostly developed and fixed by Paul, and Sergei provided only the layout's version. In 2005, Paul went to outsourcing too, but still continued to bring a developing approach to the project, coding a lot of various extensions, providing support to the end customers, and that way developing the major core version of miniBB. Since then, Edward Nabiev, Ryan Wray, and the other preferring-to-be-hidden people worldwide helped to fix and improve the core of the software.

Turning opposite to Tao Te Ching, in 2006, Paul went to the decision to register domain (taking it back from cybersquatters), also miniBB® trademark in United States Trademarks and Patents office, and during less than a year the first trademark in the history of forum programs has been born.

The next version of miniBB layout has been developed by both Paul and Sergei in 2008. After that, Sergei and Paul split during the irreconcilable contradictions, and the project went to be supported by Paul only, where it resides until now, and where it has been actually started from.

These days, miniBB is trying to catch a second breathe, moving to the responsive/mobile layouts, bringing up the best in the simplest usability interfaces amongst all forum software available worldwide.

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Forum owners about miniBB:
There is a ton of forums I have tried that store their templates in the database. There is also a lot of forums that can't do any form of templates at all, horrible things. I like miniBB's use of templates, it is very easy as you can edit it the same way you would usually make a webpage, and you aren't forced to edit it through a browser which I find to be really really annoying.
as written by...Jeremy, Australia
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