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If you are a novice and don't know where even to start from setting up your forums...

The first question you need to ask yourself, is not HOW you can achieve something you don't know yet about, but WHY do you need to achieve it by yourself. The reason for such question is because virtual online development is often considered as a very simple cheap deal. Such kind of opinion is wrong. Internet is all based on a very difficult engineering, years of education, self-education and practice, tons of technologies tied up with each other, sometimes in a very cumbersome manner.

If you would like to go through it yourself without being experienced, you have a chance to spend A LOT of time for achieving something very basic. But like in any other business area, the only right advice we could give in this case - if you don't have enough experience and time to gain such experience, hire professionals. They know how and they know it much better than you, they will perform your task a lot faster and on a much more qualified level.

The next question here is WHO will handle your task most effectively, and regarding our software, you may know the answer in advance: nobody else knows it better than its authors. If you've came to the question of choice and don't know how to move further, just contact us, paying attention to our mini-prices.

Besides a superior level of programming, we provide an excellent consulting service as well, and sometimes we can solve your problem even in a few minutes.

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Forum owners about miniBB:
I tried lots of script before starting up my forum. I can say is the best script minibb is very easy to configure for novice programmers and has interesting and effective anti-spam options. Another option that should not forget and forget the most important is that this script is very friendly Seo contributing to the success of our forum. Congratulations to the team minibb.
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