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Premium add-ons are being updated for miniBB 3.0

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Author Paul
Lead Developer
#16 | Posted: 12 Apr 2012 16:20 
Spoiler add-on was released today, and it finishes the series of BB-button related add-ons, so I have no anymore graphical work on buttons. Hurray! I've went through testing all related BB-code extensions in Compiler, and for me having all buttons in one row now looks more promising as when it was earlier :)

I hope the common look of the buttons toolbar will work in the generic miniBB demo which I have plan to release this month. Only few add-ons are left to test for compatibility and apply for much smaller updates than achieved by now. The Mobile version waiters should be prepared ;)

Author Paul
Lead Developer
#17 | Posted: 18 Apr 2012 17:38 | Edited by: Paul 
Today's update include more massive changes than earlier, to the 2 of the premium add-ons - Private Messaging and Photo Album. But these updates are not mandatory for those who are happy to run these add-ons now. They just add a few functionality to the new miniBB version and the Compiler option.

PM add-on - I didn't even change the version of it (it's 2.4.2 by now), because the changes are only some fixes to the previous update.

templates/addon_pmail_viewmsg.html - I've moved {$l_pmSentOn} to the other cell

language pack (lang/eng.php) - $l_pmSend updated to have a "PM" phrase as it will be used as text in the Mobile version

bb_plugins.code.txt -

* Top Link code - $pmLink now also has attached to be compatible with Photo album icon )
* parseUserInfo_username func. updated to have a textual link for the Mobile version
* {$GLOBALS['l_pmSend']} replaces now the standard "PM" in alt/title

Photo album 1.5.2 - now comes for a reduced price and with updated layout for miniBB and some fixed details for the Mobile version.

addon_pics.php - functionally, only extension to have {SIZE_MB} in disclaimer text added.

templates/addon_pics_*.html - all templates updated to be compatible with miniBB 3

img/photo_album_watermark.png - default watermark updated to say more about what it could mean
img/pics_amount.gif - pictures indicator image changed

in bb_plugins.code.txt, pics_amount.gif size changed to 13x8 (as this icon was updated, too - it's also compatible with 13x8 size of PM add-on's icon). l_picsLink changed to default 'Photos'.

lang/eng.php - updated thoroughly to have more dedicated translation.

miniBB 's bb_default_style.css was updated to have more wider padding in td.caption5 class.

This update moves miniBB even closer to the final release. PM and Photo albums were tested/fixed in Compiler as well, and now it looks to stand even more closely to the nice "maxi" compilation of everything. I hope to continue my work in the next days.

Author Paul
Lead Developer
#18 | Posted: 26 Apr 2012 12:18 
Disclaimer solution was updated today as the urgent priority because of a fresh bug report. Now it's transformed to the "real" add-on, because it won't use default miniBB custom templating feature anymore. I've thought there would be too much work to cover all cases of registration, and actually, it's not a trusted Disclaimer if there is a way to pass it by, typing the direct registration link.

Now, the new Disclaimer add-on will use a temporary cookie to identify user's approval of rules. Until this cookie is not set, the Registration page won't start. Putting the code in bb_plugins closer to the end of file now it makes Captcha add-on displayed at first, before the Disclaimer comes.

I've tested it all in my development version, also I've fixed it in Compiler and now it should cover both bug report and a new feature.

Author Prince
#19 | Posted: 27 Apr 2012 14:15 
Now, the new Disclaimer add-on will use a temporary cookie to identify user's approval of rules

Now it's great.. like that :)

Author Paul
Lead Developer
#20 | Posted: 27 Apr 2012 17:33 
Good to know! thx

Author Paul
Lead Developer
#21 | Posted: 27 Apr 2012 17:45 
Favorites add-on was updated today to the version 1.1 to have the layout similar to miniBB 3.
It was also updated here on miniBB forums and tested in Compiler.
Everything appears well there so far :)

Updated files:


Author Paul
Lead Developer
#22 | Posted: 27 Apr 2012 18:09 
Check IP by ID add-on was brought to live with miniBB 3 as well.
I have only changed the look and feel of the output of this add-on, to produce more native results. No functional updates were applied.

Author Paul
Lead Developer
#23 | Posted: 30 Apr 2012 13:05 
Premoderation add-on has been updated today to have a layout compatible with miniBB 3.
The primary file to update is addon_premod_msgs.php.

This add-on is the last premium add-on from the miniBB 3 updates. I can now confirm, that all Premium add-ons are compatible with miniBB 3, and they are compatible with Compiler, which allows Premium customers to compile unlimited copies of their forum software.

The only thing left is to update descriptions of Premium add-ons, providing more fresh screenshots, but I hope to complete it after releasing the final miniBB.

Now I have about 15 of other free solutions and add-ons left to verify/update, but I hope it will take less time, since their codes are almost compatible with the current version even without any touch. I'll keep informed in this thread about that progress.

Author Paul
Lead Developer
#24 | Posted: 30 Apr 2012 17:51 | Edited by: Paul 
Who's online add-on was updated recently to be compatible with miniBB 3, and also verified in Compiler.
List of updated files:

- addon_whosonline.php (there was only small fix regarding possibly undefined variable)
- bb_plugins_parseMessage.code.txt - the code for parseMessage function now will contain another icon and HTML code
- user_dataform.code.txt - updated CSS class for the HTML snippet
- img/online_status.gif - icon to display user's online status.

Gender solution was updated only because of HTML snippet and now has miniBB 3 - compatible CSS, + it's verified in Compiler.

Essential Nickname solution was verified to be fully compatible with miniBB 3.

I can also just confirm that RSS add-on doesn't need any update regarding miniBB 3. It's basically compatible with any miniBB version :) The same I can tell about the First page news add-on, which doesn't actually depend on miniBB version at all.

Author Paul
Lead Developer
#25 | Posted: 1 May 2012 11:26 
Yet another free add-on, Unchecked Topics Indicator, was updated today to have bit of more compatibility with miniBB 3.
It was also tested in Compiler, and I can confirm it runs well on my end.

Updated the following:

- img/unread.gif - a new more smart and tiny icon added to be displayed
- bb_plugins_parseTopic.code.txt - icon's HTML updated

There will be preferably a new place in HTML layout for this icon; by default, Compiler inserts it after "replies" number in topics listing.

Author Paul
Lead Developer
#26 | Posted: 1 May 2012 13:18 
Members List add-on was updated just recently.
Now it has a different file name for the core script; I've applied few updates to the list template, making it more adjusted to miniBB 3 layout.
There are some little functional changes regarding parsing the page navigation block.

Updated files:

- templates/addon_members.html
- addon_memberslist.php
- bb_plugins.code.txt

To remind, all free add-ons are placed under Downloads section.

Author Paul
Lead Developer
#27 | Posted: 1 May 2012 13:49 | Edited by: Paul 

were updated in default miniBB 3 package to be compliant with HTML5.

Author Paul
Lead Developer
#28 | Posted: 2 May 2012 16:38 | Edited by: Paul 
The following free add-ons were rolled for miniBB 3 today:

Smileys - I've added the "Close" button and translation and a bit updated the layout for smileys table. Default translation of the language pack also was changed a bit. No critical changes to the core were made.

Avatars - updated were all files under /templates/, and English language pack. No other changes were applied to make it work with the newest version of miniBB.

Badwords - I've just renamed it to addon_badwords.php and fixed it in bb_plugins.code.txt. All other stuff worked with no major changes.

Users Month Stats - it's just compatible with miniBB with no changes!

templates/main_forums_list.html in default miniBB package was fixed to be W3C-compatible.

All add-ons were tested in Compiler and now build even more further step in finishing.
I hope to finish all add-ons by the end of this week, and present the final complete draft of miniBB presentation.
Stay tuned!

Author Paul
Lead Developer
#29 | Posted: 3 May 2012 17:18 | Edited by: Paul 
I've took my time to make it even closer to the finish today:

- Profiles Checker add-on was updated to have more native template, and also to have a bug fixed which was described earlier. The new version contains mostly polishing for the Photo Album add-on. It also makes step further to re-define some language vars, if needed. Fixed & tested in Compiler.

- "Anti-Guest" add-on, which was earlier planned and released with the collaboration of our forum member, now goes to the official way of downloading and installing. It was also added to the Compiler to be natively composed with the other add-ons. While working on forums, which allow guest posting, I have thought this is a "must-have" add-on installed, as there may be too many manual spam coming to the board.

- Content Rotator - it's not truly my own add-on and it appears the author of this add-on now is disappeared amongst his SEO website :) However many users here find it useful. So I have just verified it and can confirm it works with miniBB 3 with no major changes.

Author Paul
Lead Developer
#30 | Posted: 4 May 2012 15:33 | Edited by: Paul 
Preview add-on was updated today to have a compatible look with miniBB 3.
There are some new additions to this add-on comparing to the earlier version:

- it has Language pack code to be pasted in the core Language pack
- it now has a Close button instead of [x]
- it's more tied up with the File Attachments add-on - the note about uploaded files will appear ONLY if some file is going to be uploaded
- changes in the primary template (now it's HTML5).

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 Premium add-ons are being updated for miniBB 3.0
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