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Aliens in da house? Make your connection!

On the integration level, miniBB was the first forum script carrying of existing members of your website. If you would like to see your existing members logging on the main page of your website and forums simultaneously, without any duplication of data tables, you must pay attention to the simple yet impressive custom miniBB members routine implementation. It allows to integrate miniBB with almost any pre-existing membership based on mySQL, thus without breaking the miniBB core! Even at this time, forum programs rarely offer pre-existing membership synchronization bridges, and none of them provides a universal and easy integration technique similar to the one implemented in miniBB.

We should mention that you must be educated enough to achieve the above mentioned integration. Because each system is very custom, we can't have a solution combining different memberships "just by a mouse click". We would even recommend you to ignore solutions which promote something like that, it's simply impossible. Integrating miniBB means it will use an existing method of authorization, but with its own functions, and you must be a good coder to study and concatenate both. As we described earlier, if you have any doubts on how to setup this synchronization, sometimes the best approach is not to spend months of trying and learning, but to hire us to complete it for you in hours.

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What forum owners say about miniBB: Simply interface make miniBB is one of my favorite BB. It's faster and easy to install. Good works, dude !! as written by... Eddy Subratha, Kutai Kartanegara, East Kalimantan, Indonesia
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