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Be prepared to get indexed. Greedly indexed.

When miniBB was just released, it obviously inspired "big forum program" developers to release so called "low-fi" or "lite" extensions to their existing software. It proved the market always needs something ultimately simple, yet even more effective. But the huge problem here is, having two different interfaces of the same software leads to so called "duplicated content" which is a bad issue for search engines. Is there a reason to have both bloated and simple output code, if only the simple one is enough?..

Also many developers try to provide some kind of "output compression" in their software, hiding the fact that their programs return abnormally large HTML source, which is not suitable for an efficient search engine indexing. Why do we have to kill server resources with such additional compression, if it's just possible to program for a small resulting HTML code initially?

Content is the King nowadays, and miniBB takes care of your Kindgom. Its template-based code presents an absolutely clean HTML created from scratch by hand (remember: the handmade work is always more valued); and its forum messages structure automatically produces exactly what search engines will swallow. The program doesn't need any kind of additional code compression on-the-fly, because it is "low-fi" by itself.

There can't be anything simpler than that, and there can't be anything quicker. Our code is optimized by default without any other tricks needed to apply, and it's still editable, thus fully meeting The World Wide Web Consortium's (W3C) standards.

Logically, such code is LOVED by any search engine, and it won't eat all of your bandwidth as well. This surprises many of our users just after their forums URL starts to become "dangerously" indexed by a content crawler.

But even if you don't need new visitors coming from a search engine, miniBB allows to create a forum completely hidden from public, and accessed by invited people only. You make the choice.

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Forum owners about miniBB:
I recently tried other bb forum software which will remain nameless. It was bulky and hard to customize. I went to a site that I frequently visit and that I know had some simple and elegant forum software. I clicked the link on the bottom and here I am, ready to install miniBB. Awesome job guys. I've seen it in action so I already know it will do what I need without the other crap. Like this, more software should be written with the aim of simplicity and core CS fundamentals.
as written by...Eric LeVan
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