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If our Planet is based on differences, then why your forums should look similar to others?..

As you may often notice entering online forums, they seem recognizable. miniBB is a "chameleon". It is designed to have your own look. Just a couple of hours of literate adjustments required to make it completely "yours".

By this we really mean "a couple of hours for experienced specialists". As it has been explained recently in our forums, there are no visual tools available for making the look of your forums completely matching and professional. It's simply impossible to build such kind of tools because of the transparent web standards which recommend to create non-standard things. There is so much software around which produces a really terrible code on the output when using "what you see is what you get" technique (as it may really be "what you see", but obviously it's not "what you get"), that it's not a miracle the Internet becomes even more dirty each second.

So if your knowledge of building web pages spreads no further than clicking buttons, most likely your design achievements with miniBB won't be impressive or possible at all. But if you just know how to modify basic CSS and HTML code manually, miniBB must be your choice, because it offers what others prefer to ignore: the highest customization on the deepest level without affecting the program's core.

The main example showing customizable effect of miniBB fitting any layout, is comparison of how it looked in thin / slim size in the earlier versions (this is now represented on our demo forums), and how it looks now by default (you can check it on our live support forums). Pay attention: this is the same version of the same software. Such effect is being achieved only modifying Cascading Style Sheet (CSS), even without changing any default HTML templates. Learn how.

Also check our Gallery of Arts to see with your own eyes what's possible to achieve with miniBB. And this Gallery is never finished, until your own layout is missing there!

As always, if you have not enough experience and time to develop the graphical embedding of your forums, just follow our advice...

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One of the most interesting piece of internet forums to date, its stability and performance is top tier!
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