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Login to admin - returns - forums added

Author stormie
#1 | Posted: 30 Nov 2007 04:53 
I cannot figure out what this problem is, mostly because i'm new to miniBB. I have had a good look at the options.php and i am sure they are set correctly, i have also checked the admin.php and that too is ok, what seems to be the problem is loading the admin page from the admin login, If anyone has any ideas please let me know...thanks

Author marsbar
Associated Member
#2 | Posted: 30 Nov 2007 05:04 
What error message are you getting? Please describe the problem you are experiencing in greater detail.
- mb

Author stormie
#3 | Posted: 30 Nov 2007 05:18 
There is no error message, it just won't load the admin page....instead it loads the forum index page which currently just says;
- Sign Up - Search - Statistics -
NO FORUMS HAVE BEEN CREATED. Please add some forums!

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Copyright © 2001-2007 All rights reserved.
The location is....
This is the page that loads after i have entered my login details on the

Author marsbar
Associated Member
#4 | Posted: 30 Nov 2007 05:46 
Have you checked the cookie related settings in setup_options.php, stormie?

From the miniBB Manual:

$cookiedomain = ''; Cookie domain. Most likely you need to leave this blank, however, if you have problems logging into the forum, set this to your domain name, without the http://. F.e., if your forum is at then set this value to "".

$cookiename = 'miniBBsite'; Cookie name. Use only latin letters, digits and underscore sign specifying it. No spaces, dots or special symbols are allowed, this will make the login impossible to proceed. Should begin with a latin letter.

All the best -

Author stormie
#5 | Posted: 30 Nov 2007 06:31 
I think fasthosts could have put my database on a different server, if this is the case $cookiedomain would need to point to that address, I have used the ip address for the installation process as 'localhost' did not work, most likely becasue it is on another server, how can i get round this is the domain direct needs to be in latin charaters? or am i wrong?
The instalation is fine by the way...once you get the settings right it it just compiles and is al done...

Author marsbar
Associated Member
#6 | Posted: 30 Nov 2007 07:15 
Does leaving the $cookiedomain blank (i.e. $cookiedomain='';) work for you?

It is only the $cookiename value that needs to begin with a Latin alphabet, and it must not contain any spaces, punctuation marks or special characters. Try using the default: $cookiename='miniBBsite';

Keep persevering -

Author stormie
#7 | Posted: 30 Nov 2007 09:28 
It does the same, Interestingly when I enter a wrong password and user it still returns the index.php. The cookiedomain is now blank and appears to be working just the same...the index.php says....please add forum which i can see is done with the admin.php, does the admin.php page produce the login html page that comes first, if so could this page be damaged if i opened it with frontpage 2003 in code view? If so what steps might i take to correct it?

Author stormie
#8 | Posted: 30 Nov 2007 10:28 
I am looking into the $metalocation function that is a 'new option' in the build but i'm not sure if deleting the comment tags will enable the function. Do i need to change the admin.php to enable it to use the option $metalocation?

Author stormie
#9 | Posted: 30 Nov 2007 11:30 
I have got the metalocation working now but have found that after missing the pssword field the admin login loaded the admin.php page with the following data:minibb®
- Forums - Profile - Search - Statistics - Logout -

Forums Add forum
Edit forum

Search users
Remove user
Ban user's IP/ID
Unset/unban users' IPs/IDs
Delete email notifications
Export emails

Restore admin data in database

miniBB 2.1b
Admin panel

However the admin panel link returns the forum index.php Also the login page no longer loads when i call admin.php

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 Login to admin - returns - forums added
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