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Review of updates of the 10 important add-ons for miniBB: Captcha, Mobile Layout, RSS, Signatures, First page news, File Bank, Forums Checker, Anti-Guest, Who's Online, New Configurable Topic Form

Author Paul
Lead Developer 
#1 | Posted: 27 Jun 2023 15:27 
In the past 2 months, I've gradually worked out and updated miniBB add-ons, which are installed and used here, on miniBB support board, and a couple of other add-ons, which required immediate updates regarding the miniBB v3.6. I've updated the packages, making them available to straight download and use for new users (and for those who noticed the date changes on the Downloads page), but without making a special news thread for each of them.

Here comes the full list of updated add-ons, in the order of the update dates. I will also the most important changes next to each add-on.

> First page news (updated 28-Mar-2023):
— Check for setup_options.php existence before including it. Fix for the self-closed tags. Default $path will make an attempt to be auto-generated.

> File Bank v1.8 (updated 5-May-2023):
* addon_storage.php$maxAspectRatio condition excluded for admins; added: `$bbCode=str_replace(''', '\\', $bbCode);` — for displaying BB code properly in the file list, if the file comment contains slash; `type="text/javascript"` code removed; minor fixes regarding admins access and undefined vars; updates regarding standalone sendMail inclusion (miniBB v3.6).

* /templates/addon_filecheck.js — updates regarding the _totalAvailSize variable and false/true returns; new function: `outputFileSize` — will return the size of uploaded file which is displayed on the upload form.

* /templates/addon_storage_fileform.html — new div element `d_filesize`, new function `outputFSize` ("userfile" -> onchange changed) — will display the size of the uploaded file; self-closing tags fixed and `type="text/javascript"` code removed.

* /templates/addon_storage_list.html
* /templates/addon_storage_list_cell.html
* /templates/addon_storage_popup.html

— self-closing tags fixed.

* /templates/addon_storage_upload.html
* /templates/addon_storage_warning.html

— `type="text/javascript"` code removed.

> Signatures (updated 5-May-2023):
* /lang/ — all packs updated to list 150 chrs max.

* /templates/addon_signatures_userform.html — self-closed tags removal and minor CSS updates.

* /templates/addon_signatures_userform.js — miniBB v3.6 compliance (regform must be changed to postMsg).

* bb_codes_sig.php — minor bugfixes and updates.

* bb_plugins_user.code.txt — fixed bugfixes and improved code (Profile error-handling).

* bb_plugins.code.txt — minor updates of how the Signature would look (now with full borders).

> RSS (updated 7-Jun-2023):
* rss.php — improved function sanitizeRssTxt; check for setup_options.php existance before inclusion.

> Forums Checker v2.5.3 (updated 7-Jun-2023):
* addon_checker.php, /templates/addon_checker_queue.html, /templates/addon_checker_queue_cell.html — self-closed tags removal and update of JavaScript tags.

> New Configurable Topic Form (updated 8-Jun-2023):
* bb_plugins2.code.txt — added: $emailCheckBox, `$l_sub_post_tpc`, `$loginTop=0;` — miniBB v3.6 compliance.

> "Anti-Guest" (updated 8-Jun-2023):
— Minor bugfixes in `addon_anti_guest.php`.

> Who's Online (updated 8-Jun-2023):
— Self-closed tag removal in the code of `bb_plugins_parseMessage.code.txt`.

> Human Authorization (CAPTCHA) v1.5.2 (27-Jun-2023):
* bb_plugins.code.txt — bugfix of conditional inclusion. `($displayPopUpLink and $action=='vthread' or $action=='vtopic')` should be: `($displayPopUpLink and ($action=='vthread' or $action=='vtopic'))`.

* /templates/addon_authorize.html — self-closed tags and 'text/javascript' references removal.

* /templates/addon_authorize_popup.html — self-closed tags removal.

* addon_authorize.php — self-closed tags removed.

* addon_captcha.php — self-closed tags removed.

* README.txt updated by wmead — thanks, Wayne!

> Mobile/Responsive Layout v2.3 (27-Jun-2023):
— Mostly all templates and language pack passed through self-closed tags removal and JavaScript tags update, where they are available. Templates like addon_latest_list.html, addon_storage_warning.html, main_access_denied.html, tools_send_password.html were completely removed from this package (default core templates will be used instead).

Pay attention to the following important changes:

* /templates-mobi/main_footer.html — changed the contents between <!--scrollTop-->...<!--/scrollTop--> tags: removed DIV, added ID and 'scroll-to-top' class to the <a> tag, `scrollToTop();` changed to `scrollToTop(0);`. Added `padding-bottom:6px` to the copyright icon. `<a id="bottom"></a>` is replaced by `<div id="bottom" style="width:1px;height:10px"></div>` and moved to the very below part before <iframe>.

* /templates-mobi/main_forums.html — "Hide forums" link will now also appear on top of forums, and the Button will duplicate it at the bottom of forums (to avoid confusion when the top or logo link couldn't be clicked).

* /templates-mobi/main_header.html — in <!--topmenu--> there is added `<span id="scrollToBtm"></span>` for displaying the common-style scroll-to-bottom link (&dArr;) — appears on window.onload only for certain cases when the window height reaches some point. *.js scripts loading change from `async` to `defer`.

* /templates/main_post_form.html — added $button_sthrough. Removed default URL values for [img] and [url] tags.

* /templates/main_posts.html — bugfix: function `getCSRFCookie()` added to this template.

* /templates-mobi/stats.html — some re-builds for the "Most popular..." sections (`forumsmbmob` class added, <table> instead of <br> etc.)

* /templates-mobi/user_dataform.html — updates regarding full compliance with miniBB v3.6. Re-arrangement of addon-related fields.

* bb_plugins.code.txt$btnLogoutMobile updated — scroll-to-bottom button removed.

* addon_mobile_switch.php — self-closed tags fixed.

All add-ons mentioned above, were also updated on miniBB Demo (if available there).

The work-out of the other add-ons will be continued this year. Big functional changes are planned for the Private Messaging Service add-on and File Upload, Attachments and Mini-Galleries add-ons.

As for the other add-ons, they will experience mostly updates of the older JavaScript code and removal of self-closed tags, for making the full miniBB package compliant with the recent W3C updates.

Stay tuned, and enjoy hot sunny days :)

Author wmead
#2 | Posted: 23 Jul 2023 07:20 
Amazing work as usual thanks for showing all of the updates and changes to each plugin though i have been feeling pretty bad over the last 6 months i have attempted to keep updated on minibb as i use it frequently on various sites and for a vast array of clients still.

It's been sunny one day then rain the next the weather on the east coast is pretty insane recently but i know on my days off i enjoyed sitting on the porch drinking a cold beer its pretty amazing time of the year when its nice out. Anyone who knows me will hear me gripe about snow vs rain at least once or twice :D

Author Paul
Lead Developer 
#3 | Posted: 6 Sep 2023 18:48 
Just a quick note regarding the today's minor update of the Mobile Layout v2.3.1:

* /templates-mobi/tools_edit_post.html — was replaced by a proper version (it seems something wrong happened with the archive of the previous release, that's why it contained unclosed HTML tags);

* bb_plugins.code.txt — includes the improvement of the link present in $btnLoggedAs — it should not contain spaces following the W3C validation guides;

* /lang/eng.code.txt — update for the $l_mobileLogoutAlert — spaces replaced to '%20' following the W3C validation guides.

News miniBB Support Forums / News /
 Review of updates of the 10 important add-ons for miniBB: Captcha, Mobile Layout, RSS, Signatures, First page news, File Bank, Forums Checker, Anti-Guest, Who's Online, New Configurable Topic Form
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