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Premium add-ons update (Checker, Photo Album, File Upload)

Author Paul
Lead Developer 
#1 | Posted: 19 Nov 2007 06:49 
We have updated few add-ons fixing/improving their core only. These issues are not related to the security updates.

Forums Checker add-on was updated to fix the "caching previews" issue which was still inherited from this bug report. It could happen that if user doesn't visit the Checker for a long time and overlimited messages cache, and Previews are enabled, then refreshing the page he might get previews text repeated and growing to a very large size. Also the add-on was updated relatively to user deletion from admin panel.

Files to update:


File Upload add-on was updated to have constant thumbnails size defined in new variables $maxThWidth and $maxThHeight. $resizeBigPictures should be eliminated since it now will mean the different value (see default options file). New variable array $borderColor will define colors of border of the thumbnails. $maxTmbWidth, $maxTmbHeight, $maxStmbWidth, $maxStmbHeight settings are eliminated.

Files to update:

addon_fileupload_topic_thumbnails.code - optionally

Photo album add-on was updated to have the constant thumbnails size, it is using now the same resizing algorithm as the File upload add-on. Thumbnails size is set in $maxThWidth and $maxThHeight options. $picsProportion setting is eliminated. New option: $borderColor - defines RGB color of thumbnail's border. The script is also forced to have one default picture always with the number 1 (even if the number 1 pic is deleted, the closest picture is substituted).

Files to update:


Please note that on the descriptive pages of File Upload and Photo Album add-ons descriptions still have old-type screenshots with the varying size of thumbnails. We will issue new screenshots soon.

News miniBB Support Forums / News /
 Premium add-ons update (Checker, Photo Album, File Upload)
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