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Minor updates of free add-ons: Anti-Guest, Bulleted List

Author Paul
Lead Developer 
#1 | Posted: 17 Jun 2024 19:08 
The Anti-Guest add-on has been updated with more a featured option, which is applied only to those forums having the Private Messages add-on installed. And it will be actually turned on only in the upcoming new miniBB version, because it also requires the updated Preview script. It's mostly about the case when URLs could be posted in a private message, but when previewing such message, currently the standard warning of the Anti-Guest add-on appears, as it would not bypass this message. This update is for disabling this message in the Preview window for the PM section.

Affected codes:

  • in /lang/eng.code.txt, in $anti_guest_rule1 I've added the remark that «messages on the forum» are taken into attention to bypass the add-on rules;
  • bb_plugins.code.txt should include the 'agoff' flag:

if(($action=='ptopic' or $action=='pthread' or $action=='editmsg2' or (isset($_POST['prevForm']) and $_POST['prevForm']==1 and !(isset($_POST['agoff']) and (int)$_POST['agoff']==1))) and ($user_id==0 or ($membersRule>0 and $user_id!=1 and $isMod==0 and $user_num_posts<=$membersRule) ) ) include ($pathToFiles.'addon_anti_guest.php');
So, if you have this problem, you could update the add-on now, and wait for the miniBB release, or do it altogether at later time.

The Bulleted List add-on is now also installed on miniBB forums, but you won't see the regular BB button above the message form. This is because now this add-on contains the feature to create Lists in a more easier way: at the beginning of each new line, which you'd like to be the List item, you could put an asterisk (*) and the space following after it. Then this should be converted to a List item, encoding to <ul><li>...</li></ul> tags. On editing, such List should be decoded using the previously common [list]...[/list] formatting.

Affected codes:

  • bb_codes.code.txtencodeList function — «\r\n» instead of <br> (line breaks will be converted as the last in the conversion routine, so should not be present here in this function);
  • bb_codes.encode.txt — List's quick-additions implemented (asterisk + space, and regular expressions);
  • bb_plugins.code.txt$button_list should not contain backslashes in URI. Replaced \ to %5C.

These add-ons are possible to test here, on miniBB forums, or as usually, on miniBB demo.

News miniBB Support Forums / News /
 Minor updates of free add-ons: Anti-Guest, Bulleted List
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