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miniBB 3.4.1 released: still making it even better (+ some add-ons update)

Author Paul
Lead Developer 
#1 | Posted: 19 Sep 2019 13:03 
miniBB 3.4.1 released today and is free to download and/or upgrade. This release includes some improvements and bug-fixes, which are not related to security issues, but still, make this software even better. As usually, all changes mentioned in the Updates History file (which is also available to download). Scroll down the file to its bottom for the current release's notes.

Please note, that the "Latest File Update" notes in scripts may not correlate with the current date. I have worked out this release since December 2018, and some files were upgraded much earlier than the today's public release.

There were also some ADD-ONS UPDATED among this release; but these updates could still work with an older version of miniBB.

The free "Anti-guest" add-on has been extended with quite major changes. Now it includes the possibility not just deny a message if it contains straight URL or email address, or a phrase from the predefined list of keywords, but also could operate with user accounts more intensively. Changes were made after miniBB forums experienced a quite unusual and extreme flood attack. In addon_anti_guest_options.php, which is a new file, now there could be defined various message amount limitations per account, which means the account now could be Initial, Active and Unlimited. For each sort of account, a different message amount per day is allowed to post. That means, if some account floods up your forum with an automated script, it could not go beyond a certain limited amount of messages per day. Also, there is a simple yet effective check for the same message posted already. Despite its ultra simple logic, it prevents a lot of waste posts. From watching our forum with these methods set up for about 6 months now, I could conclude this approach truly works. Now the improved version of this add-on is released to public and available for free download. In addition, I'd like to mention that per-account limitations are still optional.

Because of the changes mentioned above in the "Anti-guest" add-on, the Preview add-on has been updated as well. Now it includes the possibility to display messages in a straight HTML-format, passed, for example, as alerts from the Anti-guest add-on. Updated files are preview/index.php and addon_preview.php, and it is also free to download.

The following Premium add-ons were updated - there are mostly minor changes and no bug-fixes:

- Filebank 1.5.4: addon_storage.php, lang/storage_eng.php, templates/addon_storage_fileform.html - enhancements to not allow URLs in the Description field; $disallowNamesIndex taken into attention for guest names.

- Checker 2.5.2: added `$registerButton='';` - prevents the Cancel button appearing on the login form.

- Mobile Layout 2.1.2: templates/addon_storage_fileform.html - regarding changes in Filebank; templates-mobi/main_header.html - HTML changes in the `mnbl_headtbsearch` block.

- Captcha 1.4.5: addon_authorize.php - more advanced code for checking if a PHP Session has been not started yet.

All updates could be tested and seen in action either on the miniBB Demo website, either here, on miniBB forums.

Feel free to upgrade, also post your comments and suggestions regarding the updates in this thread.

Author visit
#2 | Posted: 8 Mar 2020 01:45 
Congrath minibb

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 miniBB 3.4.1 released: still making it even better (+ some add-ons update)
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