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miniBB 3.3 v2 released, a few add-ons updated

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Author Paul
Lead Developer 
#31 | Posted: 18 Apr 2018 00:38 
While working out some ideas, I've noticed the "Droid Sans" font I've used in the initial 3.3 version, is not sufficient for specific UTF chars like cyrillic or latin-extended... Trying to figure out another font for now, 'PT Sans', it looks more smooth/condensed on both Mobile and Desktop, and supports wide amount of characters. Currently I've changed miniBB website and forum to try it out and will test it in the next period of development... Just to note, it takes a couple of minutes to change the whole fonts layout for the forum, in the earlier miniBB versions it would require more work ;)

Author tom322
Active Member
#32 | Posted: 18 Apr 2018 20:46 
Surprisingly, PT Sans seems to be slimmer than Arial which is a good thing (for mobile at least).

Author Paul
Lead Developer 
#33 | Posted: 18 Apr 2018 21:43 
PT Sans seems to be slimmer than Arial which is a good thing (for mobile at least).
Indeed it is... and I have an impression that it looks a bit different, yet good on mobile comparing to desktop browsers (at least definitely for Mozilla). And it's easy to read, the most important point.

Author Paul
Lead Developer 
#34 | Posted: 9 Jun 2018 18:34 
This is a quick note to report, that the most popular and widely used add-ons, both free and paid, and which are all presented on miniBB demo, now are finished and made 100% compatible with the Responsive/Mobile mode, which also could be now tested on the aforementioned demo forums. All updated add-ons list is available on the front demo page. Some 3rd party add-ons like Calendar or Content Rotator, currently will not be updated; the add-ons like Multiple Topics Action and Unchecked Topics Indicator will not be included in the full demo and will not be updated for the Mobile mode currently as well.

This means, next week I will work out the last miniBB version in the 3.3 pre-release series, which will almost look like a final version; but the small adjustments would be still possible afterall. Finally, all add-ons compatible with miniBB 3.3, will be packaged gradually and published on for download or purchase in the nearest time. The Compiler update follows after this is finished.

It also seems, the new decision on the Font choice now belongs to Roboto series fonts. "Droid Sans" seemed not that good in older browsers and OS's. Checking the new version here and there on various devices, I'm currently satisfied with this font, as it brings more compatibility, looks more solid and pleasant for reading, and it's still good for Mobiles.

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News miniBB Support Forums / News /
 miniBB 3.3 v2 released, a few add-ons updated
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