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All miniBB plugins updated to meet compatibility with the newest version

Author Paul
Lead Developer 
#1 | Posted: 17 Mar 2008 14:50 
2 months were passed since new miniBB version has been released, and it was our time to take a huge work on the official add-ons. Now we are proud to announce that all add-ons, both free and paid, have been completely updated to meet new miniBB quality standard, and they are now fully compliant with the newest miniBB release (incl. layout schema).

Changes in all add-ons are minor and include mostly template fixes and valid XHTML issues. !pix.gif spacer is now completely removed from all add-ons and referenced by p.gif. Some add-ons however were updated to include serious bugfixes. They include:

- Forums Checker - two major bugs related to improper pagination in some rare cases were fixed, as well as many adjustments made;

- Avatars add-on now contains possibility to allow only fixed size avatars for upload; this is the best way to meet new miniBB messages thread layout;

- File Upload / Image attachments add-on and Photo album add-on contain now improved (and hopefully final) algorithm of creating fixed-size thumbnails where a landscape thumbnail shrinks to a portrait size and otherwise. It seems this method both creates more attractive images and allows to fit in any width layout. Also, the aforementioned add-ons now always store any kind of thumbnail information (width, height) in their storage array - it may be useful if you change the size of the thumbnails often.

I must also mention that miniBB version 2.2 was partially improved during this time (incl. templates and some core files). There are no major changes and we don't even mention it as the new release or version. Let's call the initial release beta, and now we have it stable.

miniBB test site was updated as well to include both the classic old-style miniBB layout (so called "integrity skin", i.e. preferred skin for those who integrate miniBB with their own design) and the new layout. You may check there how the plug-ins look both in the integrity version and in the major default version.

Our next step is to update the screenshots for the premium extensions page. After all finally we are planning to change our main site's layout.

We have temporarily removed Skins section from the site as well. For us it seemed there is too much job on the 3d party skins to let them work with the new miniBB design. Actually we are always appreciating the sites which create their own skin and adjust it by their own design schema, and there is the main sense of miniBB: it could fit everything. As the experience shows, the people who are just taking a pre-existing skin, are not succeeding in building their own forum. Because difference from the others actually matters a lot... We are still not sure if miniBB website will contain Skins section in the future... probably in the whole miniBB upgrading plan this is the last point.

Please post here any kind of notices you may discover. There is so much miniBB stuff created by these years that we can't be sure we have completed the work in all aspects. But you only should remember we will fix anything serious in minutes if it will be disclosed :-)

Thank you everybody for supporting us.

Author andreasm
#2 | Posted: 22 Mar 2008 09:04 
newest doesn't work anymore.

Instead of opening a window wtih preview, it opens a new window and posts the given text.

What's wrong?

Author Paul
Lead Developer 
#3 | Posted: 25 Mar 2008 05:34 
So far I am absolutely sure the latest version of this add-on works with the latest miniBB release (you can see it on minibbtest). I also have re-checked it with my local miniBB version and it also works. The changes made comparing to the previous version of this add-on were really minor, so I suspect you just have either too old version of miniBB either too old version of this add-on.

Author andreasm
#4 | Posted: 27 Mar 2008 12:25 
Okay thanks for testing. I use newest version of minibb with old design and newest version of preview plugin.
I'll check everything again.

Author Paul
Lead Developer 
#5 | Posted: 27 Mar 2008 12:56 
There could be needed some adjustments in your older design... I am not sure which exactly unfortunately. Try to compare all templates where this add-on's installation appear, with the newer templates, and probably add missing JavaScript functions or form field. Also you must have newest version of templates/form.js

News miniBB Support Forums / News /
 All miniBB plugins updated to meet compatibility with the newest version
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