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Author gumbo
#61 | Posted: 13 Apr 2007 09:10 
ahyeah, forgot something (might be useful):

trying to add a new forum (over the admin-panel) to the 2.0.3a-board i get the following error:
"Unknown column 'forum_group' in 'field list'. Please, try another name or value."

Author Paul
Lead Developer
#62 | Posted: 13 Apr 2007 10:02 
MySQL said: Documentation
#1060 - Duplicate column name 'topics_count'

If such error appears and the execution stops, it only means you already have the mentioned field and don't need to add it. So you will need to exclude this SQL requests from the generic SQL update list, and continue execution. If the "ignore" statement won't work, you need to execute each and every SQL statement from update list, until you are sure all columns are added. This should be done before you execute convdb.php.

Author gumbo
#63 | Posted: 13 Apr 2007 10:18 
aaaah! :)

i thought the sql-process would still continue, even if an error occurs. now i excluded the requests that produced the duplicate-errors and it works!

thanks for the quick answer! all the best!

Author teva
#64 | Posted: 5 Feb 2008 03:36 
I just moved to new host and after exporting database with phpmyadmin into sql file and importing it to new host, all special characters are gone. In Slovenia we are using letters like č and now all this letters have changed to ? (question mark)

I use iso-8859-2 on forum and database was imported in utf-8. Any idea what to do?


Author Paul
Lead Developer
#65 | Posted: 5 Feb 2008 04:38 | Edited: Paul 
Unfortunately there are very many problems with encoding and this appears the custom issue for us, so we can help only providing paid support. However my advice would be that you need to backup your database properly first, in the proper encoding all records are saved in. If there is cPanel on your old hosting, I would recommend to do a database backup using it's internal tool.

For restoring the database, I recommend to use BigDump: Staggered MySQL Dump Importer tool, which provides outstanding speed and proper results even for large data sets.

phpMyAdmin stinks in the terms of exporting/importing data, so I never use it for such purpose myself.

Author teva
#66 | Posted: 5 Feb 2008 07:25 
Thanks Paul!

I tried all this and nothing helped. The problem is, that even when browsing old database i don't see special characters, only some weird characters like 3/4 (small) instead of the proper char. When exporting whole db and importing with bigdump i see no difference.

I think i'm stuck with search and replace. I will change this weird characters with utf-8 codes.

Anybody knows good find&replace program that can work with large amounts of text. I have 20mb db


Author teva
#67 | Posted: 5 Feb 2008 07:27 | Edited: teva 
I see utf code is translated

I meant this

#382 for Â

Author Paul
Lead Developer
#68 | Posted: 5 Feb 2008 08:45 | Edited: Paul 
It appears that from very beginning you were using improper coding set, so now it would be a hard job to restore all of it. As always I would recommend Notepad2 program which could help you for large files.

I know on many hosting servers there are internal problems with the standard mySQL encoding settings. For example if you run the following statement:

SHOW VARIABLES WHERE variable_name LIKE '%character_set_%';

(or for older mySQL versions it could be like this:

SHOW VARIABLES LIKE '%character_set_%';


you must be sure that character_set_server and other same kind variables are set for the same encoding. If some of them differs, this usually causes wrong posting of the characters into DB and displaying them later.

For foreign language symbols I would always recommend to set up the forums in UTF-8 mode. Having UTF-8 you will most likely avoid future problems with such symbols.

Author teva
#69 | Posted: 5 Feb 2008 08:49 
I have found a solution for replacing inside database and works fine

update minibbtable_posts set post_text = replace(post_text,'Æ','#268;')

The problem now is that special characters are not displayed properly when posting a message. I can only see š and ž all others are displayed as question mark.

I have tried changing language file from iso-8859-2 to utf-8 but that's even worse, since non of this characters are showing.


Author teva
#70 | Posted: 5 Feb 2008 09:47 
Found the problem!

Collation was set to latin1_swedish_ci. After changing to utf8_unicode_ci i could again post all special characters.

I will replace "again" all utf8 code with proper characters and hopefully all should be OK.

Any comment on this solution?

Thanks Paul

Author Paul
Lead Developer
#71 | Posted: 5 Feb 2008 10:40 
Such problems are always specific... my only comment would be: if it works, congratulations!

Author harootun
#72 | Posted: 10 Feb 2008 15:55 
Two questions:

I just downloaded the latest version of minibb and updated from 2.0.5 to 2.1c. I read through the !update.txt and replaced the files that had changed and uploaded them to my site. Ran the mysql command to drop the columns from the two tables. Everything seems fine. Only thing I'm confused about is adding the versioning to the admin panel ({$version}). It still says 2.0.5. What might I be missing so that it would read 2.1c?

Also in the !update.txt file, under setup_options.php, it says that $useSessions option has been eliminated, but it's still there. And it mentions $emailCharset, which I can't find in setup_options.php. The date on the setup_options.php file is May 24, 2007, which sounds like it's too old.

Any advice appreciated!

Author marsbar
Associated Member
#73 | Posted: 10 Feb 2008 20:27 | Edited: marsbar 
harootun wrote: It still says 2.0.5. What might I be missing so that it would read 2.1c?

I believe you are missing the latest bb_functions.php available in the miniBB forum 2.1 package.

harootun wrote: Also in the !update.txt file, under setup_options.php, it says that $useSessions option has been eliminated, but it's still there.

I think it is safe to just remove $useSessions from your copy of setup_options.php yourself.

harootun wrote: And it mentions $emailCharset, which I can't find in setup_options.php.

Just add it to your setup_options.php.

harootun wrote: The date on the setup_options.php file is May 24, 2007, which sounds like it's too old.

Wow, it does sound old! Let's wait for an official response from Paul/Team on this one.

All the best,

Author harootun
#74 | Posted: 10 Feb 2008 21:22 

Thanks for the first tip. I must have forgotten to upload bb_functions.php to the site. It did the trick!

In terms of the rest, eager to see what Paul/Team have to say.

Thanks again.

Author Paul
Lead Developer
#75 | Posted: 11 Feb 2008 05:28 
I would only accept what marsbar wrote already.

$useSessions was eliminated from the core files. I think it is still kept in the setup_options.php because we have forgotten to remove it :-) Will be done in the next release.

$emailCharset is not a mandatory option and it's not included in setup_options.php by default (as few other options as well). So it is not needed to put it there if you don't have problems with emails encoding.

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FAQ miniBB Support Forums / FAQ /
 Upgrade and Upgrading / Migrating guides
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