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Upgrade and Upgrading / Migrating guides

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Author Team
#16 | Posted: 9 Jun 2005 16:45 
1 - yes, putting an alternative index.php with the message inside is the good idea.

echo 'We are upgrading our software. Please, come again in a few minutes.';

upgrading the board via this time, just use index2.php for example, defining $indexphp in options.

2. During that time what happens when someone tries to access the forum - they will see your message. And will attempts to access the forum affect the upgrade in any way - no.

Author marsbar
Associated Member
#17 | Posted: 11 Jun 2005 01:54 
How delightfully simple (I totally forgot about $indexphp in the options file)! Thank you, Team, for your time and help.
- mb (a little wiser)

Author Anonymous
#18 | Posted: 5 Oct 2005 19:02 

im trying to update my forum but want to be clear about what im doing.

im following ivans 11 steps as explained above.

But i am unclear what step 4 actually means

4. Edit the NEW file bb_specials.php with the respective preferences.

sorry if you think im thik but i want to get this right and not have a mess on my hands



Author Ivan
Advanced Member
#19 | Posted: 5 Oct 2005 20:21 
Nothing special :) You extract the downloaded archive in a new folder, right? So, you'll have there a file setup_options.php that is new and differs from the previous one, right?

So, to edit this file means simply to write in it your main details for accessing the board and the DB: the host, your admin and DB usernames and passwords, the default language, the main URL... that's itl.

Well, after you learn the other options, you may edit them, too, of course :)

This is "the editing" I meant.

Author Anonymous
#20 | Posted: 5 Oct 2005 21:44 
ok thanks ivan just maikng sure.

Im now getting an sql error when updating the datbase;

Duplicate column name 'topics_count'.

Query: alter ignore table care_forums add column topics_count int(10) not null default 0

Any ideas??



Author Anonymous
#21 | Posted: 5 Oct 2005 22:07 
hi ele again.

The following are the only sql queriees i could run succesfully from the update db file, the others gave me errors:

alter ignore table care_topics add key (topic_last_post_id);

alter ignore table care_send_mails add key (topic_id);
alter ignore table care_send_mails add key (user_id);

alter ignore table care_users change user_icq user_icq varchar(50) not null default '';

any help???

Thanks ele

Author Team
#22 | Posted: 5 Oct 2005 22:59 
Don't care about that errors - that means you are upgrading somewhere from intermediate subversion and already have these fields. This upgrade is for all users beginning from version 1.x - just ignore this, if mysql does not.

Author qqqqqq
#23 | Posted: 9 Oct 2005 03:08 
as i know you can upgrade :p:P:p:P

Author Anonymous
#24 | Posted: 18 Dec 2005 14:14 
SQL query:

ALTER IGNORE TABLE minibbtable_forums ADD COLUMN topics_count int( 10 ) NOT NULL default 0;

MySQL said:

#1060 - Duplicate column name 'topics_count'

Author Team
#25 | Posted: 19 Dec 2005 10:20 
mySQL should continue executing. If it reported an error - it only means you are incorrectly updating database structure from oldest version to the newest. Of course, you don't need to ADD columns which are already in database. Read upgrade manual more carefully.

Author epicsff
#26 | Posted: 5 Jan 2006 03:31 
Awesome board, but I had to ditch it because it had no upgrade script. Without an upgrade script, the board is immensely difficult to maintain.

Author Team
#27 | Posted: 5 Jan 2006 07:46 
So, what is that afterall?

Not an upgrading script (because, you know, it would take us 2x more time to write this script else miniBB itself), but a point to an algorithm, which could make your upgrade painless.

Automatic upgrade script will actually mean your forums folder is opened for everybody to update the files. And it means, it is highly vulnerable. We're trying to implement the secure script. If you like to be lazy and do not understand, what does it mean to upgrade the software, following all instructions - then sorry... miniBB is not your choice.

Author Anonymous
#28 | Posted: 31 Mar 2006 22:01 
Hello All,

I'm switching host and I need to move my forum. The db on my new host and the username must be named differently from the current ones. I have 2 questions:
1. How do I migrate? I mean what steps should I take?
2. What should I do since the db name will be different?

Thank you all in advance,

Author _Marco
#29 | Posted: 31 Mar 2006 23:40 
1. Export your database (with phpmyadmin)
2. Import in new database (with phpmyadmin)
3. Adjust setup_options.php with new database settings



Author teva
#30 | Posted: 2 May 2006 20:32 
I have installed most recent minibb forum and would like to use db from 1.6, that i have. I tried convdb.php but nothing happens, i still get empty forum. I noticed that sql row names are changed from minibb_forums to minibbtable_forums. I also changed in setup_options.php to minibb_forum, etc. still nothing.

Any idea how to do this?

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FAQ miniBB Support Forums / FAQ /
 Upgrade and Upgrading / Migrating guides
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