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Installation problems, difficulties, hints; Database / configuration error via installation

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Author mink
#46 | Posted: 11 Oct 2002 10:28 
Okay, thanks, I'll try that.

Author Anonymous
#47 | Posted: 8 Nov 2002 19:40 
4 Oct 2006 08:39 - Attached on mergeing:
Trouble installing forums

I am having some trouble installing forums. Whenever I got to /_install.php it just says:

Database/configuration error (DB is missing).

I am guessing that it involves the database (quite obvious really) but can anybody tell me where I am going wrong. Thanks :-)

Author 4days
#48 | Posted: 8 Nov 2002 20:50 
it means the database is missing :)

before you can install minibb, you need a database on your server. you'll need to look at your server administration options to do that -

if you're not sure what they are then check the help section at your hosts website for information on mysql or postgres database support.

Author Anonymous
#49 | Posted: 8 Nov 2002 21:00 
thanks, I know about the databases and all just not how to install them. Most things that I use usually install it all for me!

Author 4days
#50 | Posted: 9 Nov 2002 00:54 
sorry, didn't mean to sound patronizing - i get confused easily so i tend to write as if everyone's as thick as me :)

Author Anonymous
#51 | Posted: 9 Nov 2002 01:03 
Sorry, you didn't sound patronizing! Don't worry, I was just saying that I know about databases not how to install them.

Author 4days
#52 | Posted: 9 Nov 2002 01:42 
see, that's me getting confused :)

you'll need to ask your server host to create the database for you unless you have telnet or ssh access to your server. if you do, then the mysql command's something like:


Author Anonymous
#53 | Posted: 9 Nov 2002 14:29 
aha, fixed it :-) Thanks for your help, couldn't have done without it!!!! :-)

Author Team
#54 | Posted: 11 Nov 2002 10:32 
It's good that we decided your problem :) Just one addition: there is no options to CREATE database in miniBB automatically, because very small amount of servers has this access right. So, you need to create it by hand.

Author claysigurdson
#55 | Posted: 4 Oct 2006 15:59 
5 Oct 2006 05:38 - Attached on mergeing:

New to this folks so bare with me.

I use 1and 1 hosting...I have setup a new sql database there and then used the db name, password etc.

The only thing that confused me was below..The manual doesn't spell this out well in the manual.

$sitename=(isset($_SERVER[''])?$_SERVER['SERVER_NAME'].' ':'').' community built on miniBB';
//$sitename='Community build on miniBB';
$userRegName='_A-Za-z0-9 ';

Did I miss inputing that anywhere else??

Also when they say "Open install in browser". Please explain what browser.

I also uploaded these files using front page 2003. FYI.

Please help... Clay

Author claysigurdson
#56 | Posted: 4 Oct 2006 16:33 
that code was from setuo optins BTW

Author marsbar
Associated Member
#57 | Posted: 4 Oct 2006 17:14 
claysigurdson wrote: $sitename=(isset($_SERVER[''])?$_SERVER['SERVER_NAME ' ].' ':'').' community built on miniBB';

$sitename should match the name of your discussion forums; e.g. $sitename='XYZ Forums';
[Reference: miniBB Manual - Customization - Config: 2nd step]

claysigurdson wrote: Did I miss inputing that anywhere else??

Your database related details need to go in (setup_options.php):

$DB = 'mysql';
For miniBB v2.x, just leave the default as is.

Replace 'localhost' with your database host name.
[To find out the name of your database host name, refer to your webhost's support documentation on finding the necessary information to connect to MySQL.
I found the above link via the FAQs link on's home page.]

Replace 'miniBB' with the name of your database; e.g.

Replace 'USERNAME' with your database username; e.g. $DBusr='johndoe';

Replace 'PASSWORD' with your own your database password; e.g.

The miniBB Team also recommends the default miniBB database table names (e.g. minibb_forums, minibb_posts... etc) be renamed to increase security. Some people might just rename their table names to something like xyz_forums; xyz_posts; xyz_topics; and etc. Take care not to name the tables the same as any existing tables in your database.
[Reference: miniBB Manual - config: 1st step.]

claysigurdson wrote: Also when they say "Open install in browser". Please explain what browser.

Just your preferred web browser; e.g. Mozilla Firefox.
This is what you will need to do:
1) create a database (don't worry about creating tables - miniBB's install script will take care of that for you)
2) configure miniBB (edit setup_options.php using a text editor; e.g. Notepad)
3) upload upload all the necessary files to your web server
4) open your web browser
5) point your browser to the miniBB install script on your web server (i.e. enter the install script's URL in your browser's location bar); e.g.
6) Follow the prompts to complete setup.

All the best -

Author Paul
Lead Developer 
#58 | Posted: 5 Oct 2006 05:38 
Regarding $sitename - put two slashes before a code miracle you've done, and remove two slashes before the actual title you want to put.

Like this:

//$sitename=(isset($_SERVER[''])?$_SERVER['SERVER_NAM E'].' ':'').' community built on miniBB';

(or - just eliminate this line completely - $_SERVER[''] - this makes me mad :-D !!!)

$sitename='Your forums title must be written here';

Author Anonymous
#59 | Posted: 7 Dec 2002 03:15 
6 Oct 2006 04:35 - Attached on mergeing:
I must be a moron, but

So far I haven't been able to install minibb.
here are the steps I performed what am I doing wrong?
1) Unzip pack into a folder on my HDD, edit the setup_options file and then upload the other files to a folder on my server.
2)After that I create the Sql database and try to run _install.php via Opera and IE, but I get a Database/Configuration error

What am I doing incorrectly? :(

Author otto
#60 | Posted: 8 Dec 2002 01:31 
If you got your tables uploaded to the DB, then compare their names to the lines below in setup_optins.php.

(Here the names are changed. I have removed minibb_ ,so their names are identic with what I found they were called in my DB.

/* New options for miniBB 1.1 */

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FAQ miniBB Support Forums / FAQ /
 Installation problems, difficulties, hints; Database / configuration error via installation
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