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Modifying HTML of the forums index page

Author Anonymous
#1 | Posted: 14 Apr 2003 18:58 
Hi there. Mini BB ist still great - because i can change my design easyer. But - ist it a mistake - there is no index-template, second there are no simple working pages for "main_forums.html" and "main_last_discussions.html".

1) Where can I find a "index" template for changing design at the startsite

2) How can i use the functions "forums" and "last discussions" in single use??

Best regards, Hansy

Author Paul
Lead Developer 
#2 | Posted: 15 Apr 2003 10:00 
1) main_forums.html, main_forums_cell.html, main_last_discussions.html, main_last_discuss_cell.html
2) What do you mean by "single use"?

Author Anonymous
#3 | Posted: 15 Apr 2003 14:44 
Hi Paul,

i find that templates, but that are single templates.

At the moment the "general index" (can´t find a index.html, only index.php) looks like "main_forums.html" (including ...cell) plus "main_last_discussions.html" (including ...cell)...combinated.

I like to know, how i can use this two templates in single use - also:

main_forums.html (incl. main_forums_cell.html) = index

main_last_discussions.html, main_last_discuss_cell.html = cancel or single page

with best regards,

Author Paul
Lead Developer 
#4 | Posted: 15 Apr 2003 17:25 
Of course, they are combinated. I don't see any way how can you do a single parsing of a template, if there is some dynamic content inside.

No way to see the whole index. index.php parses all these templates and produces the general result.

Author mmx
#5 | Posted: 17 Apr 2003 01:57 
perhaps, Hansy, you are looking to change the look and feel of your forum?
then check out the "skins" in the download area - they give you a good idea on changing the look&feel of your over-all forum,

Author Anonymous
#6 | Posted: 18 Apr 2003 14:05 
RAAN : and what about the file "index.html"
(that Hansy has been asking since the start) ?

Strange how a same incident (1)appears for the 1st time at the forum (2), the same day that we also downloaded a "mini.BB" which does not generate an "index.html",(3)
with the result to block the use of a server. (see thread on "installing miniBB by newbies : B-A, BA").

=> Should we try to create an "index.html" file with other means ?

Author 4days
#7 | Posted: 18 Apr 2003 17:05 
you don't need one. most servers will, for example, look for:


whenever you browse to a new directory on the server.

the html you see when you visit a dynamic site (such as a forum) has usually been generated 'on the fly' in response to your clicking a link.

if you want to modify the layout of minibb, the best way i've found to do it is to save the generated html of a page - modify that until i like the style of it - then go through the appropriate templates and change them afterwards.

Master Class miniBB Support Forums / Master Class /
 Modifying HTML of the forums index page
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