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Author Paul
Lead Developer 
#1 | Posted: 2 Oct 2014 01:07 

September is the month where there Autumn comes in. Autumn is my favorite season. It provides lots of colors of nature, lots of fresh air and lots of bracer. After the ultra hot summer we were having, it's a saving.

The most important event in September for me was finishing and releasing the new miniBB version 3.1. A bit less than a year passed since the latest stable release. Now it's prepared for the next PHP versions and is opened for new features, which I hope to work on later this year. Some minor post-fixes are already collected for the new release. This version also provides some security fixes and improvements on the current options. It's still quick and works on mostly every hosting and device. I'm happy to put this off.


Referencing my previous notes on apples from Poland, sanctioned in Russia, one of my customers introduced me to the artist named Jacek Yerka. Yerka is the most famous surrealist painter from Poland, and his inspiration often comes from an apple tree, located in the garden of his house. As Jacek says,

The apple tree blossom scent is very inspiring...
and the tree is supposed to be very old and mysterious, as it was at its place far away before the artist has come.

Apple Tree of Jacek Yerka

Here're astonishing paintings strictly inspired by this tree:

Apple Tree
Tantric Apple Tree
Przepis Na Jablecznik

Some of few Yerka's paintings related directly to apples. The most funny is called "Apple-mania" ("Jabłkomania"):


And this one would be nice to advertise the "Eat apple to spite Putin" action:

Zycie Na Ogryzku

It appears apples are not just an important part of agricultural life in Poland, but they also are the source of inspiration. Not a miracle they became the first "weapon" in sanctional wars. Luckily, not in the artistic world...

The most advanced paintings of Yerka are about "4-siders". These paintings are specials of specials. They show not one world but four and you can hang them on each side and each way will fit perfectly.

Wieloscienna Kuchnia Pomorska
Four Seasons

Great worlds. But possibly, the most astonishing 4-sider is still about an Apple Tree:

Apple-Tree Calendar

Interesting is that the English version of Wikipedia hides the real surname of Yerka (which is the major polish surname "Kowalski"); at the time Polish or Russian versions do not. Obviously, Mr.Kowalski has chosen a pseudo to work for English-based audience; despite of it, it's curious that exactly Russian-based websites have much more fans that the audience from the other part of the world. For example, provides the most impressive list of all Yerka works I ever seen, and the LiveJournal of blackcougar is the only place I found, which provides the translation of the fictional book, issued with the sophisticated US writer, Harlan Ellison. Very impressive work, btw.


While noone cares about apples, on September 11th in Riga someone didn't take care of potatoes. The Stone bridge became the "Potatoed bridge".

Potatoed Bridge, Riga

It was cleaned in a couple of hours. Possibly, these potatoes were later re-sold on the market and in the Old City restaurants. Bon Appétit!


More of Apples.. In September, Apple Inc. also released the new Jesus Christ, which was masked under the name of "iPhone 6". All social networks' inhabitants drowned to pray for It for free; some were sleeping on streets to be first to touch It in shops. "To be or to look like?" - this is the new era's question. And the new iPhone appears more clever than the major part of those giving that question to themselves. It's also very plastic and adjusts to anyone's size pocket, this phenomena got named as "Bendgate".

iPhone-6 bendgate

Despite of it, for some reason, most of iPhone owners experiencing this, were not quite happy. For example, like this guy from Instagram. I hope someone could translate his no-commas-quarter message (I was not able to do it properly):

Bendgate, luckylefty8, Instagram

I'm also still not sure, HOW DO all persons sharing bended iPhones, PICTURE them? They probably have the outdated iphone 5, or some other camera by hand... I'm wondering if iPhone 6 could picture itself?.. that would be a truly miracle.

I was reading that all major brand jeans producers are going to re-design their clothes, so the new iPhone could be put in a more wide pocket with no risk to be bent. Outrageous news.

In no way that means I am going to buy this thing... it's being sold for around 1,000 EUR in Latvia, whereas in US it's 30% cheaper. 1K for a phone?.. Who's crazy then?.. But probably, this is also speculative price, at least triple from the self-expence. I'm sorry for all the guys at Foxconn who murdered themselves while working for $2/day, assembling this thing. Each of them would need to work 2 years with no food and rent, just to purchase iPhone 6. Not sure if slavery was cancelled...

As for me, I'm still the owner of $25 Nokia 1208 from 2007 and I'm happy. This phone doesn't expire for years, it still rings, allows to make and accept calls and SMS, and it also has a working alarm clock. Whatever I need from the phone, are just those three things. May be also the Flashlight, sometimes... it's also here. And this phone couldn't be bent or tracked, oh yeah.

Nokia 1208. Still works.


The most of the legendary rock-bands in history, U2, are now also staying closely to Apple. Regarding Bono, he has a close business relationship with Steve Jobs:

Five years ago I began a conversation with Steve Jobs. I said to him, "For a person who cares about how things look and feel more than anyone else in the world, how is it that iTunes looks like a spreadsheet? Why can't we dip into artwork like we used to before with the gatefold sleeve? Why can't I disappear into a world created by artists? So he made a promise to me that we would work on this together, and we have ... It's not ready yet for Songs of Innocence; it will be ready for Songs of Experience. It's a new format. I'm very excited about that.
I'm not sure what kind of "new format" Bono talks about, but that's an obvious fact: on September 9, the most expensive band was first in history giving their full-length-in-5-years album for free. 500 millions of iTunes users got it immediately on their devices. Most of them were wondering though. Like Kipp Friedman, for example. After many attempts of deleting this album from device, he

Kipp Friedman:
soon discovered that the entire U2 album was following from room to room like Muzak in a department store. Only it was in my head! After a sleepless night with U2 songs ringing in my ears, not knowing what to do, I contacted Apple customer service. But when I mentioned the phenomenon, they were not helpful, instead directing me to their website. I asked if there was an application or site where I could remove or delete the album from my brain. The woman laughed.
For me it's not quite clear, was it Apple presenting iPhone 6 with the help of U2 live, or was it U2's presenation supported by the iPhone screenshots and touches?.. Metro Magazine confirms my thoughts:

The 'bendgate' story has become so big that teenagers are deliberately going into Apple Stores to try and break iPhones, apparently unaware of the terms 'criminal damage' and 'police record'.

Apple's first attempt to fix bugs in iOS 8 backfired by introducing even bigger bugs.

And the giveaway of U2's new album 'Please buy tickets when we announce our tour' was so popular Apple had to create a dedicated U2 removal tool.
However it was the the biggest iPhone launch ever... and probably, it was the biggest launch in U2 career.

U2 on the Time cover, Sep-18

I am a big fan of U2 band and I like a lot their magnificent recordings like "Joshua Tree" or "Zooropa". But the new release still appears doubtful for me. There is not much from U2, more from the astonishing work from sound engineers and producers, and even more from the Apple salary, which may be about $100 mln. for the band. The U2 fans community tired to wait for their new release in 5 years, there were lots of talking about the "disbanded" U2. I was never actually awaiting their releases, they usually came up just in time; but "Songs of Innocence" was inexpected and unclear at once. "Raised by Wolves" is actually the only one song I liked from the album immediately. All other tracks have details related to all the past works of U2. I've re-listened "Boy" on the vinyl I have, and "Unforgettable Fire", and these albums appear much interesting and even more fresh than "Songs of Innocence", even by now. Like always from U2, I was just expecting something new and blowing; but the album is not that impressive as it should be.

Additionally, I disliked the format of the "hardcover" releases U2 are going to issue besides of the "free iTunes" version, and all the post-campaign. Specially, I disliked the cover of the release. Lurry Mullen as a young boy's lover?.. pedophilia?.. NOPE! It's just about the father and the son!!!

U2, Songs of Innocence, Hardcover

How many listeners in this world would actually read the album's notes on its reference to famous "Boy" and "War" covers? I guess, almost none of them. I am not sure HOW the band could accept such a cover, while trying to be honest, religionally and politically correct in all meanings...

Additionally to that, when they announced few of various formats to be released, like "white vinyl" double LP, "deluxe 2x CD" edition, 16-to-24-colorful pages booklets... it looked quite boring. The only worth of this release may be that it could be truly the last in U2 career. Who knows. But if they would release it completely "innocent", like with the cover provided with a free release:

U2, Songs of Innocence, iTunes LP cover

and possibly with a "typewriter" b/w booklet, like it's provided in PDF on iTunes - that would truly make it more authentic, showing like the band is truly getting on it from scratch, like they are starting from their roots, from the beginning... bringing more love and peace to everyone by that feeling. Then there would be more reasons to trust. By now, I'm staying with "No Line On The Horizon" as their most impressive global work... I may change my opinion though. U2 works usually get a new color in a few years later...


More to Love: September 13th, ten railway stations of Latvia and Iceland, paintings of children related to Heart and Love. In some way they are not worst that Yerka's or Banksy paintings; in some way even more better. The art of innocence, which disappears...

Hearts - Children Paintins
Hearts - Children Paintins
Hearts - Children Paintins
Hearts - Children Paintins
Hearts - Children Paintins
Hearts - Children Paintins
Hearts - Children Paintins
Hearts - Children Paintins


Let's mention some cool movies I've enjoyed this month.

* "Million Ways To Die In The West" is 2014 western parody and most of the funny comedy actions I ever seen this year. Despite it has some stupid moments, you don't have to take this movie seriously, but better catch the details. For example, one scene is followed by the "Betsy Ross" flag, which is an early design of the flag of the United States. Now I understand, what does it mean for European flag as well...

Million Ways To Die On The West - US Betsy Ross Flag

* "Ripley's Game". It's a movie which continues the "Ripley" series, created by Patricia Highsmith, I've mentioned one starring Matt Damon in July. "The talented mr.Ripley" here is acted by John Malkovich, and as mostly always, his face work and speaking makes the whole movie. The movie is full of black humor and artistic philosophy. Great one.

* "The Two Faces of January". It's also based on a novel by Patricia Highsmith, but IMO the screen version is much better, shorter and brings more logical episodes and specially the ending. It's a 2014 debut movie from the Iranian director Hossein Amini, and it's quite successfull and fresh, I think. In all meanings it follows the Hitchcock's methods, and provides lots of suspense from the history which is not that exciting. Must-see for all noir-cinema fans.

* "Three Days of the Condor" - "spy classics" by Sydney Pollack, filmed in 1975, but also works 40 years later. One of the best roles for Robert Redford. This is also one of the rare Hollywood movies, which was allowed to show in USSR cinemas; I've even got a copy with Soyuzmultfilm dubbing (yes, this animation studio also made some great foreign movies dubbing). Now I know why: the movie is about the US politics, which are continued by now... even in 40 years, it didn't change!..


But no more politics this month. I'm tired of all that Ukrainian shit. Additionally, it doesn't change anything in my private life - so why to mention it at all?.. It's obvious, in the end of the month, "Maidan" is being started in Hong Kong, pro-democracy protests are covered by thousands of people, Hong Kong is actually a place, which is known for many protests for this year; now it's being shaped in a new form... because it's "for democracy". Should we expect yet another bloodbath? Who knows...



Here comes another version of the "Calendar"... but without Apples, this time. Obviously, Jaime loves spiders; the same could be said about me. But it doesn't mean in all ways miniBB is spyware. Otherwise, it should not bore its owners with something like this...

Vacation in Lungau, September

Enjoy Autumn! :)

Author Guest
#2 | Posted: 22 Sep 2017 23:53 
the stages of completeness in regards to your communication device :)

Levels of nokia

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