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NO WARRANTY... but still, there is.

Being released under General Public License, miniBB as a forum script doesn't provide any warranties. According to GPL, "BECAUSE THE PROGRAM IS LICENSED FREE OF CHARGE, THERE IS NO WARRANTY FOR THE PROGRAM, TO THE EXTENT PERMITTED BY APPLICABLE LAW." None of the other open source software actually can provide a program warranty as well. If there is a way to look at its code, there is always a way to find its mistakes which may be used for intrusion purpose. But with miniBB, we provide other kind of warranties.

When something is "closed", you actually don't know what's hiding behind it. Here, open source code has a great future just because of its longing to eliminate vulnerabilities. It has much more chances to be secure than a software with a "hidden" code. Studying open source, you always know what it's about, and if there's something suspicious you can exposure it to the community, so most likely it will be fixed quickly.

However for software authors, it is becoming important to keep the right balance between what's achieved already and some new distant horizons. Program may be considered bad, if its code is often rewritten from scratch, or if it's grows constantly with addition of some critically large features, leading it to have even more new mistakes and security holes. If this development process won't stop, you as an end-user will be forced to concentrate on the software only, not its usage or purpose, supplying a never ending line of patches and updates, forgetting its original purpose.

Because of it, the warranty #1 we provide with miniBB, is the goal to make the finally stable program. In its current -year old version, miniBB already stands very close to it. It has a very stable basic core which provides absolutely everything your forum should have from scratch; and its add-ons / plug-ins architecture allows to extend it with new functions and features without touching its core. By this we are promising to not include any new critical features in the core itself, but only care about security fixes and mistakes, which may be reported by our users later.

Yes, sometimes analyzing our older code, we may discover parts of it which can be improved from the programming point, but since the program just works, do we really have to change it?..

The warranty #2 we provide, is the ultimate software and customer support. If there is a serious error discovered in the software, we will most likely fix it within 24 hours. As for customers, we are checking our free support forums few times per day; paid customers, in a case of matching time zones, may get response by email in a business hour. We are customers of many other services ourselves, and when it comes to support by email, we just know nobody can beat us in it. As we noticed, in the Internet it's simply impossible to get answered in a couple of hours, you may wait for an answer to your question for several days sometimes. We can give such warranty because miniBB doesn't really come for everybody, it's a software for individuals, and that's why we still have enough of time and interest to work on each individual case.

At last, the warranty #3 coming with our paid support, is your data privacy. Having the goal to develop a secure software, we care a lot about keeping your confidence. This includes not disclosing any kind of your personal information, server access information and anything else related to our deal; basically we don't even keep or collect such information on our end. With such approach we try to build a basement for a trustful business. We also never send unsolicited emails (so called "spam") because it's a marketing strategy, but with our software, as you , we prefer to build a life philosophy, rather than provide a primitive form of marketing.

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To say that your script is very good. It has a lot of functions that can solve problems that users can create in a forum.
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