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If you a have a specific forum feature in mind for your own requirement...

As it has been described already, miniBB can be integrated in almost any 3rd party web application in terms of layout and membership with no changes in its core. But often there are also some cases when you'll need even more stuff to modify or add, which may stand out of our additional free or paid extensions.

The importance of any software is measured not how many functions it has built-in, but how much it could be stretched to include even more. Despite miniBB comes as a pure open source application, and it is allowed to be modified with no limitations (except for the public copyright information removal), it also features a very flexible plugin architecture, which allows to add new features without making any core changes. By following this approach we get possibility for easy and quick core software updates. That's right - miniBB is the system, which allows to turn your forums mechanism upside down, without loosing the ability of painless upgrades! That's why we always recommend and prefer to implement any custom features at the add-on level only. No "hacks" or direct changes in the core code are needed.

If you are an experienced coder, you will easily "drive into" the add-on design technique by just analyzing the code of our free plug-ins and miniBB itself. We recommend to apply your changes only in non-core files listed under miniBB manual. Still, you have no limits in modifying any part of miniBB's code itself, except the copyright mentioned above.

But if you prefer to save your time in future and achieve professional results in a short-term period, there is no better way than hiring miniBB team for that. Nowadays the possibility to hire software authors themselves for something custom is very rare, and even when it's possible, you probably will have to pay them a lot. Our rates and work principles regarding the custom coding are considered just the same as for other custom support tasks. It's because we know miniBB better than anyone else on Earth, and something that could take you days of studying, for us could mean only a hour of work.

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It's a really slick program and it's really intuitive to configure and use.
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