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miniBB version 2.0 RC5a released

Author Team
#1 | Posted: 22 Feb 2006 11:00 
This version contains some bugfixes, improvements and changes, discovered from the previous X-mas release within 2 months. No new features, but recommended for upgrade.

Steps to update:

1) Back up and then update the following core script files, overwriting them:

* bb_admin.php (administration file): editing forums update (slashes fix); $queryStr fix

* bb_func_editmsg.php: Return to topics link

* bb_func_ldisc.php: latest message date when sorting by new topics

* bb_func_login.php: $queryStr2 added; fixes of simple logging in forums list

* bb_func_pthread.php: anonymous emails fix; premoderation plugin fixes

* bb_func_search.php: mod_rewrite issues when searching by topic titles; now using common forums dropdown format with supertitles

* bb_func_txt.php: hidden option $disableLineBreaks disallows converting newlines to <BR> (useful for forums where admin is able to post clear HTML); urlMaker() fix

* bb_func_usernfo.php: custom fixes

* bb_func_vtopic.php: latest message date when sorting by new topics

* bb_functions.php: fixes on #newtopic when in $viewTopicsIfOnlyOneForum mode

* index.php: 'delmsg2' action removed;

* setup_mysql.php: search phrase brackets eliminated

2) The following CRITICAL changes were made to the templates:

* templates/main_post_form.html - "selection" changed to "selektion" everywhere; textarea tag - added: id="postText"

* templates/main_posts.html - "selection" to "selektion" in getQuotation()

* templates/form.js - complete code changes, regarding new Mozilla and IE 7 issues (overwrite this file)

* templates/search.html - instead of {$forumDropDown} now we have

<select class="textForm" name="forum"><option value="">&mdash;</option>{$listForums}</select>

* templates/main_warning.html: {$topicsLink} added (this change is optional)

3) Add new variable to your language pack: $l_returntotopics (or overwrite lang/eng.php if you have not changed it)

Author _Marco
#2 | Posted: 22 Feb 2006 20:29 
Thank you!

Found a little error in the Quotes solution package.
In the file "main_posts.html" the function starts with: function getQuotation() {. The readme (and old function) start with: function getQuotation(User) {


Author Team
#3 | Posted: 23 Feb 2006 08:35 
Thx a lot - fixed now.

Author marsbar
Associated Member
#4 | Posted: 24 Feb 2006 04:17 | Edited by: marsbar 
Hi Team,
The quote message function has stopped working for Mac Safari users... again. Full details in "Quote function - support for Safari" thread.
- mb

Author Team
#5 | Posted: 24 Feb 2006 08:17 | Edited by: Team 
Our reply is also here. We don't know what the reason is and not much worried about that.

Author zorglub
#6 | Posted: 4 Mar 2006 15:47 
Hi !
nice to se miniBB still going on. Thought about upgrading...

Could this be a bug : I've got this error message

Warning: fread(): Length parameter must be greater than 0. in /home/xxxxxxxxxx/bb_functions.php on line 14

Author Danny2000
#7 | Posted: 4 Mar 2006 16:27 
Is there any change in amount of resources usage between this version with previous one?

Author zorglub
#8 | Posted: 4 Mar 2006 16:41 
looks also that there is a problem with the forum list. The former one is ignored even though the update convdb.php had been done...

Author Team
#9 | Posted: 6 Mar 2006 07:37 
1) Be sure you have correctly uploaded all templates. Error in this function indicates that you are reading 0 bytes file (template). Also, this is possible if you are using IIS server.

2) Be sure you have upgraded database structure, using !UPDATE_DB.sql file (depending on your previous version, some commands may report errors).

Nothing's changed in the meaning of resources in that version (and we doubt that something will be changed in that case in the next releases).

Author zorglub
#10 | Posted: 6 Mar 2006 10:21 
Thanks for the answer. I did type a long answer but it all dissapeared when I had to hit the 'back' button because there was a mistake in my login. There must be a little something so it doesn't happen.

2) Be sure you have upgraded database structure, using !UPDATE_DB.sql file (depending on your previous version, some commands may report errors).

it's working now. I updated the database manually because the updatesql thing doesn't work. probably because I'm using a personalized user database.

So it's probably because of that that the avatar plugin buggzs... but I will check it later ;)

thanks, see ya !

Author Team
#11 | Posted: 6 Mar 2006 10:37 
Check out minibb test version - if it's possible to repeat any bugs there, we will consider this as a bug and will take closer look at it... else the reason is on your side. updatesql thing will work only if your mysql user's privileges don't include ALTER command.

Author andreasm
#12 | Posted: 15 Mar 2006 12:46 
When will there be a minibb 2.0 final ?

I don't want to update so much, because it takes too much time... so I'd like to wait for the final version :)

Author Team
#13 | Posted: 15 Mar 2006 17:02 
Well, if you take this time now, you'll win some time in the future :-)

We want miniBB 2.0 final to be XHTML/PHP5 compliant. So this will be taken in mind, when doing last (RC5b) release of the beta series. We test the beta XHTML, fix bugs - and probably after it will be the final 2x series release.

But nobody knows how soon... it takes even more time to share from our side, working on such things ;-)

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 miniBB version 2.0 RC5a released
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