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miniBB 2 Release Candidate 3 is released

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Author Team
#1 | Posted: 10 May 2005 17:37 | Edited by: Team 
Huge amount of improvements implemented, with prepared codebase for future plugins.

* A lot of mysql optimizations (added keys for fields which we will use for sorting or ordering)

* Built-in forum supertitle (a.k.a. "forum group")

* More native ordering of forums in admin panel

* Adding/editing forums procedures rewritten

* A big place for future plugins like Avatars (already written), file upload (in progress), user rankings by their amount of messages etc. (this all will be included only as addons/customizations)

* Amount of user posts/topics is saved now in a separated database field (for faster display in Stats and User info)

* 'last_post_time' field in Topics table which could help in further improvements of search and another addons

* mysql module improvements

* Language file contains some new/updated variables - sorry dudes... there were too much innovations to keep it untouched. But older language packs, even for 2.0, still work!

Also as many fixes, improvements - you may find list of them in !UPDATE.txt also as read upgrade manual at the end of this file.

As usual, download in our files section.

P.S. Big thanks to our users Ivan and Cakeman who helped us to test new version.

Author lahma
#2 | Posted: 10 May 2005 21:26 
After upgrading, I can no longer post topics. I get the error:
Fatal error: Cannot redeclare getsmilies() (previously declared in /usr/home/web/web27218/ in /usr/home/web/web27218/ on line 11
Is the new version not optimized to use smileys?
Also some plugins I produced by own hand is suddenly repeated. Does the new version in some kind og way repeat the plugin.php?
Thanks for the nice work.

Author epicsff
#3 | Posted: 11 May 2005 04:18 
I can't figure out how to upgrade. There is a whole lot of stuff about changing/ adding columns to a mysql database, but I have no clue how to do that...

Author Duds
#4 | Posted: 11 May 2005 05:26 | Edited by: Duds 
check your hack_smilies2.php file to make sure there is no space after the ?> if there is just delet them and try it again. ;)

Author Team
#5 | Posted: 11 May 2005 10:14 
lahma: I have just tested new version with smilies plug-in, and it should work ok. Be sure you are not duplicating include of hack_smilies2.php in any another script (it should be inserted ONLY in bb_plugins.php NOT in bb_plugins2.php!)

What version do you have? If RC2b, the upgrading way is not fast, but we hope easy. Open !UPDATE.txt, go to the closely end of this already big file, and find the section "Changes comparision: 2.0 RC2b - 2.0 RC3" - then go through instruction step by step.

For adding new columns/keys to database, you need to run this command in SQL editor. phpMyAdmin, mysql front or whatever - in the window where you see "Execute SQL commands" or similar.

Author cakeman
#6 | Posted: 12 May 2005 00:09 | Edited by: cakeman 
One question: Can a user lock his own topic ?
I think it was not possible any more.

Author cakeman
#7 | Posted: 12 May 2005 00:44 
I must read :)

$userUnlock=0; If it is set to 0, registered user can not unlock his topic again after it was locked (by admin or himself), and vice versa. If set to 2, users are not able to lock their topics in general (avail. from ver. 2.0 RC3).

Author epicsff
#8 | Posted: 12 May 2005 04:00 | Edited by: epicsff 
I'm not sure where to find that. I have phpmyadmin, but I don't see any Execute SQL commands...

What version do you have? If RC2b, the upgrading way is not fast, but we hope easy. Open !UPDATE.txt, go to the closely end of this already big file, and find the section "Changes comparision: 2.0 RC2b - 2.0 RC3" - then go through instruction step by step.

For adding new columns/keys to database, you need to run this command in SQL editor. phpMyAdmin, mysql front or whatever - in the window where you see "Execute SQL commands" or similar.

Also, I clearly remembering to change the table names when I installed minibb (rc2b) so how will this affect these commands we're supposed to enter?

Author epicsff
#9 | Posted: 12 May 2005 04:49 | Edited by: epicsff 
I figured out the command part...though PhpMyAdmin calls it a query...

On step 2 : 2) Edit setup_options.php: 'user_custom...' indexes are increased +2 because 2 new fields introduced. In default version, 'user_custom1' is 18, 'user_custom2' - 19, 'user_custom3' - 20. Add new fields in $dbUserSheme:


before 'user_custom1'

That doesnt make sense... My user_customs read thus: 'user_custom1'=>array(16,'user_custom1','user_custom1'),
As you can see, custom1 says 16, 2 says 17, and 3 says 18..., which is different than what the upgrade instructions say...

Thanks for any help you can give on why my user customs have a different number and if it matters.

Update: I figured it out, but maybe the instructions should be a tad bit more clear?

Author Ivan
Advanced Member
#10 | Posted: 12 May 2005 07:56 | Edited by: Ivan 
"Quiery" is the most polite word for "command" :)

In other words point 2 means:

Take this:


and insert it before this:


Finally make 16, 17 and 18 to become respectively 18, 19 and 20 and you'll have as a result: 15, 16, [empty for future inserts], 18, 19, 20.



Author Team
#11 | Posted: 27 May 2005 20:53 | Edited by: Team 
Notice for "Quotes" solution users: you SHOULD NOT OVERWRITE your bb_codes.php file from original you have. Final file for your solution should be the following:

This file is part of miniBB. miniBB is free discussion forums/message board software, without any warranty. See COPYING file for more details. Copyright (C) 2004 Paul Puzyrev, Sergei Larionov. [url=][/url]

function enCodeBB($msg,$admin) {

$pattern=array(); $replacement=array();

$replacement[]="<a href=\"\\1\" target=\"_blank\" rel=\"nofollow\">\\1</a>";

$pattern[]="/\[url=((f|ht)tp[s]?:\/\/[^<> \n]+?)\](.+?)\[\/url\]/i";
$replacement[]="<a href=\"\\1\" target=\"_blank\" rel=\"nofollow\">\\3</a>";

$pattern[]="/\[img(left|right)?\](http:\/\/([^<> \n]+?)\.?(gif|jpg|jpeg|png)?)\[\/img\]/i";
$replacement[]='<img src="\\2" border="0" align="\\1" alt="">';




$pattern[] = "/\[quote=(.+?)\](.+?)\[\/quote\]/is";
$replacement[] = '<div class="quote"><div class="quoting">\\Quoting: \\1 </div>\\2</div>';

$pattern[] = "/\[quote\](.+?)\[\/quote\]/is";
$replacement[] = '<div class="quote">\\1</div>';

if($admin==1) {
$replacement[]='<font color="\\1">\\2</font>';

$msg=preg_replace($pattern, $replacement, $msg);
if(substr_count($msg,'<img')>0) $msg=str_replace('align=""', '', $msg);

return $msg;

function deCodeBB($msg) {

$pattern=array(); $replacement=array();

$pattern[]="/<a href=\"(.+?)\" target=\"(_new|_blank)\"( rel=\"nofollow\")?>(.+?)<\/a>/i";

$pattern[]="/<img src=\"(.+?)\" border=\"0\" (align=\"(left|right)?\")? alt=\"\">/i";




$pattern[]="/<font color=\"(#[A-F0-9]{6})\">(.+?)<\/font>/is";

$pattern[] = "/<div class=\"quote\"><div class=\"quoting\">Quoting: (.+?)<\/div>(.+?)<\/div>/is";
$replacement[] = '[quote=\\1]\\2[/quote]';

$pattern[] = "/<div class=\"quote\">(.+?)\<\/div>/is";
$replacement[] = '[quote]\\1[/quote]';

$msg=preg_replace($pattern, $replacement, $msg);
$msg=str_replace ('<br>', "\n", $msg);
if(substr_count($msg, '[img\\2]')>0) $msg=str_replace('[img\\2]', '[img]', $msg);

if(function_exists('smileThis') and function_exists('getSmilies')) $msg=smileThis(FALSE,TRUE,$msg);

return $msg;


Author pierrej
#12 | Posted: 4 Jun 2005 20:03 | Edited by: pierrej 

Im running RC2B on my website today and now I want to upgrade.

But when i run the UPDATE.SQL file in phpmyadmin it says like this:


SQL-query :

ALTER TABLE puff_forums ADD COLUMN topics_count int( 10 ) NOT NULL default 0

MySQL said:
#1060 - Duplicate column name 'topics_count'

How should i do to get it to work?


Pierre Johansson

EDIT - It seems that i didnt have to run the UPDATE.SQL to get it to work. Can that be right? Becourse i tried to run the commands in SQL but it allways sayed the same thing to me. So i just followed the rest of the Update instructions and the forum seems to work ;)

Author Team
#13 | Posted: 4 Jun 2005 21:48 
You should run only the queries included in Changes comparision: 2.0 RC2b - 2.0 RC3 section, if you upgrading from RC2b. !UPDATE_DB.sql file is for people upgrading from the latest 1.7 version.

Author crystalclear
#14 | Posted: 5 Jun 2005 21:54 
Out of the Box - MiniBB 2.

Should the development team rename _install_mysql.sql to install.sql?
Why? So that I can type
SOURCE install.sql
instead of
SOURCE _in#060.sql
in an MSDOS box.

I created new forums, and used the supertitle feature to see what it did.
The result was not what I expected.
I wanted to delete the empty forum.
There was no delete option, even though I was the administrator at the time.

Update database stuff.
I have worked professionally on a system with many versions of data out in the field.
Updates to database format work as follows.
The database stores its version number.
Routines are written Update_1_to_2, Update_2_to_3, Update 3_to_4, etc.
Software contains lines like this (suppose we are at this_version := 5 now)
Old_version := read_from_database;
if old_version < 2 then update_1_to_2;
if old_version < 3 then update_2_to_3;
if old_version < 4 then update_3_to_4;
if old_version < 5 then update_4_to_5;
This ensure that whatever version of data the user has, he finished with the correct data.
Maybe you could call the database version upgrade procedures from something not run too often like bb_admin, and the BB administrator then wouldn't have to worry his head about upgrading the database, it would be done for him transparentlly as part of the new software.

Registration doesn't seem to be allowed if users have the same email address.
That might prevent husband and wife both registering on the same forum.
As administrator testing generation of a user, I'd like to use my real email address
for both me as administrator, and me as a normal user.

Login Button displayed for logged in users!



I have a miniBB 1.7f which I installed initially by accident
and so its mixed with version 2 addons. I guess that means I'm lucky it runs at all and I'm to blame.

I am now trying miniBB 2.

I prefer the miniBB 1.7f base with 2.0 addons, which by all rights maybe shouldn't be running, to the straight 2.0.

If I were to put a bulletin board into use at the moment, I'd either go with the bodged 1.7f / 2.0 mix, or maybe try to install a thrid time, and see what a pure 1.7 database is like.

I see this this current BB (of yours) that I'm posting this on, has a
button and yet the line above says
Logged as: crystalclear » Logout

I shouldn't have a SIGN IN and a LOGOUT at the same time.

If these are test versions, I think the version number at the bottom of the page was good, although I can see why one would remove it from a finished product.

Author Team
#15 | Posted: 5 Jun 2005 22:42 
1. You don't need to install it from DOS. We have very native installer which does it for you.

2. "Delete forum (No asking twice!):" - check this box editing any forum, and edit it - you will delete it.

3. Good suggestion about updating database and probably worth of work on it with the next release, thanks.

4. That might prevent husband and wife both registering on the same forum - if they are using one email address, why not to use one nickname on a forum? :-) Definitely - on another side, this is a good stimulation for 'trolls'.

5. Login Button displayed for logged in users! - not the login button, but the text on it, since we are using united system for signing in and posting a message; maybe it is not really clear from the beginning, but it is very good option when you are into it. One line of code in bb_plugins.php - and you will be out of "Login" when user logged in, if you are not happy with it.

Code is:

if($user_id!=0) { $lp=explode('/',$l_sub_post_msg); $l_sub_post_msg=$lp[1]; unset($lp); }

It is for 2.x only.

We need to remove version numbers from public, just because of a very-very clever hackers, which are looking up for version number exploits and executing them :-)

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 miniBB 2 Release Candidate 3 is released
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