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Christmas on the way! miniBB v. 2.0 RC5 "X-Mas" released!

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Author Team
#1 | Posted: 20 Dec 2005 12:06 | Edited by: Team 
In this 4-months-long release, we are introducing SEO issues, which work on avoiding duplicated content, if you use mod_rewrite mode (it seems this issue helped us to get our positions back in Google); new option for deleting many messages by one click; defining new database field for "ban reasons" in your admin panel; also as providing A LOT of minor and major fixes for making miniBB more stable, convenient, fast, content-oriented and still 'smallest' board software package on Earth!

We are out of imagination, when final release of 2.0 will be out; and we are hoping each time we're making subrelease, that this will be the latest before it. Each time we hope, that next release will contain only bug fixes, but nobody knows it! And as you see, each time we have a lot of stuff to implement, for making it "the best". Probably, we just may to give it an index '2.0' and continue to work, forcing users to update - because RC5 version was worth really a lot of job from our side, even if it's not really visible. Update is highly recommended!

We have now complete manual on how to upgrade miniBB:

Four big, but worth of it steps to update from the previous version:

1) Update your database table, executing this query:

ALTER ignore TABLE minibbtable_banned ADD banreason varchar(255) DEFAULT '' NOT NULL;

where 'minibbtable_banned' stays for the title of your "banned" table.

2) Back up and then update the following core script files, overwriting them:

* bb_admin.php - editing forums dropdown list the same as in bb_func_forums; added "ban reason" field processing; bb_plugins and bb_plugins2 including now

* bb_codes.php - completely removed email decoding tag

* bb_cookie.php - it is now possible to store admin's password directly in MD5 hash (update this file only if you are not using your own authorization code); minor security fix.

* bb_func_checkusr.php - fixed error handling when adding custom obligate fields & errors

* bb_func_delmsg.php - group deletion of messages now is possible; could help you in deleting many messages simultaneously with a click; mod_rewrite relocation issue.

* bb_func_editmsg.php - little date improvement; mod_rewrite issue

* bb_func_editprf.php - minor development fix

* bb_func_forums.php - <optgroup></optgroup>

* bb_func_ldisc.php - parseTopic() introduction; latest discussions/closed forums-excluded forums fix; XHTML issues; SQL optimizations.

* bb_func_login.php - it is now possible to store admin's password directly in MD5 hash (just set 32 symbols for it). Now displays common warning for all login errors when $loginError=1;

* bb_func_movetpc.php - changed list of forums (based now on bb_func_forums)

* bb_func_pthread.php - email sending fixes (acc. to multilanguage board); empty space symbol fixes; limitation of minimum text length defined; email notification fix (not send to the replier his own reply).

* bb_func_ptopic.php - empty space symbol fixes; limitation of minimum text length defined (10 symbols), both for topic lenght and message length. Will force your users to create really important content messages. Corresponding changes in language pack ($l_topiccannotempty, $l_emptyPost variables).

* bb_func_search.php - descending thread issues on redirecting; mod_rewrite issues; searchin now by complete fragments of words

* bb_func_stats.php - mod_rewrite issues; fixes concerning topic views disabled; fixed $dbUserSheme on most active users

* bb_func_txt.php - URL making after BB codes fix; encoding urls function swap (completely rewritten urlMaker() ); minor 'isMod' fix

* bb_func_usernfo.php - ability to use $customProfileList array and define fields to display in user's profile in necessary order; fixed topics amount - if zero, it won't be shown in profile; fixed moderators definition

* bb_func_vthread.php - more convenient method of parseMessage(); function (now it will use globals instead of adding a string, which allows to specify many globals in this function, and then put them as variables into template); fix of read-only forums quote; group deleting issues; confirmation of deleting group messages.

* bb_func_vtopic.php - parseTopic(); introduction; changes accordingly to new form solutions; it is now possible to set custom sorting of topics in special forums via $customTopicSort option. Define in setup_options.php or bb_specials.php:



9=>array('topic_title ASC', 'Topic title'),
5=>array('ord(substring(topic_title,1,1)) ASC', 'Alphabetically')

provides sorting by topic_title field in ASC order (for latin alphabet) for forum with ID=9; also provides alphabetical sorting by non-latin alphabet for forum ID=5. Define {$defaultSorting} variable in templates/main_topics.html - and you will get the link for custom sorting, if user has changed it to "New topics". Custom sorting overrides any sorting user has set, except for what is specified in GET request. If mod_rewrite option is set, user's sorting will be available only on the first page of topics list; any other pages will be sorted by custom.

* bb_functions.php - mod_rewrite and main URL fixes; makeUp() optimization; fixes concerning new topic form solution; sendMail() function optimization, ability to use external PHPmailer class [] for advanced SMTP sendings. For enabling PHPMailer, copy PHPmailer files to forums root directory () and add PHPMailer SMTP settings to the setup_options.php file:

/* Specify SMTP host here */

/* If yes for SMTP auth, set to TRUE, else to FALSE */

/* If yes for SMTP auth, set SMTP username */

/* If yes for SMTP auth, set SMTP password */


* index.php - fixed working with avatars; search bug fix on post-only forums; admin panel link fix; secured 'customProfileList' setting; secured 'correct', 'customTopicSort' settings; sortBy fix; manualIndex, startIndex, metaRobots; mod_rewrite optimizations on redirect; $l_anonTxt variable; login/logout routine changes; a lot of non-critical, but optimization fixes. Now we display common warning for all login errors.

* setup_mysql.php - search function improvements

3) Do not overwrite these files, but only add new stuff at the end of them:

* setup_options.php

- OBLIGATORY parameters $startIndex, $manualIndex; defines full name of start forums page, which is used on many crosslinking pages and within the forum. By default, should be set as 'index.php' or the original $indexphp value without question sign at the end. So if you have {$main_url}/{$startIndex}, you go directly to forums page. This setting is used only for displaying backlinks to the main forum page. If you are using mod_rewrite mode, it's ok to set this to 'index.html', defining this rule in .htaccess like:

RewriteRule ^index\.html$ ./index.php?mdrw=on

- NOT OBLIGATORY option available; uncomment $enableGroupMsgDelete=TRUE; for enabling group messages deletion (see above bb_func_delmsg.php)

* /lang/eng.php (your language pack) - small fixes; bb codes translated; new search module variable (type by complete fragments of words); new variable $l_deleteAllMsgs; for the new variables - see below the file for adding in your own language pack.

4) For default version, we have done changes in the following files (don't overwrite your files, if you have changed these templates; however, it would be good step to update them if you are updating core script files):

* templates/admin_banusr1.html - added "ban reason" field

* templates/admin_deleteban1.html - XHTML issues

* templates/admin_editforum1.html - {$listForums} instead of {$forums_to_edit}

* templates/admin_viewsubs.html - $startIndex update accordingly to the setup_options definition

* templates/form.js - updated code, so now codes like [imgs]null[/imgs] or [url=null][/url] (on propmt cancel) should not be inserted

* templates/main_footer.html (XHTML)

* templates/main_forumgroup.html (XHTML)

* templates/main_forums.html - quotation attributes (XHTML)

* templates/main_forums_cell.html (XHTML)

* templates/main_header.html - New tag: <META NAME="ROBOTS" CONTENT="{$metaRobots}"> - we recommend to add this tag to your default header file, specially if you are using mod_rewrite. Also changed lowercase of all tags, quotation marks on attributes (futured XHTML issues); {$user_logging} is enclosed in "tbTransparent" table here (was in user_login_only_form).

* templates/main_last_discussions.html (XHTML)

* templates/main_last_discuss_cell.html (XHTML)

* templates/main_post_form.html - eliminated encoding warning {$l_warnEncoding}; bb codes translated

* templates/main_posts.html - $startIndex update accordingly to the setup_options definition; onMouseMove instead of onMouseDown; getQuotation() update; confirmDelete() update; new form around list of messages, creates list of checkboxes for mass deleting; new variable {$deleteAllMsgs} in administration panel.

* templates/main_posts_cell.html: new variable {$deleteBox} (add after {$posterText}) - indicates checkbox for group deleting of messages

* templates/main_topics.html - $startIndex update accordingly to the setup_options definition; icon valign fix; new HTML comment tags necessary for running additional solutions; XHTML issues.

* templates/main_user_info.html - $startIndex update accordingly to the setup_options definition

* templates/main_warning.html - $startIndex update accordingly to the setup_options definition

* templates/search.html - $startIndex update accordingly to the setup_options definition; caption3 instead of caption6 in CAPTION; slight header change; HTML code updated.

* templates/stats.html - $startIndex update accordingly to the setup_options definition

* templates/tools_move_topics.html - {$listForums} instead of {$forumsList}

* templates/tools_userips.html - $startIndex update accordingly to the setup_options definition

* templates/user_dataform.html - $startIndex update accordingly to the setup_options definition; {$l_im} variable added for instant messenger

* templates/user_logged_in.html - <table> removed

* templates/user_login_form.html - XHTML issues; added {$l_anonTxt} variable

* templates/user_login_only_form.html XHTML issues; <table> removed

5) We have updated these files accordingly only to new version. Do not update these file, if you already have running version of miniBB:

* !UPDATE_DB.sql: added

ALTER ignore TABLE minibbtable_banned ADD banreason varchar(255) DEFAULT '' NOT NULL;

* _install.php - fixed

* _install_mysql.sql - added new field `minibbtable_banned`.

* new forum icons: all /img/forum_icons/topic_*.gif

* templates/manual_eng.html - default version of miniBB manual updated

Update history became big and now it's separated from the main miniBB package.

Your suggestions and test are welcome as always!

Author Vishal
#2 | Posted: 21 Dec 2005 07:39 
I noticed one change in setup_options.php that is not mentioned in the UPDATE file.

In the previous version:


In the new version:


I'm wondering if it makes any major difference.

Author Ivan
Advanced Member
#3 | Posted: 21 Dec 2005 10:21 
I'm wondering to another thing.

I updated next manner: only changed the templates that needed adding a code for the addons I have - move post, edit profile, avatars and PMS. Nothing else.

And now I cannot post.

When I try to post in an existing topic, I receive a message: "Your message have an empty field. Please, fill it in."

When I try to make a new topic, I receive another message: "The topic title cannot be empty. Please... etc."

What I did wrong?

Author Ivan
Advanced Member
#4 | Posted: 21 Dec 2005 10:45 
I could only try to guess that there is something with the minimum characters in the title and in the body of the message, but what actually...

Author Ivan
Advanced Member
#5 | Posted: 21 Dec 2005 10:46 
Yes, I cannot post only one smile! Like this:


Author Team
#6 | Posted: 21 Dec 2005 10:54 
This doesn't make big difference and it was not changed in current release, but some time ago (in RC4 or even 3 - don't remember already); however, it's better to have these fields as mentioned.

I could only try to guess that there is something with the minimum characters in the title and in the body of the message, but what actually
That's right. Read manual about $post_text_minlength if you want to turn it off. For now, minimal posting should contain at last 10 symbols. Let's make content-oriented board.

Author Ivan
Advanced Member
#7 | Posted: 21 Dec 2005 11:18 | Edited by: Ivan 
Thanks :) But my club is guarded as military zone and I allow the members to react with a smile to one long poem, for example.

As per Vishal's question, I, too, cannot remember - did I some actualizing regarding the above fields or not. Could it make some mess if I didn't? My setup_options.php is from RC1f or so, and I only add the new bottom lines...

And the last thing for now :) I cannot remember, too, how I updated my database with the new fields. Yes, I surely updated it, but how... My tables have different names, not minibbtable_xxxxxx.

What if, for any case, I revise all the file !UPDATE_DB.sql, change "minibbtable" to their real names and run it over the existing thing? I imagine that if I omited something, it will be added, and what already exists - will be refised to be changed. M? May i dammage something this way?

Author Team
#8 | Posted: 21 Dec 2005 11:40 | Edited by: Team 
I, too, cannot remember - did I some actualizing regarding the above fields or not. Could it make some mess if I didn't?

-Well, it's better to have correct index number for all fields, so just update these numbers, and that's all.

What if, for any case, I revise all the file !UPDATE_DB.sql, change "minibbtable" to "minibb" (as my tables are), and run it over the existing thing? I imagine that if I omited something, it will be added, and what already exists - will be refised to be changed. M? May i dammage something this way?

-You can do this for sure (I mean renaming) - just backup your database before, and run this file. Probably mySQL report a lot of errors, if there will be any duplicated fields, but new fields should be added ok.

Quick update: we have discovered some new weaks in new release, that's why these files were quickly updated in the main package:


Update them too.

Author Ivan
Advanced Member
#9 | Posted: 21 Dec 2005 12:22 
Thanks, Team :) But I would like to inform you why I didn't know about the text length option: because this line is missing in your official distribution of the options file. Another line that's missing, too, is: //$textLd=1;

I think that it's good to add them for people that look the end of the file for changes and do not rewrite the options entirely :)

However, may be I'll need to make a brand new setup_options.php these days, instead of wondering what I have and what I have not :)

Author Team
#10 | Posted: 21 Dec 2005 12:28 | Edited by: Team 
Yes, these lines are missing and you could name them "hidden" options. They are not obligatory. However, manual explains everything. We think, by default text lenght must be kept at last 10 symbols, so we are carrying more about content, not smilies or posts like "ok" or something. We find it a good concept.

Author Vishal
#11 | Posted: 21 Dec 2005 14:48 
There seems to be a problem with META ROBOTS tag. In my forum it shows "NOINDEX,NOFOLLOW" attributes for the topics and the posts page. It should be "INDEX,FOLLOW" like here.

Author Team
#12 | Posted: 21 Dec 2005 21:46 
If you have mod_rewrite enabled, INDEX,FOLLOW tags will be shown ONLY for "static html" pages. There will be NOINDEX,NOFOLLOW tags for the same content .php pages. Example of this topic: - INDEX, FOLLOW 64&page=0 (the same topic, but different dynamic address) - NOINDEX,NOFOLLOW

If you are SEO maniac, you should know what that means.

Exception is Statistics page which is not included in mod_rewrite rules, but still indexed.

So, when actually your problem appears?

Author Vishal
#13 | Posted: 22 Dec 2005 08:11 
I have mod rewrite enabled and it shows NOINDEX,NOFOLLOW for static posts and topics pages.

Author Team
#14 | Posted: 22 Dec 2005 13:04 
Well, be sure you have NEW .htaccess format (mdrw variable should be added to all URLs for handling mod_rewrite).

This is ours:

RewriteEngine On
RewriteRule ^index\.html$ ./index.php?mdrw=on
RewriteRule ^manual\.html$ ./index.php?action=manual&mdrw=on
RewriteRule ^([0-9]+)_([0-9]+)_([-0-9]+)\.html$ ./index.php?action=vthread&forum=$1&topic=$2&page=$3&mdrw=on
RewriteRule ^([0-9]+)_([-0-9]+)\.html$ ./index.php?action=vtopic&forum=$1&page=$2&mdrw=on

Author Vishal
#15 | Posted: 22 Dec 2005 13:49 
That did the trick!

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 Christmas on the way! miniBB v. 2.0 RC5 "X-Mas" released!
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