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Avatars plug-in released!

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Author Team
#1 | Posted: 10 May 2005 17:40 | Edited by: Team 
It comes out together with RC3 release. It was really long-awaited, so no loger comments for now.

This is the first addon released on the base of universal miniBB algorithm which allows to display any info from user's table in his posts. Addon is NOT destructive and allows you to do further miniBB upgrades without additional editing of files. Addon allows to upload or to choose ready avatar from list, or both. Look at the images located in archive's /!how_it_looks/ - this is what you should have after successfull installation. Avatar upload/choose operations will be available in user's Preferences.


P.S. Thanks to Ivan and Cakeman, also as another our users who helped to test it.

Author Anonymous
#2 | Posted: 11 May 2005 21:31 
the name of the file pictures jpg or jpeg or gif downloaded with the plugin misadventure.

The name is found that only one number (1) in the folder avatar the file as well as the same name in the database of data (1). but not the name of the file

Impossible to view that image.

If one takes the images provided in the plugin one has well the name di file recorded in the base for the user.

I am under Windows xp pro easyphp somebody has an idea

thank you

Author Ivan
Advanced Member
#3 | Posted: 11 May 2005 22:56 | Edited by: Ivan 
I cannot understand well your question but the name of the file in the ready avatars folder can be whatever you like. I, for example, named them to ready_01, ready_02, etc. When you upload from your HDD - too.

1. Your avatar in the uploaded avatars folder (if you upload one) gets your user's ID as a name and the database knows to find it there.
2. Your avatar in the ready avatars folder (if you get one from there) remains the same (the original one) and the database, too, knows where to find it - as long as you use it.

Don't search for an avatar Jose_Lopez.jpg if you uploaded it from your HDD. It becomes 1 - if you are ID 1.

The most important is you to see your current avatar near your name :)

By the way, this plugin does not leave even a sign of a sign of your former avatar anywhere, if you change it with a new one - very good and rare feature :)

Author winxp
#4 | Posted: 12 May 2005 01:20 
Thanks for your help

I think the problem,

Ok i understand, to prevent identical file names in folder your not put the name of the picture but only the id of the user in database.

But after download a picture

When i see column user_custom1 in database for the user_id 2 I see the name of picture is number 2 for ID 2 OK but the folder "avatars" also contain one file with name 2 only without type of file

folder avatar and database column user_custom1 not contain 2.jpeg or 2.gif or 2.png that is the problem after download.

When i choose picture with option list folder column user_custom1 contains the name of the picture. (not downloaded only refered to name of the file) Ok is plugin is good.

May be this is not a problem under unix, but under windows no type of file take problem.

best regard

Author Ivan
Advanced Member
#5 | Posted: 12 May 2005 02:49 | Edited by: Ivan 
Not exactly.

1. The ready avatars HAS extension (type of file) and you see it in the table of the pictures for choosing. In the DB it exists with HIS NAME because you control this folder entirely.
2. The uploaded avatars by the user HAS NOT extensions and has user's ID as a name. In the DB they exist only with an asterisk, that means: "This user has uploaded avatar - search it in the respective folder under his ID."

On the server there is no such thing like "downloaded avatar". They are only "ready" and "uploaded".

Well, if you want to donload some other's avatar - put to it an extension later, if you want. Windows absolutely allows to have not extensions as far as you do not double the names in the same folder.

My server is UNIX/Linux, my machine is Windows, and I see all. Other people have Windows server/Windows machine and see all, too.

For more ask Team. That's all I can explain.

Author Team
#6 | Posted: 12 May 2005 10:28 
but under windows no type of file take problem - it's a bogus. I am developing miniBB exclusively on Windows, and everything works FINE. File extension DOES NOT MATTER when displaying an image!

Author winxp
#7 | Posted: 12 May 2005 16:05 | Edited by: winxp 

I found but I does not include/understand why.

Under the folder img I created a folder photo and indicated in
addon_avatar the variable

$avatarDir=$pathToFiles.'photo'>; $avatarUrl=">";

The upload functions even under Windows the numbers of the images are
well recorded in the folder photo/avatars, but when one looks at
the source code HTML of the pages to posting it there with always
shared_file in the way (img src =... /shared_file) for the target
folder which makes it possible to post these images.

I sought everywhere I do not find or and how is generated shared_file
in the tag < img > even if I remove it script addon_avatar.php the urls
always show the same way??

If I leave the folder "shared_file" all functions are good in a superb way.

I have only problem in addon_member2 plugin. After list of member when i select member only standard list avatar are displayed
avatar downloaded by user are not displayed. how i can resolve this

Thank you for the explanation.

Author zorglub
#8 | Posted: 12 May 2005 23:28 
Please help me :(
I'm using the miniBB 2.0 RC2a and I really don't have time to upgrade for the moment as I did customize a bit the forum...
I installed everything as it was explained but avatars are not displayed... I gues it's because the information isn't get. Could you please explain me which lines I have to add to simply add avatars ?!
Thank you for your help ;)

Author Ivan
Advanced Member
#9 | Posted: 13 May 2005 00:23 
This is a very serious programming problem... I doubt that even Team could solve it... However, may be the main reason of your troubles with the avatars is that the plugin is written for RC3 and up.

By the way, you could read the same in its readme :)))

Author zorglub
#10 | Posted: 13 May 2005 01:06 
yup, did...

Added the /* User info in posts */ in bb_funct_vthread ...

what else should I add ?

another thing : the database is updated with the addon_avatar.php file isn't it ? So, when I choose a custom avatar, I don't see its name in the database...

Last but not least : how do you define if it's a .gif/.jpg/.png file ?!

thanks for your help !

Author Anonymous
#11 | Posted: 13 May 2005 01:31 
i just installed this avatar patch step by step and nothing appears :-\ please anyone give some advices.. cheers

Author Ivan
Advanced Member
#12 | Posted: 13 May 2005 10:46 
RC3 + There is nothing so much complicated. The update is about 10 minutes and does not concern the design of the BB at all. After that install the avatars.

Author zorglub
#13 | Posted: 13 May 2005 11:19 
I had to modify many things when I did fusionate two forums... Took me hours to reinstall everything last time :(

I compared codes of the old and new versions and there aren't so many changes. So there must be a little, a very little something somewhere...
But I can't find what !

Author Team
#14 | Posted: 13 May 2005 12:00 | Edited by: Team 
> - what that sign means in your settings? It shouldn't be there.

I do not find or and how is generated shared_file
in the tag < img > even if I remove it script addon_avatar.php the urls
always show the same way??

I understood your problem and fixed this in manual. This code was in bb_plugins.php, function parseUserInfo_user_custom1(). Thanks for discovering. Download updated version of the plugin and re-install it.

After list of member when i select member only standard list avatar are displayed avatar downloaded by user are not displayed. how i can resolve this

Sorry, I did not understand you. Displayed WHERE? And one more - use commas in your replies, it is very difficult to read the bad style text.


another thing : the database is updated with the addon_avatar.php file isn't it ? So, when I choose a custom avatar, I don't see its name in the database...

It's name should be stored in user_custom1 field. If there is nothing, plugin will not display. Probably bb_func_vthread.php is the only thing you need to overwrite, plus add $userInfoInPosts in options.

Ivan is not programmer, but installed avatars thing step-by-step too and got success in minutes. So go step-by-step again. Nobody could give you more advices as it is already written in README.

Author zorglub
#15 | Posted: 13 May 2005 13:04 
nope... I updated with the last plugin release, changed setup_options, addon_avatar.php vthread, the code in plugins...
but still nothing.
There is a * in my database, a '1' in the directory...
checked everything... No idea!

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 Avatars plug-in released!
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