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How to show Google-Maps in Postings ?

Author michicologne
#1 | Posted: 22 May 2008 07:13 
How to show Google-Maps in Postings ?

Thanks for your answers


Author Paul
Lead Developer
#2 | Posted: 22 May 2008 12:23 
You may check this thread: miniBB and interactive Google maps.

Author korsikaforum
#3 | Posted: 22 May 2008 16:52 | Edited by: korsikaforum 
Hello Paul,

First: sorry for my bad english !

You´ve put the question from michicologne (that´s me !) to trash can;
You did not understand, what I wanted.

You wrote:
You may check this thread: miniBB and interactive Google maps.

I did, Paul, I did !!!

But that´s not my problem !

I only wanted to know if there is the possibility to paste / insert google-maps like youtube-vids !

Okay, I will never disturb you anymore !

I love the old forum, it is / was an individual forum, my users like it very much, I´m angry, that there is no support for this old forum, your new forum seems to me similar to many other forums. Why to choose your´s anymore ?

I hope, you don´t delete this posting !

Very angry

Michael (who has paid for some plugins)

( / Look at your showcase sites )

And the greatest forum using your software, prefers the old version too:

Why, Paul, why ???

You have closed the michicologne - thread ...

Author tom322
Active Member
#4 | Posted: 22 May 2008 18:39 
"Old forums" are just different HTML templates.

It's like you wrote the smiley addon is not supported just because some smiley icons changed color or size.

Author Paul
Lead Developer
#5 | Posted: 23 May 2008 03:40 
We appreciate your support regarding premium add-ons, but it still doesn't give you the right to violate our forum rules which clearly say: If you still experience a problem, and it's not described in the stuff already posted, do not create new related topic, but post your question in the old, same-subject topic. Sorry, but add-ons support and our public forums are completely different areas.

Next to the question. You must agree that just posting How to show Google-Maps in Postings ? versus if there is the possibility to paste / insert google-maps like youtube-vids ! are very different things. I really didn't understand your question, because I didn't know what you mean.

Because of all above, your question has been moved to Trashcan as a posting which goes against public forum rules (but still not deleted anyway, so I can't understand why you are angry).

I am not Google maps expert and in general, never used them. It could take a lot of time to investigate what do you want to implement. As you might know, any custom question like this, we are investigating within custom support only for a fee. Everything is possible to implement, and I am almost sure I could work on your question, if you would have enough interest in that.

Anyway, if you read the Google maps thread, and if something seems unclear for you, you must properly form your question and post in that thread, not to create a new. Maybe somebody who knows will reply you.

Regarding "old" and "new" miniBB - here the claims are even more unclear. "New" miniBB is just a new CSS and some template updates, like tom322 mentioned already. You can create the same with your older version without touching the code, or you can keep the older version with no problems. What you are talking about, is the new layout, not miniBB itself, which absolutely keeps the older core code, PHP code was not changed at all. Our demo site is presented with older-type skin, at the time it's still the newest version 2.2a. It's our business question how to present our layout, now as you see, miniBB can be this or that, and previously it was only that. I don't know what's bad here.

However if you don't like it, you don't choose it. You can keep your older layout and upgrade to the newest release with no problems. It's your choice. miniBB combines now various choices. It's still keeps to get better.

I disagree with you it looks similar to other boards. Show me the example of similarity and maybe then I will agree. We have worked on this layout for 3 months and I am sure it is not similar to anything else. As you could know miniBB is a brand, and we are strong enough to develop our own layout instead of stealing from others.

Please be polite and reasonable when making posts like this. Else you yourself really look... hm, strange, in your own sayings.

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 How to show Google-Maps in Postings ?
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