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miniBB version 2.0 RC4 released

Author Team
#1 | Posted: 18 Aug 2005 12:52 
In this release, we are introducing completely rewritten, more optimized and fast search function, approvements for premoderation plugin, SEO issues, ability to register users by admin, and some little bugfixes and cosmetic improvements.

Check Changes comparision: 2.0 RC3b - 2.0 RC4 in !UPDATE.txt file for more information.

If there will be no critical bugs or errors found, this could be one of the latest release candidates before official version 2.0 comes out. Be ready! It's gonna blow! :)

In the next time, we are not planning any new features anymore. Current release is almost stable, fixed, fast and cute. In the next few days, we will release premoderation plugin, designed specially for RC4; also as start to work on private messages plugin. Also, in the future, there are some another popular features planned - but only as addons.

And of course, we are glad to thank our sponsor eCoupons.com for their support.

Author Ivan
Advanced Member
#2 | Posted: 19 Aug 2005 11:29 
Hi Team!

All is working well in my forum after an absolutely clean update, i. e. install :)

Thanks that you implemented the picture resizing. I think that it will be the best to keep both codes in the module in the future - for everyone's taste :)

In this connection I wonder could you help me a bit...

Now the picture is with fixed size. For example 150 pixels. When I put a picture of 70 pixels, it is displayed at 150 pixels, too.

Could you somehow, if not so difficult, to correct the new (second) code and we to have also a third one - with limited size?

Example. You fix the size to what you want (as now) - let's say, 600 pixels or whatever. Than! If the picture is below the limit - 540 pixels, to be displayed in its natural size - 540 pixels. But if the picture is above the limit - 601 pixels or more, the picture to be displayed to this limited size of 600 pixels, of course - with the ability to be clicked to show the real size.

I'll be very thankful for such couple of code lines :)

Author Team
#3 | Posted: 19 Aug 2005 11:38 | Edited by: Team 
You can not handle the size of the remote picture, it is almost impossible. For that, script needs to DOWNLOAD that picture on your server from remote server, then get its width and height (if you have GD library installed), and only that calculate the difference. I've already explained that this is almost impossible, that's why the code is so rude and that's why we left standart code for those who dislike it.

That's only for remote images. File Upload Plugin handles everything uploaded correctly, of course.

Author Vladimir
#4 | Posted: 19 Aug 2005 12:26 
I install new version, and all is OK.
Can You help me with one things.
I want to put in file main_posts_cell.html in section:

<tr valign=top class={$bg}>
<td class=caption1><a name="{$anchor}" href="JavaScript:paste_strinL('{$posterName}',2)"><span class=username>{$posterName}</span></a><br><span class=txtSm>{$viewReg}</span><br></td>

after {$viewReg} something like "Posts number: ****", I want to put from table minibbforums_users variable from colon num_posts.


Author Ivan
Advanced Member
#5 | Posted: 19 Aug 2005 12:38 | Edited by: Ivan 
Sorry, Team, I had obviously forgotten this conversation :) Than we'll have the present two codes, it's enough. I tried the new code in the test forum and it works well. When the picture is displayed with increased size because the original one is smaller than defined, the quality is very good. When decreasing, too.

Author Team
#6 | Posted: 19 Aug 2005 12:46 
Well, just read about $userInfoInPosts setting.

There is nothing about quality - image is just shrinked by browser itself. Right, it is displayed this way, not resized.

Author Ivan
Advanced Member
#7 | Posted: 19 Aug 2005 13:10 
Thanks :) I love to learn details :)

Author Vladimir
#8 | Posted: 19 Aug 2005 14:48 

Author Erik
#9 | Posted: 21 Aug 2005 09:52 
I'm subscribing to the mailing list, but don't get any mails about new versions. Why? Don't you send out mails about security fixes, or have i done something wrong when subscribing?

Author Team
#10 | Posted: 21 Aug 2005 20:43 
We are not sending any email stuff for release candidates. Stay constantly informed using our RSS feed.

By the way, if somebody knows good emailing software, which sends emails *not blocked* by spam filters, and which allows to send emails directly through local SMTP, we will be happy to know about it, too, or even buy it. We have used PHP program for sending emails, until servers spam and flood blockers filtered about 80% of them. So we have stopped to do the thing which almost nobody is receiving anyway.

Author Erik
#11 | Posted: 22 Aug 2005 01:18 
Have you tried this one?


You can sendt through SMTP with it, and alot of other stuff. See this for help:

Author Team
#12 | Posted: 22 Aug 2005 10:15 | Edited by: Team 
No, this is not we want. We want a program, probably, Windows application, that allows to enter message subject, text, choose a list in .txt or .csv file format, then save all messages in some queue and send them through local SMTP server, probably, which is built-in into the program (but at the same time, it also should report all emails which were not sent, and the reason why). Our provider is not allowing to send any *bulk* emails, so we can not neither install this script on a server, neither use provider's SMTP. That's the problem. We are having 1000+ subscriptions for now, and it is really headache for us, how to do mailings simple and efficient.

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