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miniBB version 2.0 FINAL is out!

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Author marsbar
Associated Member
#31 | Posted: 13 Jul 2006 03:04 
tom322 wrote: Please do not change anything anymore now. I had the forum updated and don't want more changes!!!

I think miniBB's system of keeping presentation and programming codes separate makes upgrading relatively simple work... it is only when Team makes changes to the default HTML templates, my head starts to ache a bit. Fortunately, template changes rarely occur! :-)


Author Paul
Lead Developer
#32 | Posted: 13 Jul 2006 08:42 
I really hope there will be no more template updates. It seems it works fine with current layout - but be prepared for ZHTML or some new technology, which always doesn't allow to sleep comely :-)

Author CardMSG
#33 | Posted: 13 Jul 2006 23:31 
I just updated my forum from version 2.0 RC6e to 2.0 FINAL, but things don't seem any different. For example, when inserting an image, it still doesn't ask for the alt text. I followed the instructions toward then end of the !update file, but didn't see anything for updating the mysql database.

Should there be some update to the mysql db, or am I missing something?


My forum is here

Author Paul
Lead Developer
#34 | Posted: 14 Jul 2006 07:10 
How DB could be related to image ALT? :-) No DB changes are needed, if you upgrade from RC6e.

I'm reading in this update:

templates/main_post_form.html - changes regarding IMGS tag (new code for IMGS button); style "padding-left:5px;" added in the cell containing {$loginLogout}

So I'm downloading latest package, view the mentioned file in it, then easily copy/paste this content:

<a href="JavaScript:paste_strinL('', 3, '[imgs='+prompt('URL:','http://www.url-to-your-image-here.com/image.jp g')+']', prompt('{$l_promptAlt}','')+'[/imgs]', '')" onmouseover="window.status='{$l_bb_image}'; return true" onmouseout="window.status=''; return true"><img src="http://www.minibb.com/forums/img/button_image.gif" style="width:23px;height:22px" alt="{$l_bb_image}" /></a>&nbsp;

into my own template, neverminding what's exactly changed here...

We recently also discovered that bb_cookie.php was not mentioned for upgrading people in the update history, and also new version of this file was not included in official distribution. Now it's fixed - welcome to update this file, too, even if it doesn't contain nothing critical, there could be useful stuff for future addons.

Author CardMSG
#35 | Posted: 14 Jul 2006 15:06 
That worked, thanks!

Author Ivan
Advanced Member
#36 | Posted: 15 Jul 2006 04:52 
Paul, your file bb_cookie.php now is from 22 June. Or your example is in principle?

Author Pascal
#37 | Posted: 15 Jul 2006 12:14 

I currently have miniBB 2.0 RC2a installed and I want to upgrade to the final version (also on a new domain name). I don't care about templates being overwritten with the default one. Is it OK when I do it this way :

1) export my database to an .sql file with phpMyAdmin
2) edit the setup_options.php file
3) upload the forum script package to my new domain name
4) run _install.php
5) import my database with phpMyAdmin

In fact, I want to start from scratch, with the exception of the database of course. So is this a good way to do this?

Best regards,


Author Ivan
Advanced Member
#38 | Posted: 15 Jul 2006 14:33 | Edited by: Ivan 
Dear Sir,

After many years of hard work, the bestselling novel called "How to upgrade miniBB when you don't care much about overwriting the templates" was published here:


In addition, in your case you must, of course, export the DB from the old place and import it in the new one, let's say - as step 7a - but the other steps are the same.

Good luck :)

Author Pascal
#39 | Posted: 15 Jul 2006 18:44 | Edited by: Pascal 
Hi Ivan,

Does it mean I have to import my database BEFORE the following steps:

9. Update the database with the file !UPDATE_DB.sql
10. Recalculate the database, running the file convdb.php.


And I can't find !UPDATE_DB.sql in the final release package.


Author Ivan
Advanced Member
#40 | Posted: 15 Jul 2006 19:58 | Edited by: Ivan 
Of course you must import it in the newly created empty DB with the same name at the new server/domain! I told you this to be step 7a. Otherwise - what shall you update? :)

The update file for the database structure is here, right after the main package at the download page:


The recalculation script - for step 10 - is the third one at the same page:


Author Pascal
#41 | Posted: 16 Jul 2006 09:42 
So, in short it's OK when I do it like this (assuming I don't care about templates, language packs, etc...):

1) export database (2.0 RC2a) from old server to .sql file
2) unzip the 2.0 final release package on my computer
3) edit setup_options.php and bb_specials.php etc...
4) upload the package to the new server
5) delete _install.php and _install_mysql.sql
6) create database name on new server
7) import database to new server
8) run !UPDATE_DB.sql
9) run convdb.php



Author Ivan
Advanced Member
#42 | Posted: 16 Jul 2006 12:01 
Yes. Also, you can do this:

5) delete _install.php and _install_mysql.sql

even befor uploading the BB on the server, because you won't install it as a new board - you already have the DB.


10. Try if the board works :)))

Author Pascal
#43 | Posted: 16 Jul 2006 16:28 
Thank you for your input, Ivan. The job is done!
Moved my forum to a new server and made the upgrade from 2.0 RC2a to 2.0 Final.

I had to import the database through SSH because it was about 39 megabytes and phpMyAdmin cannot import files > 2 Mb. I also had to change the "ENGINE=MyISAM CHARSET=latin1 AUTO INCREMENT=..." lines in the dump file into "TYPE=MyISAM AUTO INCREMENT=..." in order to get the import done. Finally I had to remove some lines from the !UPDATE_DB.sql file because, apparently, they had already been executed (found this strange).

At first sight everything seems to be fine, except for 2 things:

1) When I want to edit messages that have been posted prior to the upgrade, I also get the html-codes in the message form, mostly <br>, <b>, <i> of course.

I don't have this problem with new messages I post (under 2.0 Final). When I take a look into the MySQL database, I see <br /> is placed in the new messages, instead of <br>, <b> becomes <strong>. <i> becomes <em>. So I assume I can correct the problem by changing all <br>, <b> and <i> tags into <br />, <strong> and <em> in my dump file?

2) The server that hosts my forum is based in the US. But all visitors to my forum live in Belgium and Holland in Europe. We are 9 hours ahead of the US. All time stamps under 2.0 RC2a are correctly showed under 2.0 Final. But now, after the upgrade, when I post new messages, the timezone for those new messages is, of course, US. I asked the webhosting provider if they could change the timezone, but they say it's not possible.

Of course, this is a major issue. So my question is if there's a possibility (modifying the forum code somewhere) that all new messages get the US time stamp + 9 hours ?


Author Ivan
Advanced Member
#44 | Posted: 16 Jul 2006 17:07 | Edited by: Ivan 
You didn't need to remove any line from the DB update file :) If the request had already been executed somewhen, this won't be done again. Only an error will be shown and noting else.

1) is normal. It's because the new code implementation. At everyone is the same.

2) It's not an issue. The option for the timestamp and the time difference is in setup_options.php. Set it up there.

And, by the way, read the manual from time tio time in such cases.

Author Paul
Lead Developer
#45 | Posted: 16 Jul 2006 18:32 | Edited by: Paul 
For converting old tags to new, look up for "Changes comparision: 2.0 RC5a - 2.0 RC6" in update history file, and in 4th point, there are some SQL commands to execute.

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