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Modifying header or footer / adding or removing menu links at the top navigation

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Author Anonymous
#1 | Posted: 2 Jul 2002 10:23 
if I want to include a link back to my homepage on the top next to * Search * FAQ * Language etc.

Extra cool BB BTW.
Love it.

Author 4days
#2 | Posted: 2 Jul 2002 10:29 

Author Anonymous
#3 | Posted: 23 Apr 2003 17:06 | Edited by: Moderator 
To continue a specific debate at an appropriate place, which may be useful for all miniBB-fans :

Quest. : - "if we have to change later something in the setup of the forum, (i.e. add headers or footers, with coordinates, pex. logos, address, fax, email, etc.), how can it be done without having to re-start the whole installation process from scrap (from "point 0") ?
Thank you for answering in the most efficient way that you can."

Team member

Posted: Apr 23, 2003 16:30:32

".. I am wondering. You don't need to re-install anything, that the sense of HTML templates. You can change design, colors, texts etc. WITHOUT touching the main PHP engine."

Could you kindly give an example ?

:: Your answer

Author Paul
Lead Developer
#4 | Posted: 23 Apr 2003 17:16 
What exactly example?

in the /templates/ directory, you will find every HTML you need. Just EDIT it.

Author Anonymous
#5 | Posted: 11 Feb 2005 12:56 | Edited by: Admin 
Hey guys :)

I have read the first 21 pages and done a search but cannot find anything about my problem so I will ask :)

Basically I would like to take the 'Statistics' link out of the top menu. Is there an easy way to do this? I have a small amount of knowledge of PHP so even if you could point me to the right php file it would be great!


Author Anonymous
#6 | Posted: 11 Feb 2005 12:57 
lol sorry. Put my name instead of topic. I'm a designer, not a coder so thats my excuse for stupidity hehe

Author Team
#7 | Posted: 11 Feb 2005 13:14 

erase {$l_menu[3]}

Author Bruce
#8 | Posted: 11 Feb 2005 13:21 
Hey thanks alot! You rock! :)

Author Benluke
#9 | Posted: 2 Mar 2005 22:51 
Hi how do i do the above from the main header.

Im not a expeienced programmer and cant work how to do it



Author lime
#10 | Posted: 2 Mar 2005 22:57 
In the templates file, look for main_header.html and remove this $l_menu[4].

It might be safer to comment it out like this /* $l_menu[4] */ in case it's the wrong number but I think it's #4.

Author Benluke
#11 | Posted: 2 Mar 2005 23:02 
Thanks Lime,

thats great


Author lime
#12 | Posted: 2 Mar 2005 23:10 
Glad to help

Author Benluke
#13 | Posted: 2 Mar 2005 23:20 
How would i add different links in here.

Like "Home" which would link back to the sites hompage?



Author lime
#14 | Posted: 2 Mar 2005 23:21 | Edited by: lime 
try $mainurl
edit: sorry that's wrong it includes the /forum directory. I guess you could just put the direct link in, ie: <a href="http://yoursite.com">home</a>

Author blade
#15 | Posted: 6 Jun 2005 00:16 
how do i add my own link in the navigation

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