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$pathTofiles bug

Author Rindert
#1 | Posted: 2 Jan 2005 15:17 

I've chanched the value of $pathTofiles and in index.php there are some includes that dont use it.
In my case: lines 23, 277, 279 and 284 are not using this variable.

I've chanched my code and now it works again.

Greetings Rindert.

P.s i'm only using miniBB for 1 hour but I like it this far!

Author Rindert
#2 | Posted: 2 Jan 2005 17:12 | Edited by: Rindert 
As i'm testing my installation i find more and more lines where it would be good to have $pathToFiles used in sted of a staric url.
Using this vaiables makes it very easy to intergrate miniBB into a current website witch uses .php files.

I'm using miniBB 2.0 RC1f btw

Author Team
#3 | Posted: 3 Jan 2005 10:29 
Yes, we know about this "bug" or however you call it; it would be great if you could mention file names and code fragments where it's good to put this variable, so we could completely fix it in the next version.

Author Rindert
#4 | Posted: 3 Jan 2005 20:40 
I've been looking it to it and there are lots of places where it would be good to use it. I haven't got all line numbers and files but in index.php the are lines: 220 to 266 where most lines should use it. and there are more lines where I've changed the code.
Most files bb_func_*.php should use it. and the main admin page (original: bb_admin.php)
Also in the templates it would be nice to be alble to use it. This way custom templates can be shared over the web. I haven't found out really how to use it there.

If you want I can sent you screenshots of my search for the '$pathToFiles string in Dreamweaver. I don't know how to export the results.

Author Team
#5 | Posted: 4 Jan 2005 10:15 
Ok, probably we'll try to find these places ourselves then :-) As about using this in templates - definitely, no. Nobody should know about your server's structure!

Author Rindert
#6 | Posted: 5 Jan 2005 00:56 | Edited by: Rindert 
there are also File_excist that could use the path. especially in bb_admin.php.

lines that should use it:
bb_admin.php: 57,61,81,117,143,236,
bb_func_man: 72, 73 (both twice)
bb_func: 67
bb_regusr: 30,37

Author Rindert
#7 | Posted: 5 Jan 2005 19:41 
Are you going to try and find all lines before miniBB v2.0 Final gets released?

Author Team
#8 | Posted: 6 Jan 2005 10:48 | Edited by: Admin 
For sure. Right now I have just not enough time to make next release, but it will be fixed even in RC1g.

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