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Human Authorization add-on (CAPTCHA) for miniBB

Buy in USD US $5 
from 2CO / PayPal®

This add-on (also known as implementation of CAPTCHA ("Completely Automated Public Turing test to tell Computers and Humans Apart"), or reverse Turing test) stands for a must-have thing for your forums in our automated spam era. The method used here is by now the most effective protection against the spam / flood / robot programs, which still appear being too weak to recognize even the simple combination of the letters and digits typed on the graphical picture.

I'm so bothered to prove to robots that I am not a robot

Bothered to prove to robots that you are not a robot?.. We offer a solution which keeps your constant right to think you're a human. The codes this add-on generates, are simply to recognize and there are no difficult puzzles to solve; still these codes are not simple to recognize by bots.

How It Works

CAPTCHA protection code is often available in the posting form itself, but for miniBB it would be a bad approach, because it includes the posting forms in the topic listings and thread listings themselves, and these pages are the most often loaded. On the other hand, generating the Human Code image always takes additional resources from your server, which preferrably must be kept for the other tasks. Concluding the above said, this add-on asks for a CAPTCHA code only when it's required. For example, if there is a CAPTCHA protection for replies, the user will be asked to enter the code only after he posted the message; if there is a protection for sign-up process, the user will be asked to enter the CAPTCHA code before he fills up the form. This method allows to run this add-on independantly from the forums, and still keeps all processed data safe. The most important, it saves up your server's resources that way, which is specially significant when forums run on a small shared hosting. The add-on also protects such external miniBB plugins like File Bank, Polls or Direct Email.

Amazing Features

Configuring this add-on you may protect the forums from any kind of the automated attacks:

  • you may enable CAPTCHA for all guest postings (new topics and replies), if your forums are opened for guests - for a better comfort, it is required to enter the code only once, and post without re-asking it until the browser is closed;
  • you may enable CAPTCHA for the new profile registrations - here the code will be reset each time after the successful profile registration;
  • you may enable CAPTCHA for the search function;
  • you may enable to force users to enter the CAPTCHA code each time when it's required, so the code is constantly being reset;
  • you also may enable CAPTCHA for registered and logged users, which have not made specified amount of postings.

On the miniBB community we have enabled the two first options described, and so far we have no more spam, despite our forums are opened for guests. Our own forums is the best example of what this add-on does.

Additionally it's possible to configure the auto-generated image at a very custom level, specifying the set of characters displayed, characters amount (5 by default), True Type fonts used, font sizes, font colors, background color of the image (incl. making it the same as your webform's background - so the CAPTCHA code displayed looks organic to your website), overlapping distance between chars, width and height of the image, grid's step parameters. Despite the script generates a completely random image each time when the code is offered to enter, all listed above could make your CAPTCHA code even more unique, and so impossible to analyze by a robot, despite it will be very easy to read and recognize by your human visitors. This, we should mention, is very important in terms of usability - as you have noticed, even on many large websites often CAPCTHA codes are hard to recognize even by a normal human!

Some of examples of how it could finally look:

CAPTCHA Authorization Example

CAPTCHA Authorization Example

CAPTCHA Authorization Example

CAPTCHA Authorization Example

CAPTCHA Authorization Example

CAPTCHA Authorization Example

CAPTCHA Authorization Example

CAPTCHA Authorization Example

CAPTCHA Authorization Example


CAPTCHA Authorization Example

Read and ask more about the features of this plugin in our related forums topic.

Special Requirements

Before buying/installing this add-on, you must be sure that your PHP version is compiled with, and supports:

  • GD Library (for generating images; most preferrably it should have a version higher than 2.x.)
  • FreeType library (for manipulating the text in the image)

Almost every hosting provider gives an opportunity to use these functions; make sure they are also accessible on your server.

Live Demo

Taste it before you buy! This add-on is available to test in action on our miniBB Demo Forums, Live Support Forums, as well as on our Contact Form. To check this add-on out, try the following:

In all cases above you should be asked to enter CAPTCHA code and so to validate your human nature. ;-)

Get it NOW!

After buying this add-on, you will get a Lifetime license with the possibility to upgrade this extra for 10 times in the future, if releases the newest versions or patches. It doesn't mean only 10 downloads: you may skip a few releases, and download only something seems to be final. This is a unique offer, and it actually means, you pay once, but get something until it lasts. There are no hidden fees, no monthly fees, no annual fees. You get the editable source code and are allowed to modify any part of it. However you are not allowed to distribute your copy of the extra in any way, except using it for your own miniBB forums, or your own website. Avoiding distribution is in your very own interests; read more why.

Click the link below and get this extra! Your order will make us happy to continue the free development of the cult forum software of all times, which miniBB is about.

Human Authorization add-on (CAPTCHA) for miniBB - BUY NOW! (US $5)

Thank you very much in advance for your support in advance. We have no donations page, no ads on the website, exactly because of such customers like You. Each of such purchase helps a lot to people, which get the basic program for free. This people will make your board even more stable in the future, because Free means Worldwide. You can't get a world for a buck. But you can get the world making your own world for a buck. Stay tuned!

Upon your payment, please choose your local currency & save more! Besides U.S. Dollars, payment options are available in Euro, British Pounds, Australian Dollars, Canadian Dollars, New Zealand Dollars, Hong Kong Dollars, Swiss Francs, Danish Krones, Norwegian Krones, Swedish Kronas, South African Rands, Indian Rupees, Japanese Yens, Mexican Pesos, Brazilian Reals. Please note: for non-US currency, payment options may be limited to Visa & Master Card only.

In advance, we thank you for your legal purchase and the successful business you make with miniBB®.

Order Policy

Here, you will buy from our authorized retailer, 2checkout. Alternative payment methods are available, contact us privately for more information., Inc. is an authorized retailer of goods and services provided by
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Before you start, study the Delivery Policy of our products.

After clicking the "Buy Now" link above, you will be redirected to page. Please, verify your order and click on "Checkout" button, choosing your payment method, 2Checkout (Credit Card) or PayPal. If you choose 2Checkout, you will be asked to enter your personal and banking details. All major credit cards (incl. Visa, MasterCard, American Express...) are accepted. Choose your currency at the top part of the order page to save on your bank conversions (for non-US currency, payment options are limited to Visa & Master Card). If you choose PayPal, you will be authorized on its page and complete the purchase regular way like it happens on many other PayPal authorized stores. View screenshots showing the process of PayPal payment routine on 2CO. All your data is securely processed and stored on side. After finishing the order, please return to page to complete the order.

Each order is passing verification process, which usually takes from 24 to 72 hours (weekends are not included). Within this period, after it is passed by our retailer, you should receive the link to your customers download area. The letter is sent on the email address you provide upon the order. We are accepting all orders manually, and complete them on business days.

Our Privacy Policy in whole relates to our retailer's Refund Policy. We take your privacy seriously and will take all measures to protect your personal information. Any personal information received will only be used to fill your order. We will not sell or redistribute your information to anyone.

Our Refund Policy in whole relates to our retailer's Refund Policy, and it is possible to issue a refund if you are eligible to clarify that your purchase was done by mistake or occasionally; in that case please contact us, or 2CO support immediately before the order is not passed the verification process. We are giving 100% warranty, that our software works as proposed, if installed properly and plugged-in with the latest supported version of miniBB; and the package files don't contain trojans, spyware or viruses. After we completed the sale granting the access to the protected downloads area, we keep all rights to not issue a refund. That's why we appreciate any of your questions, suggestions and comments before you purchase. If there is something specific about your order we should know about, please do not hesitate to contact us first. You can fully test online anything you buy and request additional information from us, if there is still something missing you would like to know about.

If you ignore our statements, program descriptions, consultation service, the working principles of the software you ordered, or if you buy without knowing what your order is about, it can't be subject to refund the order.

An automated system is used for completing the orders. That's why, in some rare cases, your email server may deny automatically-sent message. If you have made a successful purchase, but didn't receive the information about the your order within the 3 (three) business days, please check your bulk or spam folders first; if the email is not there - contact us privately, providing your order number. Order information will be re-verified by us and sent to you manually.

What forum owners say about miniBB: Just wanted to thank you for the fantastic board you have produced. I was looking for something simple and fast, and that I could customise to fit perfectly in my site. Needless to say miniBB has worked out perfectly - I even use it for signing users up to my mailing list (it's one of the options in their profiles). as written by... Lawrence
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