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Who does it again?

The real miniBB team consists of a very large crowd: our top customers, classified supporters, end users, and even those people interested in this product, while simply browsing miniBB website. Each individual paying attention to miniBB may be called a part of the huge miniBB team. Anybody's opinion, request or a suggestion are appreciated a lot. Without You there would be no miniBB.

miniBB was started to be developed in the end of 2000, and this was initiated by Paul Puzyrev. Paul invited the other coder, Sergei Larionov, and they 50/50 programmed the first version of the software, which was released on February 19, 2002. At that time, both Paul and Sergei were living in Riga, Latvia, and only started to be experienced in PHP and web development.

With the help of Paul's customer,  Elmar Brunenieks , the domain has been registered. Whatever scam information you may discover about Elmar over the Internet, is a scam itself. Anyone having an impression on the crowd is beaten by competitors of all sides. He was standing at the very beginning of the miniBB project and opened an eye on it. In no way Elmar's support for this project means miniBB is a scam. Nowadays it doesn't matter what kind of person or businessman Elmar was, because he's RIP. But the true side of the story is, that with no Elmar, there would be no miniBB. That's how the life could happen.

For some time, miniBB has been hosted on this domain in the Latnet data center, with the help of its chief, Katrina Sataki's kind agreement to keep the project for free, and Victor Meirans patronage. Elmars' employers Dmitrijs Artjomenko and Konrads Smelkovs were giving their ideas and thoughts on the end version of the software.

Surprisingly, the project shot out perfectly and attracted a lot of various customers from all over the world, specially from US. However in a year or less, Sergei stopped his major activities on the project, because he was invited to provide the outsourcing for inkFrog Inc. For them, Sergei and Paul developed the semi-hosted forums engine based on miniBB, which was run for few years under, and later closed. MiniBB's version 2 was mostly developed and fixed by Paul, and Sergei provided only the version of his layout. In 2005, Paul went to outsource, too, but still continued to bring a commercial approach to the project, programming a lot of various extensions, providing support to the end customers, and that way developing the major core version of miniBB. Edward Nabiev, Ryan Wray and many other nice people helped to fix and improve the core of the software.

In 2006, Paul decided to register, but it was already taken by cybersquatters, promoting Yabb. There was a decision to register miniBB trademark, in United States Trademarks and Patents office, and during less than a year Paul's got luck to register the first trademark in the history of forum programs. Even vBulletin took their branding much later. This helped to restore quickly, and here it resides until now.

The 3rd version of miniBB layout was developed by both Paul and Sergei in 2008. After that, Sergei and Paul split during the irreconcilable contradictions, and now the project is supported only by Paul.

Paul is involved in the active web development since 1998 and having bachelor's degree / engineer's qualification in computer science. He's got a rich experience practicing in many areas of Internet-related programming and analysis. It includes content management systems (CMS), dating sites, private business online presentations, payment gateways and working with credit cards, eBay-related tools, and a lots of other customized online implementations and tools for small-to-medium business. One of his most recent projects relates to the simple email and SMS reminder tool.

Paul would like to thank all people who are involved in miniBB project, for their help and patience. New ideas, authors and sponsors are always welcome!

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