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Upgrading special 1.7d forum to 2.x

Author MyFairTux
#1 | Posted: 5 Dec 2007 02:03 

I'm now using miniBB for about three years in a special hacked 1.7d version (simple human authorization, full integration as a div element in my site etc.

But now I want to upgrade to 2.1 (or should I use 2.0?) to use your picture uploading feature (and yes: I want to pay for it :-)
Does the upload add-on also work with 2.1?

Well, I know that upgrade of code is much too complex because I really changed much of it. So I only want to update the data base and put the new forum in an iframe and do the adaption of the templates again.
This also gives me a much simpler updating in future.

Summarized: keep the old messages, forums and users with a fresh, clean 2.0 or 2.1 installation

What is the way to do this? Is it enough to run Update.sql and convdb.php?

Payment: I neither have a credit card nor Paypal :-/ I'm from Germany. How can I send you the money and do you accept Euros? Is it also possible to send the money cash or via bank transfer?
Because I need it for my business site - do you invoice?

And last but not least: Thank you very much for the good work over the years! I like your simple forum concept more than any other out there.


Author Paul
Lead Developer 
#2 | Posted: 5 Dec 2007 03:34 
For sure upload add-on works with 2.1 as it works with at least ver. 2.0.5 (2.0.5 is smaller than 2.1).

See this thread related to the easy upgrades from the previous releases.

You would get an electronic invoice if you would pay on 2checkout. We ourselves do not provide business invoices since we are not a company but only a group of individuals. We accept Euros and yes, you can pay by bank transfer since we are located in EU; but you will also pay all transfer fees in this case. If you would like to do so, use our contact form to email us privately, we will respond back on the address you provide.

Thank you.

Specific miniBB Support Forums / Specific /
 Upgrading special 1.7d forum to 2.x
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