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business package

Author Blue Moon
#1 | Posted: 18 Jul 2008 12:37 
If I buy the business package what I get and how long will take to have installation in my web site and is there additional charge for this.

Author Paul
Lead Developer 
#2 | Posted: 18 Jul 2008 13:00 
It would be specially appreciated to know what do you mean under this term.

If you mean miniBB compiled with all plug-ins, I am not sure why would you need each and every add-on (because choosing only the add-ons you need definitely reduces the price, but boosts up the speed of the software itself), but in that case I would just offer the whole compiled package that we have on our demo site. Here is the list of all pre-compiled add-ons it has:

You can also test everything in action at the same URL.

Most probably I can install all premium add-ons listed there; regarding free add-ons, "The Spell Checker" is not always possible to install, "Required Anonymous nickname solution" is necessary only if you will enable forums for guest posting, "Preformatted text"/"Automatic script tabbing" are only needed if your forums will be programming-oriented, and "Google adsense solution" is needed only if you will have Google ads. Let me know what exactly add-ons to install.

For the premium add-ons there is a total price of about $125, and so with discount it will be $105. All free add-ons are worth $130 installation fee, but since I am sure you won't need all of them, and since I already own a pre-compiled version with everything, I could suggest them for about $75. So the total package price would be about $180, incl. installation fees.

Completion time would be about 2-3 business days or even less.

This includes miniBB compiled with the stuff you need, but doesn't include any kind of layout modification or other custom work on forums. If you would like to purchase the copyright removal, we are allowing to do so for $59,99, almost lifetime license.

You will need to provide us a temporary FTP access to your server, as well as mySQL host, login, and password information. So these details are sent upon our private communication.

Let us know if you have more questions or comments.

Author Blue Moon
#3 | Posted: 18 Jul 2008 13:15 
I'm looking to have in the forum like:
News and ann
and I'd like only me to be ablle to post there and only me to send e-mail to clients who subscreb for our specials. No replyis.

And for forum members
Massagetherapy and energy work
Open to new ideas
Clients corner

I'd like also to se IP for the clients visiting the forum

What package do you suggest + the free adds on

Author Paul
Lead Developer 
#4 | Posted: 20 Jul 2008 03:09 
The only specific thing I need to know is what do you mean under "send e-mail to clients who subscribed for our specials". I am not sure miniBB allows it.

Regarding free add-ons - it's only your choice. I can't have any recommendations here because I don't know the subject of your forums. Adding 1 picture means you will need File upload add-on installed.

So average price of your package would be $15 for basic installation + $25 File upload add-on + $5,99 for each free add-on you choose + additional costs related to layout modification (graphics) if it will be needed.

Author Blue Moon
#5 | Posted: 23 Jul 2008 16:28 
Hi Paul, I will take your package for $180. How can I pay in full ?

Author Paul
Lead Developer 
#6 | Posted: 24 Jul 2008 04:00 
Blue Moon
Please discuss these things in private communication only. Email me.

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 business package
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