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Update of the add-ons: Mobile version, Spoiler, Users Month Stats

Author Paul
Lead Developer 
#1 | Posted: 1 Jun 2024 19:35 
Today's update include some significant updates of the Mobile template add-on, as well as free-of-charge packages for Spoiler and Users Month Stats. Changes are the following:


* /templates/addon_pmail_*.html — updated relatively to the new version of PM add-on (except `addon_pmail_sendtool.html`)

* /templates-mobi/addon_monthusers.html — deleted template (default from /templates/ of the Users Month Stats package will work now for both Desktop and Mobile versions)

* /templates-mobi/stats.html — added {$month_users}

* /templates-mobi/main_topics_cell.html, /templates-mobi/main_last_discuss_cell.html — updated to have `{$forumLink1}` and `{$forumLink2}` — a planned feature which will be available in miniBB 3.6.2: in Mobile template, links to forums will be present on forum icons in topic listings (in opposite to the Desktop version, which now has Topic links on forum icons, as navigation to forums is easier).


* bb_plugins.code.txt$button_spoiler should not contain backslashes in URI; replaced \ to %5C

* bb_codes.encode.txt — changed how <br> tag is inserted — no automated additions or removals of this tag anymore

* fix for the Preview window — un-spoiling contents should work there, too.


* bb_plugins.code.txt — introduced option: $immediateMonth — if equals to TRUE (default), the current month will be selected immediately for selection. Else it will appear by default in the dropdown box, but results won't be generated until the Submit is clicked by the client. FALSE or removal of this option leads to no default selection and queries.

* addon_monthusers.php — fixed GROUP BY request, by adding a second request, which selects usernames by their IDs. This fixes the mySQL error like «Expression #2 of SELECT list is not in GROUP BY clause and contains nonaggregated column...» which appeared in newer versions of mySQL — this also generated no results on any selection. Also, if no results were found, an explanatory message like «Results found: 0» is now given.

* /templates/addon_monthusers.html — added missing </tr>

As usually, all updates are available to test on miniBB Demo and to compile in miniBB Compiler.
Enjoy ☀️

News miniBB Support Forums / News /
 Update of the add-ons: Mobile version, Spoiler, Users Month Stats
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