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"Strikethrough text" add-on released

Author Paul
Lead Developer 
#1 | Posted: 8 Jun 2023 18:07 
The first version of the Strikethrough text add-on was released in February 2022, being forced and with the help of Steve from LightIllusion Forums.

Only these days, after long testing and finding it running smoothly, I've got my hands on it and thought it could be released to public — and this time, it's a completely free add-on. Now available in Downloads, also embedded into the Compiler (in Compiler, you have a choice to compile it for everyone, or for admins only — this could be changed manually anytime later), and also possible to test on miniBB demo (locate any reply or new topic form).

Please note: this add-on is not available here, on this miniBB support forum.

The add-on works identically to how the BB codes/buttons work for Bold or Italic style: select some text, click the button which looks like: Strike-through button. Strike-through style will be applied to text if you Preview or post it.

Enjoy the add-on, and feel free to post bugs or errors in this thread if you discover something badly wrong.

Author wmead
#2 | Posted: 23 Jul 2023 07:31 
I still find it interesting how many people use strike through for posts and other things on forums. A client asked me to add this a few weeks ago but i had to turn them down not great with bb codes. I am very happy to see it in the compiler thanks to both of you.

Author Paul
Lead Developer 
#3 | Posted: 24 Jul 2023 14:11 
how many people use strike through for posts and other things on forums
I would say a person should have specific knowledge and writing skills to do it properly. I rather don't use it here on miniBB forums, 'cause I'm mostly composing tech-oriented texts which do not allow it (and that's why it's not available at all, 'cause it's a non-fiction forum), but if you write something in an artifical genre, it's quite a unique method to put accents on something.

You're welcome :-)

Author MorrisBonnie
#4 | Posted: 28 May 2024 17:15 
It's hard to say exactly how many people use strikethrough in their forum posts, but it is quite a common practice for emphasizing changes or making humorous remarks. Overall, it's a useful thing.

News miniBB Support Forums / News /
 "Strikethrough text" add-on released
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